15 Celebrities Who Crushed On Other Celebs

Jordan Claes
Selfie of Drake.
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When you're an A-list celebrity, time is a luxury you simply cannot afford. Schedules are unbelievably hectic and as a result, developing a personal life is easier said than done.

This is why, more often than not, celebrities turn to one another for their romantic endeavors. Sometimes it works out, most times it doesn't. To get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, check out these 15 celebrities who crushed on other celebs.

Taylor Swift once had her eye on Bradley Cooper.

Taylor Swift selfie outside with rainbow hair.
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After Taylor ended things with Harry Styles, she was rumored to have set her sights on Bradley Cooper. The Oscar-nominated actor declined Taylor's advances, citing their age difference as the contributing factor.

Matthew McConaughey used to have the hots for Reese Witherspoon.

Matthew McConaughey on Texas Longhorns motorcycle.
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While Matthew and Reese were making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, McConaughey revealed that Reese became his first celebrity crush after he saw her in the film The Man in the Moon.

Nicole Kidman used to have the hots for Jimmy Fallon.

Nicole told the story to Jimmy's face about the time she desperately wanted to meet him early on in his career. Jimmy was clueless during their first encounter and barely said a word.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston had major crushes on each other during Season 1 of 'Friends'.

Ross and Rachel in 'Friends'.
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Both David and Jennifer revealed their true feelings for one another during the recent Friends reunion. The reason they decided not to pursue a relationship with one another was for the good of their creative working relationship.

Mandy Moore blurred business with pleasure while working on 'A Walk To Remember' with Shane West.

Mandy Moore selfie backyard.
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"He was the character to me," Moore told Entertainment Weekly, "and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him."

Jennifer Lawrence came incredibly close to asking a Seth Meyers out on a date.

Jennifer was hosting SNL at the time and couldn't figure out why Seth hadn't asked her out himself. After explaining her intentions to her wardrobe consultant, Jenn received the heartbreaking news that Seth was already engaged.

Martha Stewart wanted to rearrange the throw pillows on Ryan Gosling's bed.

Martha Stewart saying "I like that."
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"I was into Ryan Gosling for quite a while," Martha recalled during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I watched every one of his movies."

In case you were curious, Martha's favorite Ryan Gosling movie is The Ides of March.

Anne Hathaway recalls a time when Leonardo DiCaprio was the only man for her.

Anne Hathaway in sunglasses sticking out her tongue.
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Anne Hathaway has been in love with Leonardo DiCaprio since before it was "cool" to be in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. You might revere him for Titanic, but Anne still recalls Leo from his walk-on role in Growing Pains.

Justin Bieber was put in the friend zone by Rihanna.

Justin Bieber and Rihanna sitting courtside.
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While the two were sitting courtside, Justin posted a tongue-in-cheek rejection photo of himself sitting next to Rihanna. According to Bieber, this was the exact moment that he asked Rihanna for her number, followed by her polite rejection.

Dolly Parton will always love Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon has been the apple of many a Hollywood icon's eyes over the years. Recently, it was revealed that none other than the Queen of Country music, Ms. Dolly Parton, thinks he's pretty hot-to-trot.

Julianne Hough never heard back from Daniel Radcliffe after gifting him a Beanie Baby on Valentine's Day.

Julianne Hough standing by the window.
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Most people don't realize that Julianne was actually in the first Harry Potter film. She reportedly bought star Daniel Radcliffe a Beanie Baby named Valentino for Valentine's Day and is still waiting to hear back.

Leonardo DiCaprio was twitterpated with Cara Delevingne.

Leonardo DiCaprio biting fist in 'Wolf Of Wall Street'.
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However, Cara wasn't eager to be another notch on Leo's belt. She politely declined his advances, reportedly due to the fact that he was too forward and too old. Good for you, Cara!

Kristen Stewart was apparently not down with Bella Thorne.

Bella Throne shielding eyes from the sun.
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Bella Thorne didn't hesitate to name Kristen Stewart after being asked by Harper's Bazaar asked to reveal her celebrity crush. "She's so hot," Thorne said. "She seems like the raddest chick, I'd be so down."

Drew Barrymore never called Christian Bale back after their first date.

Drew Barrymore in her bathroom mirror with glitter eyeshadow.
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Drew and Christian had only one date back when they were teens. According to Drew, she simply had bigger fish to fry at that time in her life and didn't have the luxury of being able to think about boys.

Drake has been rejected by both Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

Drake scrolling through his phone and saying "Wow."
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Drake has rapped about both Nicki and Rihanna repeatedly on numerous songs over the years. Sadly, Nicki only ever viewed him as a one-night-stand and Rihanna is currently with his friend and fellow rapper, A$AP Rocky.