19 Articles Of Clothing Women Will Always Judge Others For Wearing

Sarah Kester
Joey wearing baggy pants
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While fashion is subjective, there are still some pretty obvious dos and dont's. And believe it or not, the list gets longer every year that passes us by. If you're not up to date on the latest trends, it could feel like the entire world is passing you by and all you can do is stand there and watch as it does.

Do: mom jeans (these are equal parts stylish and comfortable). Don't: low-rise jeans. These will never look good on anyone besides Britney Spears. It might be hard to hear, but I promise you it's true. The time for that is past.

So when it comes to fashion, people aren't afraid to give their opinion. Redditors put their fashion caps on and decided which 19 articles of clothing women will always judge others for wearing. Warning, there is a possibility that you might end up feeling bad about your life choices.

MAGA merch

MAGA, or "Make America Great Again" is any kind of merch that has this slogan. I think this goes without saying why some people are against it.

One woman wrote that it's even worse for people to wear after the Capitol Riot.

Anime porn shirts

Anime girl
Unsplash | Tim Mossholder

"I saw one of those anime porn shirts in the wild the other day. Dude was just walking across the street wearing a very colorful and loud shirt of a naked anime child-looking woman with giant breasts. Bold move, kid. You look incredibly creepy." - u/grapefruit_witchh

Overpriced apparel from a celebrity clothing line

Kanye wearing a weird suit

Looking at you, Kanye!

These clothes usually look ridiculous on normal people and the price tag is always way too expensive.

One woman argued that you can buy the exact same look (probably at a thrift store) for way cheaper.

Clothes with the Punisher skull logo

"There was once a time when wearing a Punisher logo meant "I like the Punisher character". But now it's basically visual shorthand for 'I'm a massive asshole. A masshole.' So... anything with the Punisher skull." - u/theycallmethatnerd

Short shorts

Daisy dukes
Unsplash | Joshua Rawson-Harris

Daisy dukes are one thing; shorts that are so short, they show your butt are entirely another!

This makes the people wearing them basically naked in public. One woman pointed out that their bare butt is touching whatever they were sitting on.

Shirts with naked/half-naked women

Grossed out

"I used to be a hotel manager and once had this stoner kid come in asking for a job. He was wearing a t-shirt with 5 women in thong bikinis. Just 5 asses in my face asking for a job. Hard pass, kid." u/the_empress111

Flesh-colored leggings

It doesn't matter how stylish these are. People will always think that you're not wearing pants! Especially if you're far away.

This just makes things super awkward and puts you on the verge of a public indecency charge.

T-Shirts that are clearly intended to be antagonistic and offensive

Sassy t-shirts

"Go fight on the internet like a normal person. I saw a man wearing one with a quote about white privilege- my one and only thought was, "what a [expletive] loser." - u/krnoel

A fedora

Man with fedora hat
Unsplash | Clem Onojeghuo

Sorry, but not everyone can pull it off — no matter what you tell yourself. If you want it to work, one woman said that you will require a trench coat, a cigarette, city streets around you, and an elegant dame who hired you to solve a murder case.

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings
Unsplash | Artem Labunsky

"I know that they’re not inherently sexual and can just be seen as any other type of stocking or legging, but whenever I see a child wear them, I think dear god why."-u/almostdoctorposting. Unless it's Halloween, these probably shouldn't be worn.

PJs while running errands

The Dude in pjs
Quora | Columbia

Stop by your local Walmart and you're bound to see plenty of these!

In addition to making a person look lazy and sloppy, some people wear pajamas that haven't been washed in about a week. Next!

Jorts AKA jean shorts

Man wearing jean shorts
Unsplash | Christoffer Engström

"Men and jorts. Why do your shorts need to be so tough and durable? Why are your calves so naturally durable? What happened to make your thigh area delicate? Have they ever seen the light of the sun?? On and on, the questions come." - u/ophel1a_

Baggy pants

Joey wearing baggy pants
Tosser Style | NBC

They hang so low and basically show a man's their entire butt. Whenever they bend over, people around them are forced to see what boxers they're wearing.

Haven't they heard of a belt??? Also, isn't it super uncomfortable to wear?!

Those tracksuit bottoms with "juicy" written across the back

Amy Poheler in a pink tracksuit
Pinterest | Paramount Pictures

"Especially when they're normally worn by the skinniest, flattest teenage girls you've ever seen, and by every experience I had in my teen years, those girls will also be mean as heck too." - u/Justcameheretovote

Crop tops

Girl in crop top
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

"I've always found them to be overpriced and odd. They don't seem comfortable and the purpose is to show your skin or wear super weird-looking high-waisted pants with it. The whole outfit looks uncomfortable."-u/Dogsrulekidsdrule. Plus, they're tailored mainly to those who are skinny.


Girl in romper
Unsplash | Camila Cordeiro

They look so cute on the rack and then so atrocious in the changing room. One woman wrote that they only work for certain body types. Going to the bathroom in them is also a pain since you have to basically get undressed.

Full Adidas/designer tracksuits

Adidas tracksuit
Giphy | Much

"They’re expensive and ugly. In my mind the point of a tracksuit is you can not only exercise in them, but you can paint, garden etc in them if needed. What’s the point of a tracksuit that you’re afraid to get dirty?" - u/TooHardToThinkOfName

Low-rise jeans

Thanks to '90s fashion trends coming back, this has meant the return of low-rise jeans (think Britney Spear back then and you should be able to visualize it). These were always way too loose and often showed off a person's butt crack.

Designer clothing

Designer clothing
Giphy | The Roku Channel

"It makes me think that you have no taste of your own and only buy things for status. I know sometimes the wearer genuinely likes the design."-u/Murhuedur. Plus, these items are hella expensive for no reason sometimes!

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