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Billy Porter Being Eyed To Play Fairy Godmother In Live-Action 'Cinderella'

So, we're getting another live-action Cinderella, and it will be a SONY musical extravaganza.

Not a lot has been said about it, but it is happening, so here's what we know so far.

Camila Cabello will be playing Cinderella herself.

The film itself was an original idea by James Corden, who is helping to produce it.

Now, I know what you're thinking...


Didn't we have a Cinderella live-action a few years ago?

With Lily James and Richard Madden? Yes, yes we did. So I have no idea why they're redoing it again.

As for the Fairy Godmother, Billy Porter is currently in negotiations to play the part!

Which, to be fair, he's absolutely fabulous enough to do it and do it right.

What do you think about this casting?

Do you think it would work? Or are you against it?

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