Woman Who Lives Near Disney Shares Hacks Tourists Should Know

Lex Gabrielle
Disney World
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Disney World is a place that many people visit on a regular and consistent basis. The amusement parks and travel destination is known worldwide for being the most magical place on Earth.

People come from far and wide to visit Disney World, but many times, fall into the trap of the tourist "must do's" and "must see's." Sometimes, this can be a bad thing. But, there are expert tips you should follow when you want to go to Disney World.

If anyone knows Disney World best, it's the locals.

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Those who live in Florida nearby know all of the hacks, secrets, and tips for a great trip to Disney World. Those are the people who are able to go there the most often and spend the most time there, so they have the best insight.

Samantha Tetrault grew up only a few miles away from Disney World.

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Tetrault said that because she lived so close that it was a normal thing to go to the park for day trips, or even for whole weekends. As she spent so much time there, she was able to learn many tips and tricks that tourists definitely are not 100% aware of.

First, you should visit more than just the 4 major parks.

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People always plan their trips to go to the major 4 theme parks at Disney World, but Tetrault says there is so much more to offer there. Disney Springs, for example, is a great way to spend a day while you're there.

You can visit hotels even if you aren't staying there.

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Tetrault says you can also visit any of Disney's hotels, even if you are not a guest with a room there. You just can't park in their lot if you are not staying there. If you want to check out a hotel or for dinner, you can do it without a room.

The annual pass is worth it.

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If you plan on going to Disney World more than twice in one year, then the annual pass is worth it. The $1,300 price may seem like it's a lot, but in reality, all of those day pass tickets add up—especially if you are park hopping.

Plan for rain always.

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Even on the nicest days, Tetrault says that Florida is known for random showers. Plan ahead, bring an umbrella or a poncho in your bag so you don't need to leave and can still enjoy your day out at the park.

If you can, go off-season.

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Tetrault shares that school breaks and holidays are the absolute busiest times. If you can, going during "off-season" times, which is really when schools are in session, is your best bet. You can save time and also a whole lot of lines.

Take an afternoon break.

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If you are a parent that is going to Disney with your children, taking the "afternoon break" will be your saving grace. Kids need a break from all that walking and so do their parents, honestly.

3 PM is the hottest time of day.

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Plan that afternoon break around 3 PM, because it's when the sun is the hottest and the weather is the warmest during the day. Head back to your hotel for a bit to cool down and come back out when it's a little nicer.

Get there early for the "rope drop."

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Tetrault says that if you get to the parks early, you may be blessed to see them doing their iconic "rope drop." She says to get there about 30-60 minutes before "opening time" because Disney parks usually open earlier than they truly say.

Central Florida has a lot to offer.

Florida magnet
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If you need a break from Disney. fora day, escape the "bubble." Take a day out of the Disney World universe and see what Central Florida has to offer. There are tons of great places to eat, beaches to go to, and even shopping.