Blue Moon

We're Over The Moon For Blue Moon's New Iced Coffee Blonde Beer

Coffee-infused and flavored beers have been popping up throughout grocery stores and craft breweries recently. It's really no surprise that our faves, beer and coffee, are being married together to create the ultimate dream drink.

Most coffee beers are in stout or porter form, complimenting the rich flavor of coffee — but that's no longer the case. Blue Moon is releasing an Iced Coffee Blonde beer for a lighter tasting experience.

Blue Moon always comes out with the best flavors, and their Iced Coffee blonde flavor is no exception.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a wheat ale, known for a lighter tasting experience. So, creating a blonde version of a coffee-flavored beer rings true to their roots.

The beer is described as “a well-balanced blonde wheat ale with a touch of honey, brewed with fair-trade coffee beans that gives it a great coffee flavor and aroma."

I don't know about you, but that sounds super delicious and refreshing to me!

Some people don't like strong coffee, and that's the tea.

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Because the coffee is decaf, you can enjoy this relaxing coffee beverage in the evening and still get a decent night's rest. That is, if you already go to bed early, of course.

I wouldn't be surprised if this beer popped up in alcohol-friendly cafes soon!

Would you give this brew a try? Let us know!

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