Every Iced Coffee Hack People Need To Try This Summer

Lex Gabrielle
iced coffee in mason jar on a table in front of trees
Unsplash | Sonnie Hiles

Most people across the world like to begin their day with a cup of coffee. The caffeine inside of coffee gives us the jumpstart that many people need to start their mornings.

While everyone has their own preference for coffee, when the summer hits, we all know that coffee is best served cold over ice. But, who wants to deal with melted, watered-down coffee? Luckily, there are some hacks to keep your coffee cold and delicious.

Make ice cubes out of coffee.

iced cubes dropping into a cup of iced coffee
Unsplash | Kaffee Meister

One of the worst things is when you leave your iced coffee sitting for too long and all of your ice cubes melt. The water from the cubes makes your coffee taste part coffee, part water. Plus, the coffee is definitely weaker. Making your iced cubes out of coffee instead means you'll just get twice as much coffee to drink.

Or, ask for less ice.

iced coffee on a table taken from arial shot
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When you are going to a coffee shop and not making coffee at home, you should ask for "half-ice" or less ice in your cup. Light ice means that you will still get cold coffee, but it leaves less room for water to melt into your cup.

Make an iced coffee ASAP.

french press coffee pot on wood table with white mug
Unsplash | Jessica Lewis

If you are in a rush and crunching for time, you can make ice coffee easily by making hot coffee and pouring it over ice.

Now, if you make coffee ice cubes it'll be easy because it'll be super cold coffee straight. Even with regular ice cubes, making it this way will cool your regular coffee down easily.

Cool it overnight.

iced coffee being poured into a small glass
Unsplash | Pradeep Javedar

You can also make coffee the night before and put the pot in the fridge.

This will cool the coffee down to the perfect temperature for iced coffee. Then, just add your cubes to make it that much colder.

You can also use a shaker.

silver bar tools with shaker
Unsplash | Arina Ertman

Do you know the shakers you have on your bar to make delicious cocktails? Use it for your coffee! If your coffee is not as cold as you would like it to be, put it with ice in a shaker and shake, shake, shake. It'll get colder before you know it.

Get an extra cup.

iced coffee from starbucks sitting on top of a notebook
Unsplash | Dimaz Fakhruddin

Condensation happens most often when you have iced coffee. The water outside of the coffee cup ends up getting everywhere—on your desk, your clothes, dripping onto your phone.

Ask for an extra cup to put on the outside so the water can drip in the cup and not on you.

Get a koozie.

iced coffee from starbucks on a park bench
Unsplash | Thirteen .J

Some people invest in a koozie for their iced coffee cups. This way the condensation can happen, but not get all over you and all over your stuff. Some of them are really cute and stylish, too!

Make your own cold brew.

black iced coffee cold brew
Unsplash | Matt Hoffman

Cold-brew has become very popular amongst coffee lovers because it is very strong. You can make your own at home by simply using coffee grounds and water in your fridge. You have to let it sit for 12-hours overnight and strain the grounds.

Invest in a good cup.

coffee neon sign on wall
Unsplash | Jon Tyson

Some cups that stores sell you for your iced coffee will make it get warm pretty quickly. If you invest in a good stainless steel cup, your iced coffee will stay colder way longer than those plastic cups.

Make chocolate ice cubes.

chocolate hearts stacked on top of each other
Unsplash | Sara Cervera

For those who like their coffee sweet with some mocha or chocolate drizzle, you can actually make ice cubes out of chocolate. Put some chocolate in the freezer and freeze overnight. Put them in your coffee so that it can cool it down and flavor it at the same time.

Or, any other flavored cubes.

iced coffee in a mason jar on a bed
Unsplash | Kaylee Brayne

You can really add just about any flavor to ice cubes if you wanted to. Some people like caramel, and some like vanilla. Put these syrups and flavors into your cubes in the morning and start your day off sweet.

Add berries.

frozen raspberries
Unsplash | Angel Sinigersky

Fruit-flavored coffee may not be your thing, but it can be if you do it the right way. Freeze some berries into your ice cube trays and then add them to your morning brew. It can really kick your coffee up a notch.

Try coffee iced pops.

coffee and chocolate iced pops
Unsplash | sheri silver

On those hot summer days where you just want to cool down, try making iced coffee iced pops so you can get your caffeine fix and also cool off. They're easy to make and delicious, as well.

Keep it simple with syrups.

iced coffee with milk being poured into it
Unsplash | pariwat pannium

Sometimes, adding flavors to your coffee can be fun, but it can also be annoying when you have too much or too little. Invest in some simple syrups you can keep at home so you can put your own flavors into your coffee.

Make it frozen.

iced coffee in a tall glass with milk
Unsplash | Demi DeHerrera

The colder, the better, right? Iced coffee can be frozen and frothy if you use your handy, dandy blender. Throw your coffee in there with iced cubes and even some flavors and you can make a frozen treat.

Fizz it up.

purple bubbles
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

Sometimes, making new things can be interesting and fun. You can fizz up your iced coffee by adding some seltzer and giving it a bubbly kick. It may seem strange now, but don't knock it until you try it!

Try sea salt.

seat salt on a wooden spoon
Unsplash | Jason Tuinstra

Salted caramel is a huge thing for some people, as many candies and chocolates now have it. Adding seat salt to your coffee with caramel can make it taste delicious and sweet—with a little extra something.

Switch up your milk.

milk aisle in the grocery store with options of milk
Unsplash | Kenny Eliason

Aside from whole milk, there are dozens of other milk to try on the market. Almond milk, coconut milk, and oat milk are just some of them that are pretty popular with coffee drinkers. And, some have their own flavors, too.

Top it off with whipped cream.

whipped cream atop of coffee with cinnamon stick
Unsplash | Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Sweetness is delicious for your coffee and there is nothing sweeter than whipped cream. Adding some whipped cream may not be part of your diet, but it definitely is a treat that is well deserved.

Make an iced cream float.

three scoops of ice cream in a bowl
Unsplash | Dovile Ramoskaite

If you want to turn your coffee into a cute dessert, add some ice cream to it. It's perfect for when you're not quite sure whether you want something to eat or drink. Just make it both!

Try it the Japanese way.

hot coffee steaming
Unsplash | Zach Lezniewicz

The Japanese method of iced coffee is pouring super hot coffee over ice to melt the cubes, but the coffee that you are pouring is extremely strong. Make sure your coffee is very highly concentrated so that it needs to be watered down.

Use filtered water.

filtered water being poured into coffee
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

Sometimes, people neglect that the water you use for your coffee can make all of the difference in the world. Filtered water can make your coffee taste better because the water is free of little minerals you can't see.

Grind your own beans.

coffee beans
Unsplash | Anastasiia Chepinska

Invest in high-quality coffee beans from a good place. You can research which countries export the kind of coffee you enjoy and see which beans are of the best quality. Get a good grinder and grind your own beans at home, too.

Make coffee like you meal prep

cup of coffee being filled
Unsplash | John Schnobrich

People meal prep all of the time to make their week easier. You can do the same thing with your coffee. Make a huge pot on Sunday and then make sure that you keep it in the fridge so you can make your coffee quick every day.