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Britney Spears Posted The Most Bizarre Workout Video

We love Britney Spears, always at all times. However, we especially love Britney when she's working on her fitness because hi, we love an active queen.

Britney loves to post her workouts on social media.

Her Instagram is filled with dancing, squats, walking, ETC.

I can't believe Britney invented resistance band training!!!!!

So when Brit posted a new workout video, it shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but...

It totally WAS!!

With a full smokey eye, Brit walked us through her workout routine which involved twenty minutes of cardio and then "abs" to work on getting a six-pack.

"FIT-NEY" wrote one fan.

"Your body’s on point now find out how to apply eye makeup," wrote another.

'Can I please send you some new workout outfits???"

One fan defended Brit, saying "I dont think theres anything wrong with her, just a normal woman working out at the gym.."

Getty images | Kevin Mazur

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