20 People Who Must Have Wronged A Witch Or Something

Ashley Hunte
An x-ray showing a person's fractured toe.
reddit | Jross008

Some people have all the luck. Others, as it seems, have no luck whatsoever. Maybe they upset a witch in the woods and got hexed or something. Like, what else could explain it?

Cursed or no, the people in this list have had a pretty rough go of things. I guess sometimes, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

"It said shake vigorously but the cap was loose…"

A person standing in a kitchen covered in pancake mix from an open container.
reddit | chipotbae27

I don't know what's worse, honestly: the fact that this kitchen is now covered in pancake mix (which is so hard to clean), or the fact that that's a good three or four pancakes that'll never see the light of day.

"Was eating steamed mussels and felt a crunch and thought I ate part of a shell or something but it turned out to be a baby crab."

Half of a baby crab next to an open mussel shell.
reddit | Weyland223

If it makes OP feel better, that tiny crab was already dead. Still, it must've been a pretty uncomfortable discovery.

"A neighbour was house sitting for my cat while I was away. She has a dog. I told her the dog wasn't allowed in my house."

A cat food packaged covered in tiny holes and tears.
reddit | JinxXedOmens

"I come back to about 30 cat pouches looking like this - 'your cat did it I couldn't stop her.' My cat is 14 and has no teeth."

Not to blame the victim or anything, but I think they should find a different cat sitter next time.

This monitor is a popular spot for ants

What appears to be a colony of ants and larvae inside of a computer monitor.
reddit | Outrageous_Self1413

I want to ask how those ants got in there, but I also feel like I wouldn't like the answer. So instead, I'll leave you with this bit of advice: if you find ants in your monitor, just burn it.

"My friend is lending me his truck. First night I parked in my driveway and the catalytic converter was stolen. Camera didn't detect it even."

The underside of a car that's missing its catalytic converter.
reddit | Zetorio

Car thieves are more brazen than ever, it seems. I swear, so many people are losing parts these days. I'm starting to wonder if we're all unlucky or something.

"My car decided to die on the way to work…"

A car in the process of being lifted onto a tow truck in the middle of an intersection.
reddit | bluegrassmommy

Sure, that car might have stopped in an intersection. And sure, it's gonna have to be towed away and all. But it could still be worse. At least it's not, like, on fire or something.

"Slipped on carpet mat in the bathroom last night and fell and broke the toilet tank. More water inside than I would have thought."

A toilet with a cracked tank.
reddit | My_Buddy_Dave

Yeah, that toilet's basically useless now. If it cracked at the top, you could maybe still use it. But the tank water has to go somewhere...

"Our air conditioner is broken so the restaurant is 84 degrees and it’s only supposed to get hotter."

A thermostat showing 84 degrees Fahrenheit, with a post-it that reads, "Do not touch!"
reddit | flamingogoeshot

I once worked in a store where the air conditioning was broken, and they sent people to "fix" it all summer, but it never actually worked. I feel OP's pain right now.

Somebody didn't want that door there...

A door that's been broken off its frame.
reddit | No_Combination9558

On the plus side, this door can be put back up pretty easily. Still... what are you doing that'll rip a door down like that? Whatever it was, it can't be anything good.

"75 foot tall cottonwood vs. my parents house. Thanks Derecho."

A large tree that has fallen onto a house.
reddit | jane-bukowski

Oh yeah, the storms we've been getting this year have been crazy bad. It's making me think that any tree that's too close to a house should be taken down before the next derecho hits.

"Locked myself out of my apartment. Well good thing there are numbers for the lo.... ohh."

Stickers for foreign language locksmith services that have the phone numbers scratched out.
reddit | SpecificSpecial

It's like somebody wanted to keep people from calling their locksmith whenever they get locked out. Which would've worked, if they hadn't forgotten to scratch the website out, too.

"Buying another TV since my last one had a broken screen... Open the new one, same [expletive]."

A TV with broken pixels all over the screen.
reddit | CuddleCores

I almost feel like this person isn't allowed to have a working TV. Like, not just this one, but the last one, too? Talk about having bottom tier luck.

"Landscapers trimmed my plastic plant."

A potted plant that's been trimmed down. Apparently, it's artificial.
reddit | BillMillerBBQ

I guess the landscapers thought it looked real enough, which in some ways is pretty good. Still, that won't make this plant grow back. You know, since it can't actually grow and all that.

To the fake plant store, I guess.

"Ate all my fries and discovered this little friend at the end."

A dead bug inside of a greasy container.
reddit | Boothehoboiscool

I want to look on the bright side of things, here. Like, at the very least, this bug is still intact. I think finding a random wing or thorax would be a thousand times worse.

"Part of my filling fell out while I was eating."

A piece of a tooth in a person's hand.
reddit | Werecatqueen

Losing your filling isn't the end of the world. That is, if you have a dental plan. If you don't then it's pretty awful. Getting a replacement filling isn't cheap!

"The first five minutes of my first ride of the season..."

A screw stuck in a bicycle wheel.
reddit | splendidgoon

Nothing quite beats getting ready to ride your bike, only to find one of the tires got wrecked by a screw. Of all the rotten luck, I swear...

"It looked like someone sat on the box."

A pizza that's partially stuck to the top of its box.
reddit | praisethepepperboi

Don't you just love it when you order a pizza, only for it to be all squished and ruined? At least most of this one is still salvageable, even if it's missing a lot of cheese.

"Ran to the bathroom, threw the door open not knowing my wife was in there, she stopped the door with her foot while mine slammed into it. Fracture of the 5th metatarsal, woohoo!"

An x-ray showing a person's fractured toe bone.
reddit | Jross008

Man, just looking at that x-ray is making my foot hurt. I don't think I'd be able to handle that kind of pain.

"Just had Satan's moustache crawl across my face when I was trying to go to sleep. My skin is crawling."

A disguising house centipede on the floor in a room.
reddit | Meowlik

Finding one of these things in your bathroom in the middle of the night is enough to keep you from sleeping for a few days. I can't imagine finding one on my face.

"My boat's too big, must shrink it!"

A boat stuck under a highway bridge while on a transport truck.
reddit | No-Ad-9170

Man, I wish I had that problem. Not the boat being stuck under a bridge part, but the part about a boat being too big. Man, I wish I had a boat to begin with!