18 Pics That Prove Makeup Can Completely Transform People

Kasia Mikolajczak
person holding a big makeup palette
Unsplash | Laura Chouette

If you know what you're doing, makeup can do wonders for your skin — from hiding small imperfections to literally transforming a person into their whole new self.

I'm about to show you some examples of people who elevated their looks with the magic of makeup. Take a look at these, and I hope you learn something new. I don't know about you, but I'll be taking notes, that's for sure.

This 10-Minute Makeup Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/priyalicious

If you only have 10 minutes to spare in the morning, don't worry about it. This lady created a quick 10-minute makeup look that cleaned up her complexion. What do you think about that, huh? I really love it.

This Look That's A Little 'Extra'

makeup before and after
reddit | u/ImTakingMedication

Who's looking for a little "extra" for their everyday makeup look? Well, look no further than this lady here. She managed to make her eyebrows the same color as her hair, and I'm here for it. Do you like it?

This Simple Fix

makeup before and after
reddit | u/arrobamua

If you're into natural makeup looks, I think you'll be pretty impressed with this. All this lady did was use concealer on her dark spots and a light foundation all over. Then she added some lilac eye shadow to accentuate her already beautiful eyes. Wow!

This Stunning Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/smallestofjays

Oh my goodness! I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with this lady's look here. She's giving me serious Ally Sheedy from The Breakfast Club or Jennifer Tilly vibes. Do you see that, too? The angles of her face are amazing. She's one lucky lady, that's for sure.

This Unusual Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/sadperson123456

This lady has such pale eyebrows that they almost look nonexistent. So the fact that she was able to create them without looking cartoonish is pretty masterful. Am I right? I wish I were able to do eyebrows like her.

This Subtle Everyday Look

makeup before and after
reddit | Reddit

Not everyone is looking to get glammed on a daily basis. Am I right? So this lady created this subtle everyday look that hides her imperfections perfectly. This is something I would do, too. What do you think?

This Pretty In Blush Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/I-hate-toes

Something about this lady's look here is very reminiscent of Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, no? It must be her rosy complexion, together with this pretty blush makeup. I love the color of her lips here, too.

This Prom Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/limeylongu

"My prom was supposed to be on Saturday. It got cancelled, but that didn’t stop me from getting glammed for it!"

Oh, yeah, baby! Why not, eh? Too bad this pretty lady had to miss her prom. But I love what she did with her makeup here, especially how she made her eyebrows look so full yet still natural.

This Brow Fix

makeup before and after
reddit | u/sadperson123456

Here's another lady who's got very pale eyebrows. It definitely presents a challenge when filling them in, huh? But I have to say bravo to her makeup skills here. She did a phenomenal job making her brows look so pretty and natural.

This Christmas Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/urbandecay99

The more I look at before and after makeup looks, the more I realize how important it is to find a foundation that matches your skin. Not only did this lady manage to get rid of imperfections, but her skin looks pretty flawless here. And those eyelashes and a bold lip finish the look perfectly.

This Gorgeous Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/NiniReeves

I'm really impressed how this lady was able to clean up her complexion here. I also love the fact that she managed to get rid of those dark circles under her eyes. The only thing I would change is the lip color.

This Pretty Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/VeraB19

This is another subtle look that you could use for daytime and night. For daytime, I would use less eye shadow, of course. However, this is perfect for a night out with the girls. Am I right? What do you think about that?

This Smoky Eye Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/cibi92

I have to confess something I've always had a hard time creating a smokey eye. For some reason, it always looks too overdone. Do you have the same problem, huh? So I admire anybody who can pull off something as bold as this.

This Black Lipstick

makeup before and after
reddit | u/rachel17017

Speaking of things that are hard to pull off — how about a black lipstick y'all? Wow! This lady was able to make her lips look so good without looking too goth, and for that, I have to applaud her, alright.

This Clean Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/arbor23

How do you accomplish a clean yet subtle makeup look? That's how. This lady got rid of all the redness around her nose, and now her skin looks flawless. Kudos to her for doing that. I also like how she did her eyebrows, but I would make them less boxy and follow the natural arch.

This Flawless Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/jojomarienie

Here's a great tip from this beautiful lady — always put on primer five minutes after applying your face moisturizer. It will make your face look smoother. I actually didn't know that, so I'm glad this lady mentioned that. I think she accomplished quite the pretty look here, no?

This Natural Wedding Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/That_Cat_Girl

This gorgeous lady is practicing doing her own makeup for her wedding day. Her goal is to still look like herself and keep it pretty natural. I say she accomplished that, huh? This is exactly the type of makeup I would like on my wedding day.

This Graduation Look

makeup before and after
reddit | u/cigarte

If you were looking for a gorgeous graduation makeup look, this is it. Not only is this woman stunning already, but the makeup accentuates her features perfectly without taking away from her natural beauty. I love this before and after.

Wow, weren't these makeup transformations stunning or what?

man saying "stunning"
Giphy | RuPaul's Drag Race

I'm really impressed that these ladies were able to accomplish simple yet flawless everyday looks. They only need to elevate them a bit to suit the perfect occasion. I definitely took some notes so I could work on my makeup skills. How about you? Did you enjoy these looks?