19 Nasty Habits People Witnessed Their Partner Doing

Sarah Kester
Rachel from Friends
Insider | NBC

If there was ever a gross-o-meter, a lot of couples would tip the scale. 

From farting to burping to picking their nose, things get downright comfortable once you’re past the honeymoon stage. 

But how gross is too gross? Reddit sought to answer that question when u/HeyJRoot2 asked, “What is the nastiest habit that your partner does that makes you absolutely cringe when you see him do it?”

The pee bottle

Unsplash | Kier In Sight

A boyfriend playing video games all the time is bad enough WITHOUT anything else. But one Redditor's boyfriend did more than that by peeing in bottles when he was too busy playing. "I remember going over to his place and he had like 6 bottles in his room, most were open."

The scratch and sniff

Unsplash | Ayo Ogunseinde

"My ex used to wipe his hand under his ballsack then sniff it. When I broke up with him I confessed this to my friends and he's been known as 'scratch n sniff' ever since." - u/Bitter-Ask-8777

The victim

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Whenever this Redditor's ex cried, he had a habit of saying cringe-y things. For instance, he'd do an anime protagonist voice and say things like, "Why...... why.... why! Why... do I have to go.... through with this... why is this happening to me... I feel like, I'm all alone."

The wet rag

Disgusted woman
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"My husband, after finishing his 'alone' time, takes the wet rag and puts it in his bedside drawer. He just lets them accumulate in there. I was looking for our spare key the other day and pulled out a wet hand after realizing what they were." - u/HeyJRoot2

The deodorant

Unsplash | christian buehner

While we get wanting to quit chemically-loaded deodorant, what doesn't make sense is neglecting to find another solution. That's what one Redditor's boyfriend and now, well, he stinks.

The nail clippings


"Ugh my ex had so many gross things. He won't cut his nails. Instead he peels the tips off and piles them up wherever he's peeling them. So, I'll find little piles of nails on the couch, the counter, his desk, etc." - u/rubberduck05

The skidmark

Unkept man
Thrillist | Fx

Yikes! This Redditor's boyfriend had a nasty habit of leaving skid marks basically everywhere, including on the couch cushions.

Once, when he realized there was a stain on one of them, he picked up the cushion, sniffed it, then turned it over and sat back down.

The loogie

Giphy | HULU

"My boyfriend gets really stuffed up sometimes, especially in the mornings, so he will hock huge loogies (into the trash or some tissues). The sound of it is really dramatic and makes me grossed out. I can’t force him to live with phlegm so I have to deal with it lol." -u/Viiibrations

The horn feet

Unsplash | Tucker Good

One Redditor's boyfriend has a toe knife. Yes, a toe knife. He uses it to pick the cutaneous horns on his feet whenever they're watching TV or in bed. Gross.

The trail

Ross in Friends
Wiki | NBC

"He leaves a trail of himself throughout the house. Made coffee? Coffee stain on the counter. Had Indian for lunch? Basmati rice and butter chicken juice on the counter. Ate some fruit? Apple core in the sink. Like WIPE YOUR DAMN [EXPLETIVE] UP FOO." - U/SoyAmerinic

The mess

Unsplash | Jason Leung

Out of all the bad habits guys have, being messy is one of the worst. It affects the way you live and your mental well-being.

Sadly, one Redditor's boyfriend thoughtlessly leaves things all over the house, such as his energy drink cans.

The snot rocket


"My husband doesn't get a tissue to blow his nose in the house. He straight snot rockets that [expletive] wherever he is. It is absolutely disgusting. Our kids now do it too sometimes." - u/Dr_mombie

The nose licker

Bad kiss in Sex and the City
Glamor | HBO

Remember when that guy on Sex and the City practically licked Charlotte's face when he kissed her?

This story is kind of like that. The Redditor's boyfriend licks her nose when they're making out. The saliva would smell bad AND he would also burp in her mouth.

The booger flinger


"My ex used to pick his nose and fling it around the house. I found them on the walls, the bed, the floor, everywhere. I tried to 'cluelessly' ask him what he was doing, in the hopes he’d be embarrassed and stop. He didn’t." - u/Gullible_Chocolate40

The scab eater

Unsplash | Philipp Lansing

Yes, you read that right. And yes, we're gagging. The Redditor's ex would pick his nose and his scabs and eat BOTH. Why?! We couldn't imagine kissing someone after they made a meal of their own body.

The lip smacker

Giphy | SWR Kindernetz

"I dated a guy a few years ago that would smack his lips whenever he ate like a weird mixture of sucking on his food and chewing with his mouth open. It was disgusting and still makes me physically cringe just thinking about it." - u/Impressive-Living-20

The toe picker

Unsplash | Ângela Cristina Pereira Ribeiro

Ugh, this Redditor's husband picks toe jam from between his toes AND SMELLS IT. He also takes off his work socks and smells them to see if they’re really bad or not so he can wear them the next day. Get it together, man!

The loud sneeze


"My husband sneezes in the loudest, most obnoxious, anxiety-inducing, cat-distressing manner. In the 12 years we've been together, I don't think I've ever said 'bless you.' My natural reaction is "ah what the [expletive]?!?!'" - u/Ok-hun

The overall horrible hygiene

Frank from Shameless
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"My bf is really nasty regarding his personal hygiene. He doesn't take a shower, he doesn't brush his teeth, he doesn't cut (or at least comb) his hair, he doesn't flush the toilet after [expletive] and more, but the worst is that he wouldn't do anything about it unless he's told to do so NO MATTER HOW MUCH TIME HAS PASSED." - u/DanielleKFT98