Eva Mendes Loves That She Waited Until Her 40s To Have Kids With Ryan Gosling

Alicia D'Aversa
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling attend "The Place Beyond The Pines" premiere
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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are one of the most private celebrity couples out there. They met on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines. While they share children together, they rarely talk about their relationship or their kids, preferring to keep it all out of the spotlight.

But now, Eva Mendes has opened up (albeit, a little) about how it felt for her to have children in her 40s instead of at a young age.

Eva Mendes, actress, and mother, opened up about motherhood on the Today show.

Eva Mendes on the today show
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“Something really crazy happened. I met Ryan Gosling, I fell in love with Ryan Gosling,” the celeb said. “Then I was like, Oh, right, I want your babies.”

She continued, “But really consciously, I did want to wait till I was a little bit older..."

Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, baby on Place beyond the pines
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"As a woman, I just wasn’t ready. And it’s such a personal choice for a woman, obviously,” adding, “Thankfully I had really healthy pregnancies, and I was happy I waited.”

When she was asked what it was about Ryan Gosling that influenced it, Mendes simply replied: "That's when it made sense."

Eva Mendes smiling

Oh goodness, be still my beating heart. They are the cutest thing in the world.

“I feel like parenting is the most creative thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

“I’m an actress, I’ve designed clothes, I’ve done a number of different things, but the most creative thing is to create life.”

Most people are also aware that Mendes stepped away from acting in order to focus on her family.

“I really took it back to when I was little." she said.

"Even though we were very, very lower-middle-class, my mom was able to be there for me at home until I was about 8 or 9."

"And those memories for me, that just formed who I was, those years with her. And I just thought, I feel fortunate enough that I could’ve taken some time out from acting. I still worked, I just didn’t act.”

She may return to the spotlight eventually, but for now, she's happy being a mom.