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16+ Unnerving Things That People Just Happened To Stumble Upon

Most of the time, we're pretty happy to find something interesting lying on the ground. That's especially true if it's money, but we can happen upon some odd discoveries that steal our hearts immediately.

However, there's a reason why about half of all horror stories start with the main character finding something strange. Although that seemingly innocent figurine we find in real life is a lot less likely to be haunted, that doesn't mean it can't be secretly filled with spiders.

And it's also true that the creepier things we come across aren't necessarily hiding their true nature. As we're about to see, it can be surprisingly easy to stumble upon something that makes us regret ever coming anywhere near it.

This proves that just about anything can look creepy when it's discovered next to a creepy mannequin torso installation.

Reddit | Lsd2ez

I'm not sure what role Everybody Loves Raymond and Grey's Anatomy DVDs have to play in whatever dark ritual is happening here, but I just hope they loook like that because it rained recently.

What's happening here is perfectly wholesome, but it really doesn't look that way.

Reddit | WarBucksINC3119

We're just looking at a mother scorpion carrying her babies on her back, but seeing that many creepy crawlers at once has a way of making the "awws" catch in our throats.

If somebody ever comes up with a baggie and asks you to eat anything that looks like this, you'd be wise to decline.

Reddit | sprocketspocket

That's because we're not looking at weirdly cooked Ramen or sauerkraut, but rather a baggie of tape worms.

When a tree shows a weird web of branches like this, it means it's afflicted with a condition called "witch's broom."

Reddit | Fusiontechnition

According to the University of Maryland, this can be caused by anything from bacterial or fungal infections to invading mites and environmental damage.

The cause tends to depend on which plant is being affected.

It's not a common sight, but there might be a good reason why someone sawed this piano in half.

Reddit | Lurkwurst

Not only does it make it way easier to fit it through a door, but some old pianos are worth so little that they can't even be given away, so this is the fate they eventually meet.

If you're wondering why I'm showing you two clown heads, I regret to inform you that they're the same one.

Reddit | MrRabinowitz

Yes, it seems that someone wasn't satisfied when they painted one creepy clown face on this ornament, so they made an even creepier one on the back.

Apparently, it's not so much the sights of this place that make it eerie, but rather the sounds you can hear around here.

Reddit | -thegoodcat-

Despite how empty this place looks, the uploader reported frequently hearing something that resembled a woman screaming.

It's possible that these sounds really belong to coyotes, but it's distressing to hear nonetheless.

It's almost hard to tell what's even going on here at first, but it's strange to see even when it becomes clear.

Reddit | Justis-M

Granted, this probably wouldn't be particularly scary except for whoever's driving behind it, but I wouldn't have believed someone could even get this far into fitting a snowmobile into a Smart car.

Not only does this not look like the character it's supposed to be, but it actually looks worse than most of what you'd find in the Upside Down.

Reddit | sharklepower

That said, anybody who's trying to dress as a 70-year-old baby this Halloween now has the perfect mask to bring their disturbing costume to life.

This certainly looks worrying, but it doesn't quite belong in whatever horror movie we're now dreaming up right now.

Reddit | diarrheaglacier

It helps to learn that this girl didn't make her bracelet out of other people's teeth, but rather her former wisdom teeth.

Everybody needs a hobby, I guess.

The story behind this statuette is arguably creepier than this evil-looking boy himself.

Reddit | minne_g

Apparently, the uploader was mysteriously gifted it and was later told by their neighbor that he thought they had a son who was playing in the yard.

And yes, that does seem to imply they saw the statue moving. Pleasant dreams, folks!

While it would certainly suck to live in the building behind the one facing the street, there may be a funny story behind it.

Reddit | lukrun

When you see buildings so close together in such an impractical way, there's a chance that one of them is what's known as a "spite house."

If that's the case here, someone built the building in front just to make whoever built the other one miserable.

If this doesn't already make your skin crawl, the conditions under which it was found make it so much worse.

Reddit | sandqueenoverlord

The uploader apparently felt something in their shirt at 5 am and hoped against hope that it was a ball of thread.

Yeah, no such luck.

This statue was featured in a city's art park, but that's about all we know about it.

Reddit | elhiggsterino

That's a shame because it would be good to know why they made a rabbit look this oddly nightmarish and whether our suspicions are correct that it's made of actual hair.

As if this mysterious gate in the woods wasn't worrying enough, the spatters on this nearby rock didn't make anybody comfortable.

Reddit | fate908

That's because it appeared to be dried blood, which the uploader really hopes is the result of a hunter cleaning their messy knife or the aftermath of an animal's meal.

It may not look like it, but this church in the Czech Republic has been abandoned.

Reddit | kornbob6669

What we're seeing here are statues sitting in the pews, rather than actual people. Other than to creep everybody out, it's unclear why they were added here.

This may not be the creepiest thing we've seen today, but it's pretty anxiety-inducing for anyone who knows what a motorcycle accident feels like.

Reddit | rjdac

There's only so much a helmet can do for you and everything about what this guy's up to seems to guarantee he won't walk away from this ride once it goes even slightly wrong.

This hand sanitizer couldn't fail at its job any harder if it tried.

Reddit | iphoneplayer

It's unclear how exactly it became so full of fleas, but we need to know just so we can make sure it never happens again.


When the uploader helped remodel their brother's basement, they came across a secret stash nobody wanted to find.

Reddit | Theartistcu

In case it's hard to tell, this was a massive stash of underwear in a size that neither of them wore.

If that doesn't sound so bad, I'm afraid they were also used.

Unless that's just a very edgy balloon, the idea of something so destructive being transported like this is horrifying.

Reddit | LostAmiga

And so, I'm going to conclude that this is indeed just an edgy balloon just because I don't want to admit that this world has finally lost the last of its sanity.

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