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40 Foot 'Walls Of Ice' Are Smashing Into The Shores Of Lake Erie

A crazy weather event unfolded around the Great Lakes that resulted in walls of ice crashing onto land.

High Winds

High winds have wrecked havoc across much of the midwest and northeast over the past few days. Buffalo, New York reported gusts up to 62 mph on Sunday, while Niagara Falls experienced 74 mph gusts.

Ice Walls

All this wind is causing a strange phenomenon: huge pice chunks are being blown ashore from the Great Lakes. The Niagara River Parkway in Ontario, Canada has to be closed due to ice on the roadway.

Crazy Video

A man in Ontario captured this video of ice being blown over the sea wall.

Never Seen Anything Like It

Stormchaser David Piano said he's never seen anything like this before:

"One of the craziest things I've ever witnessed. The ice shove was 40 feet tall in spots."

He posted photos from near Buffalo that show the magnitude of the situation.



In the town of Hamburg, New York, police issues a voluntary evacuation order for the town of Hoover Beach, where ice was coming dangerously close to homes.

Hurricane Winds

This video showed the power of the hurricane force winds blowing across a Coast Guard station on Lake Ontario. The guest were up to 80 mph.



The wind has caused widespread damage, including at this gas station in Illinois where the canopy over the pumps was blown completely on its side.

Niagara Falls Frozen

In Niagara Falls, there was so much Ice that it caused part of the falls to stop flowing completely.

Relief Soon

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Hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. and Canada have lost power due to the storm. But there's good news: It is supposed to clear the area by Wednesday, so hopefully the thaw can begin soon.

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