sign on a tree
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18 Examples Of 'Mild Vandalism' That Made Our Day

First, let me say this. I'm not a proponent of vandalism. You should always respect things. But there are those instances that warrant creative expression. And one of those ways is by voicing your opinion as a display of a mild form of vandalism.

It could be to oppose something or even spread some cheer. Whatever the case might be, these are some examples I approve of, so check them out and judge for yourself. Something tells me that you might enjoy it more than you think.

This Friendly Face

Googly eyes on a wall
reddit | Rennitti

Who else was once obsessed with putting googly eyes on everything? Hee-hee! If you were one then I bet this one will take you back to your childhood. I don't know about you but stuff like this still makes me laugh.

This Real Truth

funny real estate sign
reddit | Filibut

Isn't it funny when a new condominium announcement comes to your neighborhood that promises so many affordable units? When in fact, it couldn't be further from the truth. So I'm glad somebody poked fun at that. Finally!

This Bathroom Graffiti

Polite graffiti on a bathroom stall
reddit | Reddit

When you visit a questionable public bathroom, you might expect to see some graffiti that's pretty crass. But not in this Canadian stall, because you know, Canadians are nice! Haha! Who can argue with that, huh?

This Musical Tribute

street signs
reddit | Laurencehb1989

Who here remembers Lionel Richie's popular song, "Hello"? I bet you're humming it now. Well, it is catchy, that's for sure. So, to get it stuck in everyone's ear, somebody thought of this sign, and I love that.

This Sense Of Humor

car dealership with sign that says "For Lease Navidad."
reddit | plsiwanttosleep

Christmas time is definitely a festive time. So it's cool to see that somebody found a way to spread some cheer. And now everybody who drives by can have a good laugh. Let's applaud that. What do you say, huh?

This Lucky Guy

Men's bathroom sign changed to say Ben instead of Men
reddit | HoboPotammus

If there was only one guy working in your office, whose name was Ben wouldn't it make sense to cross out the Men in the Men's bathroom and give it to him exclusively? This place did, and I bet he really liked it. Ben is definitely the man and now he knows it, hee-hee.

This Cry For Help

dirty van with writings on it's back door
reddit | ContributionStrange3

Is it just me, or does this look like a blatant cry for help, lol? If your van looks like this, perhaps somebody will leave you a message like this too. If anything, it's pretty funny, eh? I wonder if the owner noticed it or if he's been driving like this for weeks? What do you think?

This Funny Situation

midly vandalized stop sign
reddit | kakaabitches

Ah, ha ha ha! I really love when somebody comes up with something like that. It makes me say, "why didn't I think of that?" As long as the sign isn't obstructed, I'm totally fine with this "art." I mean, it is art, isn't it?

Look, It's Rudolph

road sign warning of reindeer changed to make it look like Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
reddit | Historical_Chapter29

Aww, how cute is that? I guess the best graffiti comes around Christmas time, huh? Well, as I said before, it's awesome to see people taking time out of their busy shopping time to spread some cheer. And I, for one, totally approve of that.

This New Brand

Papa Johns pizza boxed changed to Elgon Johns
reddit | r1nserepeat

Who's the Pizza Man? If you said Elton John, you might be right. At least in this case, ha, ha. But seriously, if he were to open a pizza joint, perhaps this is what the box would look like, no? What do you think about that? Do you think that idea would fly with the Music Man?

This Happy Guy

moustache drawn under a wall's fire department connection
reddit | Reddit | AndyAndieFreude

Ah, see, this is what I'm talking about, okay? If looking at something like this doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what's wrong with you, hee-hee. Thankfully somebody took the time to snap a picture of it so we can all admire it.

Oh! No!

Door sign that has been midly vandalized
reddit | paulruddssugarbaby

If you see this sign, it might explain why the air quality in Denver has suddenly gone downhill. Blame it on the person who did this. Now, if we can all find out who the culprit is, we could deal with them accordingly.

This Road Sign

mildly vandalized road work sign
reddit | patmacog

Right now, there's construction around my area, so I definitely relate to this sign. Where does it stop? As soon as one is over, the next one pops up just around the corner. It's pretty infuriating, that's all.

This Warning

caution sign
reddit | Aishas_Star

Never smile at a crocodile. No, you can’t get friendly with a crocodile. Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin. He’s imagining how well you’d fit within his skin. So don't say I didn't warn you, my friend, and stay far away from this dangerous scene here.

The Irony

funny answer to a report graffiti sign
reddit | butilka123

What did they expect by putting up a sign like this? It's like asking for trouble. Don't you think? I wonder if whoever came up with this got the joke, huh? If not, then all you have to do is laugh. That's the answer to all questionable things in life.

Rock On!

mildly vandalized street sign
reddit | rastroboy

Oh my goodness, ha, ha! Would you look at that? Normally, I don't condone people defacing road signs, but I'll let this one go. Why? Because when you've got to rock, you've got to rock! Am I right?

This Honest Question

Funny question below a door sign
reddit | Evil_Moose_Mwahaha

Well, when you put it this way, one has to wonder. So can you blame this person for asking? I can't help but chuckle under my breath when I see good humor displayed like that. Do you feel the same way?

Don't Answer This Question

funny question asked under a toilet sign
reddit | Reddit | Dblarr

Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing at this. LOL! Quick, think of an answer here. The best one wins a prize. I think I saved the best for last. What do you think?

What did I tell you?

funny moving graffiti on the wall while car is zooming by
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A little innocent graffiti never hurt anyone. Again, I don't condone vandalism at all, but sometimes you've got to laugh. If it makes somebody's day, then I'm all for it. What do you say? Are you with me on this? I always welcome creative expression as long as it respects the environment around it.