New Yorker Shows Off His 95-Square-Foot Apartment With A $1200 Rent

Living in New York City can be a wild experience.

Just ask Axel Webber, who posted a now-viral TikTok giving his followers a tour of "the smallest apartment in New York City."

And guys, I do not think he was kidding about that one. Let's get into it.

Axel Webber's apartment is a whopping 95 square-feet.

"Here's what it's like living in the smallest apartment in New York. Whatever your expectations are, lower them."

It's New York and it's 95 square feet, so my expectations are on the ground.

Let's start the tour.

"As soon you walk in the door, we have the sink. Right next to the sink is conveniently located the kitchen. Pantry, absolutely stocked.

I just realized all of those foods are carbohydrates and come in a box. There's no nutritional value here."

His dish situation is perfect for one.

"One bowl. One plate."

I love him. He knows exactly what he needs and doesn't buy more than that. I can't wait until he's in a position to be able to buy a whole dish set. I KNOW he's going to be successful.

He also has a bunk bed.

"I have two beds, but there's only one me. Some nights I'm a queen guy. Other nights, I chill on the twin."

He is VERY SERIOUS about his bunk bed. In another TikTok, he explained that it's "for guests" and he is keeping it, no matter what.

That's it!

"That's the whole thing. Last thing is my piano. I'm a piano guy."

That's it. That's literally it. His whole apartment is 95 square feet and damn if he doesn't live it up in every inch of that.

But what about the bathroom?

"[...] there is no bathroom in the apartment. It's a community bathroom outside the door, down the hall."

Bestie...what? He did say it's charming and clean, but you do have to bring your own soap and toilet paper.

(Let's be honest: This is basically a dorm.)

TikTok immediately fell in love with him.

People loved his positive energy and his good vibes — not to mention his sense of humor. He quickly shot up the TikTok algorithm, gaining over 3.5 million followers in a matter of weeks.

It's hard to not love a dude who buys his groceries off the street, you know?

But, a lot of people were also concerned.

There is no denying that this apartment is small. Personally, I would feel extremely claustrophobic living here, so it's no wonder people asked Axel if he was okay.

The lack of bathroom had people shocked.

When people say, "lower your expectations" most of us don't even think about excluding a bathroom. But, things are different in New York, and somehow, New Yorkers make it work.

Everyone wants the best for him.

And he is so appreciative of it. After he was rejected by Julliard, one person left the sweetest comment on one of his YouTube videos:

"That's just really cool to hear. Really cool," he said with tears in his eyes.

After his tour went viral, some people even offered decor advice.

Living in a tiny apartment is no easy feat, but it is possible. Some people who have mastered the art of small spaces suggested that Axel move his mattress off the floor to create more room.

It made a huge difference.

When you live in a place this small, any tips to save space are useful. Even though he just moved the mattress, the apartment just looks bigger (but, don't get me wrong, it's still tiny).

Axel was loving his new extra space.

He even said he now had enough room to invite people over. Well, one person. Anything more than that and it would be pretty crowded, but at least he can have a friend over!

I love this kid.

I KNOW he's going places. He's got the followers, that coveted TikTok verification, and he's definitely got the sense of humor. With features in The New York Times and Insider, I think it's safe to say he's going to be just fine in New York.

...He does need a new apartment, though.