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Viral Video Shows Girl's Hair Freeze In Mid-Air After Walking Outside In Polar Vortex

This woman made the mistake of going outside in the Polar Vortex and her hair paid the price.

The Polar Vortex

You may have heard that it's a little bit chilly in the midwest. The Polar Vortex has struck again, this time bringing record lows to many areas. Some places high temperatures are below zero. It's very, very cold.

Frozen Hair

And when it's that dang cold, crazy stuff happens. For example, if you walk outside with wet hair, it instantly freezes. Taylor Scallon on Twitter provided video evidence of this.


That video, posted on Wednesday, went viral with over 750,000 views so far. Taylor followed it up with some still shots of her frozen hair.


One person posted this photo of her frozen hair and said that Taylor inspired her to try it out.

Super Saiyan

People in her mentions are loving the frozen hair look. One person said she's gone Super Saiyan mode.


Another person has turned one of the still shots in a meme for hair products.

At Least It Wasn't THAT

It's safe to say that using the polar vortex to spike your hair is way better than what Mary used.

Relief In Sight

This video was taken in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where the low tonight is going to be -5 degrees. But there is relief in site! This weekend it's supposed to be in the 40s. No more freezing hair!

Not All Jokes

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There has been at least one death in Iowa from the extreme weather. A 18-year-old student at University of Iowa was found unresponsive outside of a campus building around 2 a.m.