This Is What Guys Acting Like Girls On Instagram Would Look Like

Comedian Ashley Hesseltine seemingly hit the jackpot when she first stepped onto the concept of "guys acting like girls" on Instagram for a post on Witty And Pretty back in 2014.

From there, it spawned a few more blog posts and the popular Instagram account Bros Being Basic. If you were curious what it would look like if guys did all the silly things women do when taking Instagram photos, the account is as far as you need to go.

Not Meant To Be Offensive

According to Bored Panda, the response has been perfect and isn't meant to be an offensive jab at women:

“The reaction has been nothing but positive,” Ashley told Bored Panda. “It almost feels more like paying homage to women instead of mocking them. I'm a female and a feminist, so I'm naturally able to create content that's not going to be offensive to women, and on top of that, our awesome female followers are able to laugh at themselves and their own "basic" tendencies.”

Don't Be So Basic

The shots follow the entire range of possibilities. In the original blog post, this ranges from the "unrelated sexy selfie" to the wide variety of mirror selfies. Then there is this one...which is about as basic as it can be.

The Cold TBT

This one represents those typical images we see pop up after that first snow or that first dip in temperature that forces you to pull the jackets out.

Guys In Charge Of Baby Announcements

The baby announcement is that strange slice of a relationship that doesn't make any sense until it happens to you. Anybody else views it as an encounter with a group of aliens.

In The Surf

Ahh yes, the photo that you need to catch in just the perfect moment before everybody is getting salt water in their face.

How Much Longer?

If you see this after asking the question at the top of the post, go ahead and fire up Red Dead Redemption 2 for a bit. You'll definitely beat chapter one by the end of it all.

Who Ate The Most!

Boys or girls, I am not sure why people are all around to touch bellies. Yeah, so your friend is pregnant or full of delicious matter what, you don't need to go touching.

Nothing Crazy

Just making a simple pyramid with your gals or your bros at the beach is nothing. It's just what people do. This comes naturally when a camera comes out at the beach.

One Of The French Girls

Draw me! Do it! Like one of know. Don't ask why I'm just lying here in the middle of Paris with my shoes off or why I'm eating a random thing of grapes.


"Memorial Bae Weekend" is perfect. We're all just close friends, showing our bond, touching hands slightly while lying with our dog on this boat.

The dog makes it.

Ornament Exchange But Make It Basic

It's safe to say that the holiday season brings out the inner basic in all of us, from decorating Christmas cookies to coordinating pajamas. If being that cozy is wrong, who would wan to be right?

Weird Flex But OK

Gotta show off that holiday swag! Otherwise,​ who will know who made the Nice List and who was hopelessly Naughty?

Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen

Regina George is the patron saint of basics everwhere, so immortalizing the iconic Mean Girls Christmas dance is a must-do for any holiday season. Assemble your closest frenemies and cue up Jingle Bell Rock.

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