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Chrissy Teigen Came After Kim Kardashian For Asking Who's Seen 'Bird Box'

Unless you've been living under a no wi-fi rock, you'd know Sandra Bullock's new Netflix original movie Bird Box has been getting everyone hyped AF. You can't scroll through Insta or Twitter without seeing a bunch of wild memes featuring Sandy and her now iconic blindfold.

But before we talk about Kim's tragic Twitter moment, can we please appreciate this piece of modern art.

You put Guy Fieri in a meme and I'm a very happy girl.

Anyway, last night Kim tweeted something very shocking, which is wild cause when isn't Kim tweeting something wild?

The pop culture kwueen deadass asked her followers if they'd had seen the most popular movie basically of all time.

The people were taken aback.

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Have you heard of Netflix, Kim? What's next, she's gonna say she hasn't seen Friends?

Not to spoil anything, but there's a boy and a girl and a blindfold and maybe a bird, but I'm not sure.

PLS GAWD no one spoil it for Kimberly!

Fans were absolutely not having it.

Imagine being global superstar Kim Kardashian and being less socially aware than a woman in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Kim is now embodying the meme, and tbh, we love that.

How is Kim on her phone 24/7 and not seeing these memes.

Our fav Hollywood hunni Chrissy Teigen had the same reaction we did, which is why her response had us gagging.


We know any Chrissy shade towards Kim is full of love, tho.

They're like totes bff's and were at the Kardashiam holiday party just a few weeks back.

First of all, why we gotta talk about the gym, right now? I thought we were trying to have a good time??

Is it because Kim is in better shape than me?


But also how did she survive a Kardashian Kristmas without someone talking about this movie???

Do u mean to tell me the Kardashians don't discuss film and the arts at their Christmas dinner?

Don't believe it!

But are you trying to fight, Banedict Cumbersnatch?

I can't even look at this Blind Side gif without physically weeping everywhere.

This would be Kim as a teacher, though.

We love her for so many reasons, but absolutely not because of her pop culture knowledge even though our gorl IS pop culture.


Where's the lie, though? Lord knows Kanye made 2018 his year of Twitter rants and call outs, lol.

Honestly, sometimes Kim's "block out the h8ters" mentality is beyond inspirational.

Like, it's Bird Box, lol. WHO HASN'T SEEN IT????

But I guess that's why we love Kim so much.

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She's so ridiculous, but that's why she's so iconic.

Weird teaching flex, but okay.

We stan an educator who knows the important of a timely movie reference, and a gorgeous projector screen.

Like I'd rather, no offence, be in that canoe blindfolded for several hours before I drag myself to the gym.

I'd rather eat the friggin bird, tbh.


Why is this movie to damn relatable to every great meme ever? Is that a sign of an award worthy film?


Wow, this hits a little too close to home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this Kim during her 71 day marriage to Kris Humphries????


Those Febreze commercials are a true throwback Thursday, and I love that reference for Sandy.

Why am I feeling personally attacked? Who made this meme? My BANK?

Please ignore as I make another measly minimum payment on my credit card.

You know who wouldn't relate to this meme? Kim.

Because she's like basically a billionaire by now. Ha! Can't relate!


No - we're coming into 2019 woke and appreciative of art, honey!

@ all the Kim h8ters, you wish you could get away with such a bold tweet!

Imagine hating Kim? Can't relate.