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10+ Moments In '90s Movies That Really Didn't Age Well

The '90s were the golden decade of movies. During this time, we were treated to everything from steamy romance to gut-busting comedies to action-packed flicks.

But as time passes, some of these iconic films have become not so, well, iconic anymore.

A lot of this has to do with overall plots not being in tune with the current climate, but there are also key moments we can pinpoint.

Here are 10+ moments in '90s movies that didn't age well.

Listen, we know that movies and television shows are, for the most part, products of their time.

So the older the movie, the more problematic it probably is.

But part of watching movies is analyzing them in the time that you are watching them!

So while we know that these movies are what they are, it's okay for people to call them out for their problematic scenes while still enjoying them as a whole!

And sometimes, they just didn't age well because of the bad technology of the time!

It's all part of the lengthy and complex process that is watching movies.

1. *Never Been Kissed*


While Drew Barrymore's character in this romantic comedy was actually an adult, her English teacher didn't know that...

This made it incredibly inappropriate when he decided to go on a romantic Ferris wheel ride with her.

Not only that, but c'mon, it was obvious that they were falling for each other.

Again, folks, let's not forget that he thought she was around 17 during all this time.

He got very lucky in the end when it was revealed that Josie was actually in her 20s. Without, she could have very well been jailbait.

2. *American Beauty*

The whole plot in general is pretty creepy: a middle-aged man (Kevin Spacey) becomes obsessed with teenager, Angela (Mena Suvari).

But there's one scene where things get really weird: when he kisses her all over her face.

Let's not forget that he's a middle-aged man kissing a girl who's the same age as his daughter.

But there have been tons of huge age gaps in movies and shows, especially when movies and shows were being done in the '80s, '90s, and early 2000s.

3. *Chasing Amy*


The whole premise of this film is pretty out-there. It revolves around whether a lesbian woman can fall in love with a man if she just meets the right one.

While this ends up happening, the main character's sexuality is eventually used against her.

In one scene, Ben Affleck's character finds out that Alyssa has slept with a man before.

This leads him to grossly slut-shame her for it, which is never okay.

From there, he suggests a threesome with his best friend who he accuses of being gay... Yep, this wouldn't fly today.

4. *Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves*

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The final scene in this film is...a lot.

Before there's a final battle of swords between actors Alan Rickman and Kevin Costner, the character Marian is almost forced into having sex.

5. *Mrs. Doubtfire*

While no one can deny that this movie is heartwarming, there are some troubling parts. Well, actually, the whole thing.

Sure, the movie is hilarious and a classic, but that doesn't mean it's perfect!

From the moment Robin Williams' character decided to dress up as Mrs. Doubtfire, he went against the legal system by seeing his children without permission.

Not cool. But out of the entire list, I suppose it's not the worst one here!

6. *She’s All That*

This coming-of-age film may seem harmless, but there's one key scene that teaches women that beauty is skin deep.

This happens when Freddie Prinze Jr.'s character only falls in love with Rachael Leigh Cook’s character after she takes off her glasses and gets a makeover.

7. *Jerry Maguire*

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Concussions are no joke, which makes this scene with Cuba Gooding Jr. so uncomfortable today.

Basically, when his character Rod Tidwell gets knocked unconscious during a football game, he gets right up.

No medical attention. Nothing. In fact, he celebrates the game-winning pass.


Something as careless as this would never happen in movies today since concussions are something that can end an athlete's career ⁠— or even their life.

8. *American Pie*


This teen comedy may have won audiences over for its raunchy antics back in the '90s, but times have changed.

This means that the scene where Jim (Jason Biggs) sets up a webcam to watch Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) change is so, so wrong.

These days, things like revenge porn and spy cams are no laughing matter.


A person's privacy is their right, which means that if Jim recorded Nadia changing today, well, he would probably find himself in jail.


9. *The Mask*

This Jim Carrey movie from 1994 got a ton of laughs when it first came out, but the same sadly can't be said today.

Just give it a re-watch and you'll find that some jokes are better left in the '90s.

10. *You’ve Got Mail*

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This romantic comedy with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks was cherished when it first came out.

A lot of this had to do with the newness of computers, instant messaging, and online dating.

Whenever they communicate in the film, Ryan and Hanks use AOL.

Kids these days might be scratching their heads over this, since it's all about Facebook, Instagram, and texting these days.

Also, when the characters fall in love in the end, it isn't exactly ground-breaking anymore since people fall in love via online dating all the time.

11. *Ace Ventura: Pet Detective*

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It's the movie that launched Jim Carrey into stardom, but there's one scene that would cancel him if it were filmed in 2020.

This scene in question is the one where Ace reveals that a Lieutenant in the Miami Police Department is actually transgender.

He does so by spinning her around and then revealing male parts.


Meanwhile, other characters in the scene looked on in shock and disgust ⁠— a reaction that would definitely not fly if it were shown in theaters today.

12. *The Lawnmower Man*


This movie comes from the mind of horror movie genius Stephen King, but you really wouldn't think it by looking at this!

Just look at the graphics! With the incredible visual effects that we get in films today, this is just laughable.

13. *Spawn*


Listen, movies are products of their time, and this is definitely an instance of that.

While it's impossible to watch this movie today due to the bad visual effects, it was okay for its time.

14. *Blank Check*


I truly have no idea how this movie was even made.

This movie not only has adults trying to kill children, but an adult woman kissing an 11-year-old boy! Who thought this was a good idea?

15. *In & Out*

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LGBTQ+ cinema is slowly making advances, but this movie is not a good example of it.

The movie was full of stereotypes about gay men that, when we go and watch it now, are just plain insulting.

16. *Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie*

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This is another movie that doesn't have any problematic moments, just a whole lot of special effects that would make us all cringe today.

It's still worth watching for major fans, but for newcomers, not so much.

What other moments in '90s movies do you feel didn't age well?

Any particular scenes, or movies as a whole, with terrible CGI that didn't quite age well?

Let us know what you think down below in the comments section!