18 Brilliant Teacher Hacks To Start The School Year Off Right

Kasia Mikolajczak
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Now that August is upon us, many teachers are already getting ready to return to the classroom. Oh, yeah, that's right. I still can't think about the end of summer, but those in the educational field are definitely gearing up.

So I thought it would be helpful to share some awesome teacher hacks that will surely start the new school year off right. Check it out.

This Paper Grading Hack

It's hard to keep track of all those papers teachers need to mark. So this one clever teacher came up with quite the genius hack. You can keep all your papers in these mesh pouches. Then, just label the pouches to easily organize them.

This Reading Encouragement

Do you remember when you first started reading? It was pretty tiring, huh? That's the same case with these youngsters. However, this teacher came up with a neat idea to keep her students motivated and goal-oriented. This "stamina" chart is super cool, huh?

This Sock Idea

How do you keep all your classroom supplies organized in a fun fashion? Well, you can do what this teacher does. She keeps her kids' dry-erase markers in socks, ha, ha. The socks can be used as erasers for white boards. Oh my goodness, I really love this idea. How awesome is that?

This Noise Level Marker

Honestly, I don't know how teachers get anything done throughout the day with all the noise in the classroom. So when I stumbled upon this idea, I was pretty floored. Now the kids know exactly when to stay quiet, ha, ha.

This Option Board

Not every student learns at the same level. Am I right? So there will be those who finish faster than others. Then you have to put up with that "I'm done. What can I do now?" question, but not for long when you implement this option board. Aha!

This 'Do Not Disturb' Sign

For those times when you have assigned students to work in small groups or you're working with someone one-on-one, you need this "Do Not Disturb" sign. Don't you think this is a brilliant idea or what? Turn it on when you need to and turn it off when you do not.

Give Some Encouragement

Kids need encouragement all the time, no? So, how do you do it without even saying a word? Easy, peasy. Write meaningful messages on their pencils and leave a little motivation wherever they go. Aww, isn't this so sweet, huh?

Keep In Touch

Teachers need to help each other out, but you don't want the kids to see you talking on your cell phone. Am I right? Check this out. This group of teachers got these awesome walkie-talkies, so they can keep abreast of what's going on in each other's classrooms. How cool is that? I want a set of those too, ha, ha.

This Calming Caddy

Some kids may get quite rambunctious and need a time out, but you wouldn't want to single them out. So instead, create something like this calming caddy for those times when they need to calm down. I think this is such a better idea. What do you think of that?

This Paint Hack

Finding suitable ways to store paints can be a pain in itself. So why not come up with something that's pretty handy, like these soap dispensers? They're easy to use and so cost-effective. And you're also teaching kids how to reuse and recycle.

These Speeding Tickets

Truth be told, not all kids will want to take things slow. You will have students that will try to rush their work. So instead of reprimanding them, just give them a speeding ticket instead. Now they will know they have to take better care of their work.

This Quick Play-Dough

Are you looking for a quick and simple activity for your kids to do in the summer? Look no further than some play dough. But how do you create some? It's so easy. All you need is some corn starch, lotion, and voilà. Food coloring is optional, ha, ha.

This 'Homeworkopoly'

I know homework isn't fun. But it has to get done, no? So how can you encourage the kids to have some fun with it? Well, you can turn it up on its head. This teacher created a "Homeworkopoly," and when students hand in their work, they get to move one space on the board. Oh my goodness! I love that.

These Desk Holders

I don't know about you, but I remember those school desks being pretty small. So this one clever teacher created more space using just a plastic cup and zip ties. Now the kids can store a bottle of their favorite beverage or lunch in there. That's so neat, huh?

Keep Track Of Your Devices

Teachers and students have many devices, so how do you keep them straight? Instead of putting stickers on them that leave that pesky residue, just do what this teacher does. She puts a picture of herself to distinguish which device is which. You can also upload a picture of each kid on their corresponding devices.

Turn The Desk Into Dry Erase Board

If you do a lot of collaboration in your classroom, why not do something like this. Instead of using a typical dry erase board, turn one of the desks into one. You can buy the dry erase contact paper from Walmart, and voilà! Easy peasy, no?

Make Learning Fun

Tough subjects like math can be difficult to learn. Am I right? But that's not always the case. You can definitely turn your kids' learning into an interactive activity when you use these dry-ease dice. Oh my goodness, I wish I had that when I was growing up.

This Clothes Pin/Thumb Tac Hack

Now that your kids have been working hard, you want to show off their work, no? However, don't just poke holes in their assignments. Instead, use clothespins and hot glue thumb tacks to the back of them. They make it very easy to put stuff up and take it down without getting holes in your students' work. Aha!

Oh, my! What do you think of that?

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I don't know about you, but I find these cool teacher hacks quite brilliant. I bet if you implement these, your school year will be a breeze, and other teachers will be coming to you for tips and tricks. And who doesn't want that, huh?