20 People Who Just Learned Something Big About The People They Live With

Box of donuts with single bite taken from each one

Maybe you do it because of true love. Maybe it's just because of sky-high rents. But in any event, most of us wind up living with another person at some point in our lives.

Does it work out? Well, yeah...sometimes. Other times, though, the whole 'living together' thing is just a prelude to 'never living together or speaking to each other again'.

Here are some of the warning signs that cohabitation just might not be working out.

"How my girlfriend ‘handled’ a spider, and is too scared to clean it up."

Lump of shaving cream on wall, used to kill a spider
reddit | nomadwannabe

There are two types of people in the world: those who realize that spiders are good because they kill other bugs, and those who get so freaked out that they bury the poor spider in shaving cream and then refuse to clean it up.

"Just done my business. *Someone* left this. And yes, I’m using this sub of 4 million users to personally call out my boyfriend."

Empty toilet paper roll sitting on holder without being replaced
reddit | beepboopwannadie

Is it passive-aggressive to call out your partner on a massive subreddit, or is it just straight-up aggressive-aggressive? In any case, this guy deserves all the hate.

"I cleaned the whole kitchen at 5 p.m. yesterday. I stayed at my partner’s last night and came home to this mess from my roommates."

Kitchen sink full of dirty dishes
reddit | TragicGirl11

This gave me a traumatic flashback to living with roommates of my own. For the first few months, I tried to keep things clean. After that, I mostly stayed to my room and counted down the days until I could move out.

"My partner decided to wash my recently purchased Japanese knife in the dishwasher."

Non-dishwasher-safe knife after going through dishwasher
reddit | Arushi20

If you're out of the loop here, the gist is that certain high-quality knives need to be hand-washed and hand-dried every time. Putting them in the dishwasher basically ruins them.

"My sister got glitter all over the hand towel that I just used to dry my hands off with."

Glitter-covered hand towel
reddit | Strange-Increase2577

If there's one thing that should never enter your house, it's glitter. That's because if there's glitter in your house, it'll remain in the recesses of the house up until the time that the sun swallows the Earth.

"My soon to be ex-husband has been taking advantage of local food banks 'just because he can,' he says but ends up tossing much of it out bc it goes bad. He (and I) can easily afford to buy food. I can’t tell you how disgusting and wasteful this is."

Food bank food claimed by someone who isn't in need
reddit | SpeethImpediment

This kind of crosses the line from normal bad roommate behavior to something that's downright unconscionable. At least they're getting divorced soon.

"The way my wife eats cinnamon rolls..."

Cinnamon roll missing its center
reddit | PowerfulMongoose

Look, when you're eating a cinnamon roll, a certain amount of separation is bound to occur. But when you leave the husk of your roll with all the other rolls, it's a bridge too far.

"Girlfriend had to make a separate trip to the store because she 'CAN'T eat tacos without a tomato!' It was never touched."

Untouched tomato after making a special trip to buy it
reddit | cheesygorditabrunch

I'm just going to come out and say it: tacos do not need tomato as an ingredient, and even if you like tomatoes, it's not worth a separate trip to the store.

"How my boyfriend wears his socks. They didn't roll down on their own, he intentionally does this."

Man with rolled-down socks
reddit | HowThoseTitsFart

One could make the argument that rolling down socks helps keep them clean. One could also make the argument that rolling down socks makes one look like a psychopath.

"Partner always closes bread like this without the dated bread clip."

Bread bag clumsily closed without a clip
reddit | GreetingsFromAP

Bread clips are, depending on the kind of person you are, the most fascinating thing on the planet. Even if you don't geek out on bread clips, you should still use them.

"Asked my partner's mum not to take the lid off the rice I just cooked while I quickly ran to the shops. When I got back she said the rice was 'burnt' so she put hot water in it."

Ruined rice after someone messed with rice cooker
reddit | mumtried

This isn't a bad roommate situation. It's more of a hapless mother-in-law situation. I feel bad for everyone involved.

"This is what happens when you mix a $200 USD monitor and a bad-tempered little brother…"

Broken computer monitor
reddit | RedHot_Dragon

Remember growing up with vengeful siblings? Imagine doing it these days, when everything you use has an expensive flat screen that can be easily destroyed.

"How my sisters leave the sink after I cleaned it."

Hair, tape and hairbands inside a recently cleaned sink
reddit | Dan-timothy

I think I could accept the hair tie. I could probably accept some of the hair as well. But seeing it together, along with...tape?...would drive me completely over the edge.

"My brother only eats the cheese packets in the instant mac and cheese, and then puts it back on the shelf."

Boxes of macaroni and cheese with cheese packets removed and eaten
reddit | waffles-are-tastee

This is psychotic behavior. Alone, those cheese packets are just orange powder. Just make the proper mac and cheese and enjoy things the way they were intended.

"How my sister left the counter after making herself lunch."

A messy counter covered with crumbs
reddit | Telinios

Everyone's had to make a meal in a hurry before, but cleaning — or at least slightly tidying — this gross mess would have taken literally 30 seconds or so.

"Mum keeps buying new knives every other week and complains they never keep their edge. She finally showed me her 'sharpener.'"

Concrete block used as a knife sharpener
reddit | dance1211

This person's mom realizes that she can't just use what appears to be a concrete block to sharpen her knives, right?

"My sister-in-law lives with us and uses our things. This is how she leaves my Peloton after use even after I’ve mentioned it a few times."

Peloton bike streaked with sweat stains
reddit | JBaNaNaS187

Peloton bikes aren't cheap, but at least they're easy to sell. This one might be a bit tougher, now that it's covered with sweaty streaks.

"When your husband does the laundry. Those used to be pacs."

Bag of laundry detergent thrown in with laundry
reddit | iwillsurvivor

This is probably how a toddler would do laundry: throw all the clothes into the machine, toss in the entire package of laundry detergent, press some random buttons and let 'er rip.

"My wife doesn't like the way I eat chips."

Person eating bag of chips with a spoon
reddit | whatifiwas1332

To be fair, if any chips should be eaten with a spoon, it's probably little chip shards like this. But I'm still going to say that this is some deeply weird behavior.

"My brother took a single bite out of each donut this morning. I’m 30. He’s 43."

Box of donuts with single bite taken from each one
reddit | zolki

There has to be much more to this story. After all, why else would a grown man do something as petty as this to someone they live with?