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Daughter Brings Dead Father To Utility Company After Dispute Where They Demand To See Him In Person

If you've ever had to settle someone's final affairs, you know how difficult it can be to deal with red tape. This is especially difficult if you weren't married to the person -- even if you're their child, you still have a process to go through.

That's what makes this story posted on Reddit by PrincessG66 relatable:

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My father died on Father’s Day 2012. He was divorced and living alone, and I am an only child. So that means that I had to wrap up all of his affairs. This story centers around us trying to get his utilities canceled.

No Compassion.

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So when she was trying to get his utilities shut off, our OP sent in a death certificate, did the best she could to get the point across that her father was dead, and was still hit with the idea that she needed to speak to the account holder.

This would not end well.

An Extreme Response

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So what she decided is she would take her father's ashes into the office and see if they could get the answer they wanted out of his remains.

The response from the staff was extreme:

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When they showed up she claimed that I had assaulted her. And yes my dad's remains were still sitting in the middle of her desk with the death certificate. The cops questioned me as to why I would do that. I told them the story. The supervisor’s boss was called in and they all stepped away from the desk for a private talk.

Problem Solved.

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The police came over and talked to Gloria, telling her she shouldn't take human remains out in public, but that no laws had been broken. Eventually the supervisor came over, "kissed up" to her, and then got the whole ordeal taken care of.

It wasn't completely over for Gloria, however.

A few days later she had to call to get the utilities switched to her name. When she gave them her name and address, she was put on hold.

This time, however, things went a lot differently.

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The supervisor picked up and was overly friendly, agreeing to waive all of the normal fees that come with switching an account.

The woman had to go to extreme lengths, but it worked and the supervisors at the company were very apologetic.

The employee who caused the trouble to begin with was also terminated.

As expressed before, the company actually did their best to make things right, including waiving some charges.

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Sharing the incident prompted others to share their own stories, like this one where many companies are still sending bills to dead relatives.

Another Slick Response

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While dragging the ashes of your dead father into the office is a pretty effective way to get your message across, this one might be better. It also doesn't involve the remains of a dead person.

Dead People Don't Drive

Reddit | paulawie

This person had a similar experience of their own when their dead father owed money for his car tax. They even threatened to take away his driver's license!

Free Cable?

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The cable company is apparently still sending bills to this person's grandma's house which is now being rented. So, does that mean the tenants get free cable? Seems like a good deal.

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