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12+ Weird Things People REALLY Weren’t Expecting To Find

Our world has always been hella weird, but honestly, I think in 2019 our weirdness peaked.

Ever come across something that you're just like???? Do I even want to know how this came into being??? I feel like I experience this every single freaking day. It's my super power. I'm just really good at attracting the weirdest mojo our society has to offer.

Here are some things that literally nobody expected to find. Try to guess what they're going to be. I dare you.

Night Light

Reddit | penster23

"Woke up in the middle of the night to this," one guy writes. "Nobody prepared me for this."


Reddit | luxurypking

This Kinder Egg is actually two Kinder Eggs in one. It's like, one for Canada, and then the Canadians also get ours because Kinder Eggs are illegal in the states.

My Little Pony

Reddit | Totaladdictgaming

Whoever put a pony tail on this patch of grass is truly doing God's work.

Shop Local

Reddit | Give-Me-100bucks

"Almost tripped over this really, really tiny store today," one woman shares. "Not what I expected to find on my way to work."

Yer A Wizard Hairy

Reddit | FanatikCarrot

Was this man's rock hair on the list of things you thought you were going to witness today? Doubtful.


Reddit | mskatme0w

Ah yes, I love it when I go out to my favorite restaurant and realize that my seat used to be crime scene evidence.

Back From The Dead

Reddit | dopey_se

"We left our artichoke out while we went on vacation," this woman writes, "and we came home and found it flowering purple???"

That's Your Cue

Reddit | lebbe

Think there would be extra pool balls in those lil slots? Think again. I don't really know how pool works, but I know it doesn't work like this.

Which Came First?

Reddit | Qwikscopeyourcouch69

"When I cracked open an egg this morning, a smaller egg was inside," this man reveals. Scientists of the internet? A little help?

Secondary Location

Reddit | MrCrash2U

"I realized today that the trunk of my car has a lever on it with instructions for people who are KIDNAPPED," one man writes. "Perfect. I let the people I kidnap know PRONTO."

Lunch Break

Reddit | ianleewilson

When she says she wants to go on a picnic and you're like, "OK babe what food should we bring?" and she's like "I don't care you pick," and you bring the whole store.

Duck Duck Goose

Reddit | Baba_Smith

"There was a pet duck at the guitar shop today," one person writes. "I didn't really expect that to occur today I'll be honest."

He Is Beauty He Is Grace

Reddit | Momriguez

"I am a mother to 3 boys and saw this on a translated to English sign once," this mom shares. "I decided I needed these words in our bathroom as well."

Sometimes you gotta take the unexpected and roll with it!

Car Before Time

Reddit | bone_burrito

"There's a dinosaur diorama in this old Jeep that I went for a test drive in," one man writes. "I'm confused, but pleasantly surprised."

The Nose Knows

Reddit | shefearsoblivion

This person's toothpaste came out looking exactly like a human nose.

But I guess the real question is...what did it smell like?