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16+ People Who Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Are you in need of a little pick-me-up today? Is that fourth cup of coffee just not providing you with sufficient joie de vivre to get you through the day?

Well, never fear! For please find enclosed 16+ funny pics that'll reignite your will to live! Sit back, make it look like your doing your work, and let the following images inspire you on towards the end of the day!

Schrodinger's Sausage

Reddit | Salegosse

Good lord that cat's arteries must be crying out for attention now! Get that kitten a kale salad stat!

"A memorial for the squirrel that ate through a wire that canceled classes for two days."

Reddit | Lynncy1

I expect there are now hordes of school kids leaving acorns and nuts around the fuseboxes all over this campus.


Reddit | EnemyWithin74

Maybe she was actually just a very thrifty person, and this is the best way to honor her memory, with her favourite saying?

"Do not walk on rocks"

Reddit | YouRebelScumGuy

I'd love to know if they've ever had to actually do this. I can absolutely imagine that there are people out there who would do it just to be belligerent.

Nut Juice

Reddit | xandramars

I challenge anyone reading this to ask for "nut juice" the next time you're ordering almond milk and to say it without breaking.

This Horseshoe Crab Costume

Reddit | ParaFalcon

According to the father who made this, the young girl loves sea creatures and had been learning about horseshoe crabs at the time. As far as horseshoe crab costumes go, this is one hell of a crab getup!

"Talk about unrealistic expectations!"

Reddit | everdisciplined

I dropped my life dreams down the toilet years ago, they're just so hard to keep a hold of.

The Best Tinder Photo Of All Time


Oh Ron, you majestic genius. You have perfectly summed up so many people's experiences on Tinder in one photo.

Little Trojan

Reddit | tuskedmars

I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to get this one. I'm sure it had a fair few people pulling nervously at the corner of their shirts.

Sunday Chart

Reddit | TikTokbadboi0

This just hurts to look at. The only thing I'd change is that my delusion that I'm going on a run often lasts a lot longer, sometimes right up to the moment that I fall asleep.

"No nonsense coffee, you get what you order"

Reddit | Zelderd2077

I'd love to open a cafe that just sold "White Coffee" and "Black Coffee", that's all. No fancy syrups, no cinnamon sprinkles, no milk artworks, just plain old coffee.

"Completely different animals"

Reddit | matt334

The same could be said for literature students; although, instead of sitting on desks, we'd be reclining on a chaise lounge and drinking red wine while moping about an existential crisis. Christ, I miss university.

"I feel like the airline is trying to tell me something."

Reddit | moeberg

Yep, I've seen enough Final Destination films to know not to get on that plane!

"The stained glass window guy really didn't think this through"

Reddit | AussieGirl27

No matter how long I stare at this, I simply cannot fathom what on Earth that thing is really meant to be? Like, seriously, is it meant to be a bit of shading or what? I need to know!

"I'm sorry, Elmo."

Reddit | MicroAggressiveMe

I like this kids attitude! Enjoy it while you can little one, 'cause before you know it you'll be dreading your birthday coming around as you watch your youthful innocence disappearing into your haggard eyes.

"A rule my teacher made"

Reddit | cabbage_fork

I particularly like how you're not allowed to interrupt if the classroom is on fire, only if you are on fire. Just sit there ablaze with your hand raised.

"Valiant effort by the UPS guy"

Reddit | avalonbowser

Heck, at least they made an effort, regardless of how weak a one it is. Also, where would you hide something that big?

Say Cheese!

Okay, fine. Baby pictures are infinately more funny with teeth photoshopped in.

Please Don't Worry.

Reddit | anoobsearcher

Weird-- this is exactly what people say to me when I'm face-down half asleep in my plate of mashed potatoes.

Here Comes The General

Reddit | koma77

Your life is a dumpster fire? Too bad. Mine is a captain.

Pugtrick Mahomes and Candy Reid

Reddit | cuznkail

For real though, how long do you think it took to get the wig on that dog? Y'all who have dogs know it must've been a struggle.

The Optimist

Reddit | Labor1er

"Maybe this time it won't be the wrong way."

A Worthy Cause

Reddit | pearinactive

I think that the enjoyment garnered from holding signs is a trait shared by the collective human consciousness.

Making the best of a bad situation.

Reddit | Sanktus107

"The coffee machine in our office is still missing, but my colleagues and I are making the best of it." -Sanktus107

Smile while you still can.

Reddit | LaiikaComeHome

"If your organic chemistry test starts with a joke, that will be the last time you smile all day." -LaiikaComeHome

Wrong On So Many Levels

Reddit | Your_Kindly_Despot

Okay, Okay, I know that one was bad. I'll take my leave. Goodnight everybody.

When You Don't Eat Enough Fiber

Reddit | pbcpen212

No matter how old we get, poop jokes will always be funny. Don't deny it.

She's beauty, she's grace, she'll sit right on your face.

Reddit | alana181

What a vengeful pup! A Scorpio for sure.

"Colleague went away for 2 weeks"

Reddit | CurtainSwag

If you're feeling particularly down today, just be thankful that this isn't your desk!

"Went to the charity shop today and found this toy. He's definitely seen some s**t..."

Reddit | portuguese-popcorn

I believe that is Noo Noo from the Teletubbies if I'm not mistaken. I don't remember him looking so terrified though! Although, if I had to live in a world populated by giant terrifying beings with televisions stuck in their stomachs I guess I'd have that expression.