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10+ Random Pieces Of Trivia About '90s TV Shows

There are a lot of things people feel the need to keep up with.

Like what's going on in the race for a Democrat candidate, the status of the Coronavirus, and the fact that there are at least four major wars going on right now. ,

But those are enough to give anyone anxiety. So let's take a trip down memory lane and ease our minds with these random facts about '90s TV shows.

1. Matt Groening named all the Simpsons characters after his family except one


Matt Groening paid respects to some members of his family by immortalizing their names on one of the most successful TV shows of all time.

Homer was his father and Marge was his mother.

Lisa and Margaret (Maggie) were his sisters.


His grandfather was named Abram (Abe), and his aunt was named Patricia (Patty).

And what about Bart? Well, he got his name because it's an anagram for "Brat".

2. Kelsey Grammer wasn't going to do "Frasier"


Instead, he was supposed to do a totally different show after Cheers ended.

It was supposed to be about a magazine mogul who is paralyzed from the waist down and is forced to run his company from his apartment.

High brow stuff!

3. Quincy Jones and "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

It was a ten-minute random audition that Will Smith did at a party that Quincy Jones was throwing that made Jones want to executive produce The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.

4. Ellen's sitcom name


We all know that it was changed to Ellen, but do you know what it was originally?

It was called These Friends Of Mine, and it was changed to avoid confusion with another '90s sitcom.

Another 90s sitcom that had "Friends" in the name.


The sitcom was Friends, if I hadn't made it obvious enough.

Here's another fun fact: Maggie Wheeler was in both shows!

5. Matthew Perry pitched a sitcom to NBC


Speaking of Friends, Matthew Perry pitched a show about 20-year-olds palling around to NBC back in '93.

They declined, but only because they had another show about 20-year-olds in the works: Friends.

6. Jennifer Aniston was almost written off of "Friends"


Mostly because she was starring in another show around the time she was in the first season of Friends.

It was called Muddling Through, and lucky for Jen it was canceled.

7. Cory was supposed to have two best friends


But here's the thing, the producers of Boy Meets World could not find a second kid that they liked.

So, all of the second BFF's lines were given to Shawn.

8. Ryan Reynolds was supposed to be Xander in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"


But here's the thing: while he loved Joss Whedon (who doesn't) and the show itself, he didn't want to play a high school student because he had a bad time in high school.

9. Cris Carter's reason for making "The X-Files"


He was inspired to make the now legendary Sci-Fi TV Show after he read a report from a Harvard professor that claimed 3.7 million people had said they'd been abducted by aliens.

10. Why the cast of "Beverly Hills, 90210" hardly wears sunglasses


According to Tori Spelling, her father Aaron Spelling (and executive producer for the show) didn't like actors wearing sunglasses.

He said it stopped them from expressing themselves with their eyes.

11. There was almost a Krusty The Clown spinoff


And not just any spinoff, oh no.

Unlike The Simpsons, this show would have been live-action. Oh yes! It certainly would have been a change of form, for sure.

What was the show going to be about?


Well, it would have starred Dan Castellaneta (who voices not only Krusty but Homer as well) and it would have revolved around Krusty's move to L.A. after getting his own talk-show.