20 Times People Showed Off A Creative Flourish That Really Resonated

Ashley Hunte
A person skateboarding over an upturned slab of sidewalk concrete caused by a large, uprooted tree.
reddit | TunafishSandworm

Creativity is one of the things that makes us human. It's how we turn stressful situations into something you can laugh about later. It's how we turn a bunch of random things into something beautiful.

The people in this list created some pretty neat things and experiences. It all goes to show that sometimes, a little creativity can go a long way.

"Our car wash thanks us every time we come through."

A car windshield as seen from inside the car. Car wash soap covers the windshield while creating letters that spell out the words, "Thank you!!!!"
reddit | SWowwTittybang

I have to hand it to whoever decided to spell "thank you" out of soap. It's pretty dang cute. And also, like, super creative. Can't say you see something like that every day.

"I made a 2D (looking) necktie."

An orange necktie with black fabric contouring it, making it look like it's been drawn.
reddit | d416

I don't think you'd be able to walk around your workplace without every single one of your coworkers making some kind of comment. Which would be pretty fun (even if it'd kill your productivity).

"These signs are posted along a popular walking/biking path in my town."

A sign asking people to clean up after their dogs by saying, "There is no poop fairy!"
reddit | sloppy_anal_kiss

Now that's one way to remind people that they better pick up after their dogs. Because no one else wants to or is going to do it. After all, there's no such thing as the poop fairy!

"Instead of real flowers I got a LEGO bouquet for my birthday."

A vase filled with various flowers made out of LEGO blocks.
reddit | BaronVonBroccoli

There's definitely a time and place for a nice bouquet of living flowers. But there's something about this Lego bouquet that's just so awesome. Maybe it's the fact that they'll never die...

"I used a super-hydrophobic coating and stencils to make art that only shows up when it rains."

A wet sidewalk. Dry spots in the pavement make the shapes of raindrops as well as the phrase, "Stay dry out there."
reddit | icreatenovelty

See, if I was walking by that art when it was raining and I didn't have an umbrella, I'd be a little annoyed. Impressed, of course, but still annoyed.

"This teeny tiny planter pot I made for my teeny tiny air plant."

An incredibly tiny plant and pot next to a normal-sized blue lighter that towers over the plant.
reddit | ibetshesfromtx

Okay, now that is one cute plant. And an even cuter plant pot. But, uh, I'd be too scared that I'd accidentally crush it more than anything.

"I made a tiny strawberry pie."

Several images showing a small pie around 2 inches in diameter being cooked.
reddit | youknowmeasjess

Sometimes you have to make tiny food, just because. Just because it's so cute, or because that's all the strawberries you had. Or because you can. In any case, it sure does look good.

"This hotel has a Lego model of itself."

A miniature hotel replica made out of Lego blocks.
reddit | WesFink1

I think the coolest thing about Lego is that, no matter how old you are, you can use it to make the most amazing things. A flower bouquet. A replica of your hotel. A space shuttle. Anything at all.

"Here’s a lamp I made."

A lamp made with a taxi light.
reddit | joolyus

Okay, I kind of want one of those now. For no reason in particular other than the fact that this is such a cool lamp. Like seriously, who thinks to make these kinds of things?

"3D Printed chairs for the lil pizza tables."

Two tiny plastic chairs set next to the plastic device in the middle of a pizza still in its box.
reddit | rumbletumblecrumble

I know that the lil table is actually the thing to keep the pizza from sticking to the top of the box or whatever, but I like the fact that this person turned it into a whole dining set. It's just so cute!

"I made this painting! hopefully it looks a little familiar, but not too familiar."

A recreation of the painting Girl With a Pearl Earring, but the girl's head is spherical and her face is two dots and a line for the eyes and moth.
reddit | Murvyn

Now that's an interesting take on a classic painting. In fact, it's more entertaining than the original "Girl With a Pearl Earring." And it's hilarious, for that matter.

"This woven advertisement for weaving classes."

A poster advertising weaving classes. It's made out of two pieces of paper that were woven together.
reddit | dingdangdangcrows

I mean, that's got to be the best way to advertise a class that teaches weaving — with actual weaving! It looks like that probably took a lot of time to make, but I guess that's what it's all about.

"I made code language for English."

A series of symbols meant to stand in for the letters of the English alphabet.
reddit | MJ_THE_PRO

I remember being a kid and doing stuff like this, but I would always forget which symbol was for which letter (because I never wrote it down). It's so cool to see a code that actually works.

"Bricks painted like books as garden décor."

A brick painted to resemble the book, The Giving Tree.
reddit | Qplus17

This is actually so cute! And there are so many books you could use as inspiration, too. A bunch of children's books. Cool fantasy book covers. Dozens of copies of 1984 over and over again...

"Zipper bag made from recycled plastic shopping bags."

A small bag with a zipper, made out of a recycled grocery bag.
reddit | zefdef

Since plastic bags are bad for the environment and all, you'll see a lot of people coming up with creative ways to reuse the ones they have. Turning a plastic bag into a smaller, sturdier bag is kind of genius.

"Fun hanger I made for my shop coveralls."

Coat hangers made into the shapes of red and yellow diamonds. A green thumbs up sticks out of each of the yellow diamonds.
reddit | Shaky-Hand

I love it when people put their personality into little pieces like this. It totally looks like the kind of thing you'd put work clothes on, if that even makes sense.

"My tiny painting with a mountain landscape, its size is only 4*4 inches."

A tiny landscape painting that fits in a person's hand.
reddit | Artpaintingdecor

I think that anyone who can paint a picture is super talented. But anyone who can paint a picture that's this small is, like, extra talented or something. Look at how small and cute that painting is!

"Strong storm tore through my city, skater saw an opportunity."

A person skateboarding over a ramp made from overturned sidewalk concrete, which got pulled out of the ground thanks to a fallen tree.
reddit | TunafishSandworm

Sure, that storm may have caused a lot of damage, but that skater saw and opportunity and took it. And to be completely honest, I can't really blame the dude.

"I converted an old card catalog into a wine rack!"

A wine rack made from a card catalogue.
reddit | i_scrub_in

Okay, I have to admit that this is really cute. It's just so unique, but it also fits into that space really well. I wish I had an old card catalogue I could turn into a wine rack...

"I made this embroidery as a gift to my religious grandma and she loved it!"

An embroidery image of Jesus alongside the words, "I saw that."
reddit | rebordacao

I'm really glad the grandma saw the humor in this thing, because it's so cute and funny. The best thing to show someone if they say, "Jesus is watching you."