15 Posts Proving Mothers Are Our Heroes

Jordan Claes
Mom with three kids.
Unsplash | Georg Arthur Pflueger

A mother's love truly is a miraculous thing. It can fill us with confidence, pick us up when we're feeling low, and encourage us to always put our best foot forward.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, now is the time for you to let your mother know just how much she truly means to you. With that in mind, here are 15 posts proving that mothers are our heroes.

As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

Packed lunch.
reddit | rockstaraimz

This Redditor was waiting for their plane at the airport, when much to their surprise they discovered a packed lunch tucked away inside their carryon. For the record, the Redditor in this photo is 47-years-old.

"I jokingly asked my mom to knit a sweater for my cat. she took it seriously, and actually did it." - Reddit u/fosterschmidt

Cat in a knit sweater.
reddit | fosterschmidt

Moms never joke when it comes to knitting. The only thing that surprises me is that you didn't also end up with a pair of wool booties for wintertime.

The effects of Alzheimer's as expressed through crochet.

Crochet squares getting gradually worse.
reddit | wuillermania

When this Redditor's mother was first diagnosed, her crochet skills were quite apt. But as her mind began to deteriorate, so to did her crochet ability. Toward the end, she was carrying yarn and needles around in her purse but couldn't explain why.

The difference between a trainwreck and a masterpiece is all a matter of perspective.

Side by side wall art comparison.
reddit | frankiboy

The image on the left was the result of a toddler doodling on the walls with a blue permanent marker. The image on the right is how it looked after their mother got ahold of it.

The moment you realize that not all heroes wear masks.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sweater.
reddit | Xavimoose

"My mom started secretly cross stitching[sic] this sweater for me 28 years ago, she finally finished it and gave it to my 3 year old[sic] for his birthday." - Reddit u/Xavimoose

A good bag is hard to come by.

Christmas bag from 1982.
reddit | Ironthumb

When you find a cute Christmas bag you don't simply recycle it. You make sure to fold it and store it properly so that it can be used for years to come — 40 years exactly, to be precise.

Pasta and a mother's love are good for the soul.

Plate of pasta.
reddit | Ill-Range-4954

Reddit user Ill-Range-4954 was feeling down in the dumps and decided to call their mother. They wound up cooking pasta together over FaceTime and everyone left the table feeling physically and emotionally filled up.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Mom dredging the river of 50 bags of trash.
reddit | mpwl7

Many of us talk about making the world a better place for the next generation, but very few actually end up following through on that proclamation. This mother, on the other hand, helped to dredge 50 bags of trash from the Potomac river!

This mother and daughter duo share everything — even their internal organs.

Mother and daughter holding hands in the hospital.
reddit | sleepyplatipus

When Reddit user sleepyplatipus was in dire need of a kidney transplant, her mother didn't hesitate. She immediately got tested and upon finding out that the pair were a match, happily donated her kidney to her daughter.

I'll see you on the other side.

Mother and father holding hands in hospital.
reddit | Tazmerican

"My mom fast asleep and holding my dad's arm about 30 minutes before he passed away. I've never shared this photo before, but thought it was a great picture of true love." - Reddit u/Tazmerican

I'll be with you, even if you can't see me...

Owl tattoo.
reddit | unknown

This Redditor tragically lost her mother just this past April. To commemorate her mother's memory, she decided to get one of her drawings tattooed on her leg, along with a handwritten note her mother had given to her.

Build. Explore. Survive.

Minecraft cake.
reddit | StaticSyCo

I can comfortably admit that I don't understand the allure of Minecraft. That being said, even someone as ancient and ignorant as I can still appreciate the craftsmanship that went into building this beautiful (and delicious-looking) cake.

It's the circle of life.

Two tickets for 'The Lion King'.
reddit | Foxandpound

The ticket on the left is for Disney's "live-action" version of The Lion King, whereas the one on the right is a stub from the beloved original animated classic. If you don't think that inflation has gotten out of control, just look at the difference in ticket prices.

This Redditor's mother made lunch for the entire office!

Plentiful amounts of Mexican food.
reddit | JiveMonkey

It's one thing for your mother to make you lunch, but when she offers to make a meal for your entire office — that's a whole new level of sainthood.

This photo makes me want to shout "turtle power!" at the top of my lungs.

Homemade Michelangelo costume.
reddit | Gs1000g

"My dad was going through old photos recently, He found this picture of me on Halloween dressed as Michelangelo, my mom made this costume from scratch." - Reddit u/Gs1000g