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The Rock Cuts His Honeymoon Short To Cover For Kevin Hart On Talk Show After Car Crash

I'm of the opinion that The Rock can do no wrong. Whether he's getting married in a beautiful ceremony even Disney would be jealous of, looking adorable holding very tiny babies, or just being one of the most genuine dudes in Hollywood, The Rock is always making the right move.

It turns out that on top of being a great person, The Rock is also a great friend.

The Rock and Kevin Hart have always been friendship goals.

They first worked together in 2016 for Central Intelligence, but since then have starred in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level. They've been friends off-screen the entire time, and have a lot of fun with each other on social media and in interviews.

Kevin Hart was recently involved in a pretty serious car accident.

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On September 1st, Kevin Hart and two friends were involved a car wreck in the Malibu Hills. Kevin will reportedly require major surgery after injuring his back.

The Rock shared this photograph on Instagram with a touching message of support for his friend.

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The Rock wrote, "Stop messing with my emotions brother @kevinhart4real. We have a lot more laughing to do together. Love you man. Stay strong," and added the prayer hands emoji.

Kevin was supposed to be the first guest on Kelly Clarkson's new talk show.

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However, due to the accident and his recovery, he obviously wasn't able to make it. Kelly explained this to her audience, but had a pretty exciting surprise waiting for them in his place.

"One of his good friends stepped the heck up," Kelly explained. "I love him!"

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Kelly then introduced the new guest taking Kevin's place — The Rock himself! The Rock cut his own honeymoon short to fill in for Kevin on the show, which is just another way of showing how much The Rock cares for his friend.

The Rock made a joke about cutting his honeymoon short.

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The Rock and his longtime girlfriend got married on August 18th, and were in the process of enjoying their honeymoon when The Rock decided to step up and fill Kevin's slot. He joked that his wife "probably hates me."

We doubt that!