A List Of Mistakes People Make At Disney World So People Can Avoid Them From Now On

Going to Disney World is an experience like no other. Every child dreams of going there and every adult dreams of going back. Whether you love Mickey and the crew or you're a Disney princess fan, there is always something for everyone at Disney World.

However, if you are a first-timer, there are a few mistakes you want to avoid making so your trip goes smoothly.

Not planning their days ahead of time.

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Planning ahead avoids any issues with parks being closed out due to a lack of tickets or by getting overwhelmed by planning things the "day of." Planning ahead is the key to making sure your trip runs smoothly and that you get to see all of the parks and places on your list.

Forgetting the park pass system.

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While you can purchase park tickets, Disney World parks operate on the "park pass system." This means that even if you have a ticket, you may not be able to go into the park if there is no park pass available. Always check to make sure you get both tickets and a park pass.

Not getting there early enough.

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Many people like to sleep in on vacation, but getting to the park early has so many perks and promises. While you may be exhausted from the heat, getting to the park early means you get to have more experiences and you also get shorter lines earlier in the day.

Forgetting the My Disney Experience App.

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In a world of smartphones, Disney World, of course, has become app-friendly. The "My Disney Experience App" is a place to keep everything in one convenient place. All of your reservations, park passes, and tickets are there for you. And, you can book specific things on the app, too.

Not using the app for things like food.

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If you download the app, you can also use it to order specific things in the park, like food. One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting in line for food and wasting a portion of their day. With the My Disney Experience App, you can get food, too.

Don't forget comfortable shoes.

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People want to look cute when on vacation, especially in Florida where it's warm. While sandals work for warm weather, they definitely don't work for Disney. You will be walking a lot, as the parks are huge. Wear sneakers or other comfortable shoes that you can be sure you'll be fine in.

Florida is rainy. Prepare!

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Many people forget that even though Florida is warm, it's humid and it rains a lot down there. Be prepared for rainy weather by bringing a poncho or a sweater in your bag just in case. No one wants to be stuck in the downpour!

Bringing kids without a stroller.

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One mom shared that so many parents make the mistake of going to Disney World with their kids without a stroller. While your kids are excited, they will tire out and want to "stop walking." Get a stroller!

Visiting during peak months.

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While going to Disney World during holidays is beautiful, it's definitely not ideal for families looking to get the full experience. Going during peak times, according to some leads to tons of traffic and wait times. Try going in late winter and early spring.


Unsplash | Perry Merrity II

Think about all of the things you are going to want to buy and bring home from Disney World, and then double it. Many people forget that when they go to Disney, they will be buying things to take home. Account for this in your suitcase when you travel.

They don't take time to look at the character schedules.

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Many times people go to Disney and want to see specific characters that they love and adore. But, they forget that these characters operate on a schedule. It's important to check the Disney character schedule to see when your characters will be in the parades and when they can get a picture with you.

Paying for water.

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Water, just like everything else at Disney World, is expensive. One mom shared that there are ways to get free water instead of paying those high prices at the food stands. There are Disney service spots that do give out free water.

Planning too much in one day.

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If your trip is short, sometimes people can be overly ambitious and want to hit numerous parks in one day, forgetting how tiring the sun and walking can be. If you plan an itinerary that is too crazy, you won't have time to actually stop and enjoy the parks at all.

Forgetting the heat.

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Florida is hot and humid. Being in the sun all day at Disney can lead to some severe exhaustion. Make sure you come prepared with cooling towels and hats to give yourself some shade. Also, don't forget that sunscreen, no one wants to burn!

Having everyone take photos.

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There is a "Disney PhotoPass Memory Maker" that can be purchased for a large family or group and it allows you to have access to all of the photos taken of your group in all of the parks. That way, it's all in one place and you can all have the photos forever!

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