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Gwyneth Paltrow Just Revealed Why Brad Pitt Always Looks Like His Girlfriends And Now We're Thinking

A Twitter thread shed some light on a striking revelation in Hollywood: Brad Pitt adapts and adjusts his looks to be more like his girlfriends over the years. And it grew to the point that former girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow noticed, adding her own take to the thread.

A Man Who Likes To Look Like His Girlfriend

So the original thread used photo evidence to show that over the years, Pitt has acquired the looks of his many female partners and adapted them as his own. It is kind of strange to see, but it is a pattern that has at least been caught on film numerous times.

It's kinda like those people who have a dog that looks like that, except that dog is Brad Pitt.

Numerous Looks

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If Brad Pitt were an action figure, we'd have at least five series to this point that feature Pitt with different looks, with different accessories, and, in the end, different girlfriends.

The Paltrow years might get their own set, with Pitt going wild with different looks -- particularly the Flock of Seagulls look above.

Paltrow Swoops!

But wait! There is more. Paltrow sniffed out the growing meme on Instagram and Gooped it. She turned it around and noted that maybe the women want to look like him, adjusted their own looks to match.

We doubt that. But she did live that life, so maybe she was doing it and took over from there.

Is She Right?


She might be right, but we doubt it. That puts a lot of weight on the women themselves not knowing their own style or not wanting to separate themselves from the man they've been dating.

It makes more sense that they have crafted their own look and then helped him to craft his. Or didn't do anything at all, leading to the long-haired surfer look he had for years. In the end, he wasn't really acting in True Romance.

Go Gwyneth

Fans are very impressed by Paltrow's comment suggesting the girlfriends just wanted to look like Pitt.

A Team

This seems like a very good explanation to me. It's totally normal for two people who are together all the time to start acting and dressing similarly.

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