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4+ Memes That Prove Social Isolation Is Just Another Term For Procrastination

We're all confined to our homes right now and it's so great for so many reasons — no makeup and no pants, amirite? But what's even better, is that we've basically been gifted the luxury of time. Time to do all those things we've never been able to do before.

Except, the reality is, we're still not doing them.

You might decide to turn to the internet for hacks on how best to clean your house.


Or you might actually get side tracked by information that's crucial to your very existence at the moment.

You might be sure that this time is a gift that you can devote to your lifelong passions.

Or you might just realize it takes more than just a lot of free time to sit down and write an entire book.

You might want to tackle that spring cleaning you've been meaning to get to.

Facebook | Smashed Peas and Carrots

Or you might decide that it's far more important that you get through all of Netflix's top 10 recommendations.

You might choose to lean into your procrastination.

Although, one could argue that the mere act of looking for things to help you procrastinate is actually very productive.

You might be well aware of what's actually going on here.

And honestly, kudos to you for recognizing that social isolation is just a fancy term for procrastination. That's OK. You deserve it.

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