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15+ Questions We Still Have After Watching 'Bird Box'

Bird Box was filling my feed with memes that I didn't get, for weeks. Instead of ignoring the memes, like I probably should have, I decided to watch the movie, and disturb my inner peace indefinitely.

Now that I've seen it, I have even more questions. My soul will not rest until all of these questions are answered.

What triggered these "demons" in the first place?

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They must have come from somewhere. Did somebody summon them? Did something specific trigger them? They didn't just appear one day, out of the blue. Who's responsible for this mess?

How did it spread to America from Russia so quickly?


Within minutes of seeing the news about the mass suicides happening in Russia, which Malorie and her sister didn't seem all that concerned about, it had spread to America.


What's the backstory with Malorie's baby daddy?


Malorie made it pretty clear that the father of her baby is no longer in the picture. But I need to know why.

You can't just say something like that, and then not spill the tea.

How come Malorie isn't affected at first?


She had full exposure to the creatures when she was leaving the hospital, all the way up until she arrived at Douglas' house. Why was she spared long enough to escape?

How did Malorie walk away from the car crash with nothing but a scrape?


It seems a bit unlikely that a pregnant lady would simply get up, and walk away from a major car crash, get knocked down multiple times on the street, and walk away fully intact.

How did the GPS work so well?


Most Uber drivers can't even follow a GPS correctly, but somehow, this Mötley crüe was able to make it to the grocery store -- without the magic of sight, using nothing but a GPS.

Why were they selling birds at a grocery store?


My first question when Malorie found the birds, is what kind of grocery store sells pets? More specifically, birds.

Where did Felix and Lucy go?


What happens after Felix and Lucy steal the car? Where did they go? Why did they leave? What was their plan? Did they survive?

They have a lot to answer for.

What are they? Demons? Spirits? A virus?


What exactly are these entities? Do they have a physical embodiment? Are they hallucinations due to a virus? Are they actual demons? ghosts?

Why was there no further explanation on this? It seems like an important thing to touch on.

What exactly do people see if they look outside?


I understand that it's supposedly your "deepest fears, realized" — but that's way too vague. I want to know what each individual person saw and why.

How could no one tell Gary was sketchy as hell from the start?


I'm with Douglas on this one. Gary seemed creepy and ill-willed from the moment he showed up.

Thanks a lot, Olympia!

Why didn't anybody listen to Douglas?


Had they just listened to Douglas from the start, they might have all survived. But no — they locked him in the garage instead.

How did Tom manage to stay so fit all those years, without leaving his house?


I'm pretty sure that if you didn't eat anything but canned food, and didn't leave your house for four years, there's no possible way you'd still be in shape.

Why are the mentally ill unaffected?


There was no rhyme or reason as to why the mentally insane were affected differently by the demons. Are we just suppose to accept that?

And why do they want people to look outside so badly?


Are the demons recruiting them to force people to open their eyes? Why do they want people to look so badly?

Is their entire purpose to just drive around, looking for people they can force to open their eyes?


Even four years later, they seem to just drive around, with gusto, on the hunt for survivors that they can take down once and for all. Is that just their sole purpose moving forward?

How did Malorie manage to row a boat for over 40 hours?

If you've ever rowed a boat before, you know that it takes some serious upper-body strength. There's no way Malorie rowed that thing for over 40 hours.

Not to mention, blindfolded.

How did the birds survive the rapids?


After surviving 40 hours in a shoebox with holes poked in the top, the birds then get fully submerged into the rapids, and somehow get off scot-free.

Could the school be any less accessible?


Why the hell is there a school for the blind located in the middle of a forest, and the only way to get to it is by travelling for nearly two days down a dangerous river?

How is the school maintaining enough supplies for everyone?


Was this highly remote compound already stocked up with enough food and supplies to keep everyone alive for years to come? If so, why?

Do the blind people constantly hear a voice telling them to take their blindfolds off?


The demons disguise themselves as voices, urging everyone to take off their blindfolds. So, do they know that the blind people are blind? Or are they still trying to get them to look, even though they physically can't?

If they run out of supplies, are they suppose to travel back down the river, blindfolded, to get more?


What happens when they inevitably run out of food and supplies? Does someone have to volunteer to row all the way back down the river, twice, somehow not spilling any of the new supplies into the rapids?

Why did it take Malorie so long to name her children?


We understand that Malorie was having a hard time transitioning into motherhood, and connecting with her kids. But to name them "Boy" and "Girl" for the first four years of their life is a bit harsh.

Will Girl ever forgive Malorie for almost sacrificing her?

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Can we just take in how Malorie was about to sacrafice Girl by making her take off her blindfold and navigate the boat?

If that doesn't cause resentment later in life, I don't know what will.