18 Things Men Believe Should Be Taught To Young Boys

Sarah Kester
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If the world wants the next generation of men to be kind, smart, caring, and sensitive, these lessons must be started early. 

As early as boyhood, really. Boys should be taught things like how to shave properly, how to treat women with respect, financial lessons, and more. 

Here, 19 Redditors share what should be taught to young boys.

The future of menkind depends on it!

How to shave your Adam's Apple

Man shaving
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Ladies, you thought shaving your bikini line was hard? Apparently it's even harder for men and their Adam's Apple.

This is right near a major artery, after all, which is why many appreciated the tip from one man to swallow and hold when shaving the hair on your Adam's Apple.

How to walk away

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"Never be afraid of abandoning something that isn't working for you and starting something new. Walking away isn't always weakness. Being stubborn to your own detriment is." -u/ninja-gecko. We only have one life. Might as well life it right!

How to manage priorities

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Since men are typically the main providers, they miss a lot of time with their families to work. Sadly, this can get out of hand to the point where the relationships with their wife and kids starts to fade.

That's why one Redditor believes that it's important to remember that money comes and goes, but you can never get time back.

How to manage anger

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"Gentlemen: don't wait and don't ignore it. Anger, especially unrestrained and misappropriated, doesn't make you tough or manly. It doesn't give you an air of darkness or mystery. It just makes you an asshole or, at best, sullen and difficult to be around." - u/ArrdenGarden

How to manage finances

Man on money
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If you want a financially secure life, you have to be financially wise. One man shared that he didn't know anything about money for a long time. He pretty much knew how to spend it. Taking the time to learn this skill is so beneficial.

How to sew

Dan from Gossip Girl
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"It keeps you wearing cloths you like and will save you thousands of dollars. And a little bit more you can also do basic hemming. So kids clothing lasts many times longer (get larger size. Hem and pull in to fit. Slowly undo it as they grow) or use on your own to get tailor looking fits." - u/Accomplished_End_138

How to be alone

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This is a skill that everyone should know. You'll always wish you took the time for this once you're married and have a family. One man shared that time alone taught him to love himself. This, in turn, helped him love and take care of others more.

How to open your garage door in an emergency

Garage door
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"There's a red rope that hangs down from the drive mechanism on your garage door opener. If there is a power outage, or problem with the sensors and the door won't open, pull down on the rope and it disengages the mechanism so you can manually open the garage door." - u/foursheetstothewind

How to correct friends when they're wrong

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Thanks to "bro code" and other things like that, men encourage a lot of bad behavior in their friends. Not by egging them on, per say, but by being a bystander and saying nothing. This helps no one.

How to do basic repairs

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"Basic repairs at your house. My dad never taught me anything and I have to rely on skilled professionals who cost a fortune for every small thing that’s broken or needs some sort of repair." - u/molefa9868. Google is your friend!

How to identify manipulation

Man crying
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"This is a really good one. In terms of relationships whether personal or professional. You don't want people to be able to take advantage of you." - u/Christmas_Panda. This will also help you determine whether that girl at the bar really likes you or just the free drinks.

How to get rid of a random boner

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Hey, some men need help in this area! One Redditor said that the trick is to flex one of your muscles, such as your left leg, for one minute. He wrote that this constant flexing will take the blood from your penis into your leg. Then, your boner will disappear.

How to cook

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"Not only are you taking care of yourself, it's a huge leg-up in the dating and relationship world. Going out is expensive and if you have one or two 'flex dishes' mastered, it works wonders." - u/deleted

How to have good personal hygiene

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It's okay for a man to take care of himself! It doesn't mean that you're any less of a man to have lotions and creams for different things. Or to find a solution for his skin problems.

How to please a woman in the bedroom

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"Get her off before you even think about sticking it in and you'll never have to worry about convincing her to sleep with you again. Seriously, it's like that one weird trick those ads always claim exists. And oddly enough, word travels." - u/xxkoloblicinxx

How to look after your health

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"Check your balls guys. In the shower once it’s warm, just feel around and look for lumps or masses. Go see a urologist yearly or every 6 months." -u/Quiet_Desperation_. Same with regular check-ups for your prostate.

How to identify abusive relationships

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One Redditor pointed out how women are taught often — whether that's in school, on TV, at home, etc. But boys aren't usually taught this. They wrote how males are also at risk of abusive and manipulative relationships, but that it's less talked about.

How to manage your emotions

Man crying
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"My advice, don’t be ashamed of your feelings, and learn how to 'let them out' (aka catharsis, yes, crying is a good example), and you’ll realize that the repressed emotions have A LOT more control over you than the ones you allow yourself to feel." - u/KingSpork

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