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18+ Hilarious Pics That Make No Sense Yet Perfect Sense

The internet is awash with things that make you scratch your head and think, "I don't know why that makes complete sense, but it does." It is an unsettling feeling, like seeing Boris Johnson walk out of Number 10 Downing street — I mean, it makes no sense that he should be Prime Minister of Great Britain, and yet, of course, he is for all of the worst reasons.

Anyway, here are 18+ hilarious pics that make no sense, yet perfect sense — and don't worry, there's no world leaders ahead.

"Dutch police arrested man and his bird for burglary. Due to not having a cage the police put the bird in jail, on water and bread."

Reddit | cornebw

What is so amazing about this is that the local news station felt it necessary to put a black bar over the birds face; you know, just in case any of the bird's friends or family are watching!

Fond Memories

Reddit | daaave33

I can actually imagine that smell just thinking about this. I can also picture the one employee who wasn't into the job at all who wouldn't wear their uniform properly as though that was the ultimate act of defiance. Ah the 90s, good times, I think?

"My mom got her dog’s feet shaved so that they wouldn’t get as dirty when she went outside"

Reddit | footprintx

Well, that is just horrific. It looks like that dog is going to be dressing up as a rat for halloween.

Active Camouflage

Reddit | Tamisea

I can understand why someone would do this; I mean, I'd rather be seen dead than wearing an apple watch — yeah, take that apple, bet you felt that one!

Hair Dryer

Reddit | narcalexi

For when you're in a rush and have zero feelings of social embarrassment.


Reddit | Dun_Broke_Bad

The 90s is strong with this one. Also, what is going on with those shoes? It looks like someone gave a Croc a facelift.

Who Lives In a Vauxhall Corsa Under The Sea

Reddit | marareddit

I both do not understand why anyone would ever do this, and completely understand exactly why someone would do this.

Trust Issues

Reddit | MangoPSYT

Your cat is just checking your messages to make sure you haven't been messaging any other cats on the sly, have a conversation about trust with your cat for God's sake!

"The latest statue in my city, I mean you've gotta hand it to em"

Reddit | Dr_Hazard_

Come on, who wouldn't want that staring down at them from the heavens. It strangely reminds me of how I feel when I'm far too drunk and am trying to look sober.

"And that’s how capitalism works"

Reddit | Stirling65

This is so relatable it hurts.

Halo Brows

Reddit | fvrris

Of course this exists. As soon as I saw this, I wanted to move to a log cabin in the middle of the woods because, not only do I hate this so much, but I am so not surprised by its existence.

"Wearable custom my little pony hoofed high tops."

Reddit | ReaganAbe

You must need calves of steel to walk in these! (Get it, calves, like a baby cow... look I know they're for horses but cut me some slack dammit)

"Bacon and eggs with a side of freedom"

Reddit | IamMarkZuckerberg

They're already Ron Swanson's ideal woman!

How Many Squirrels?

Reddit | CrownedHeads

I guess honesty really is the best policy. Even when that honesty seems like absolute nonsense.

How To Be An Edgelord 101

Reddit | gilmourwastaken

This guy has such awful taste, yet it's done so amazingly well!

At first, it doesn't seem like this accident should even have been possible.

Reddit | Ein_The_Pup

Unfortunately, it turns out that this house had land near it with just the right curvature for a makeshift ramp.

Normally, that would be hard to notice, but it suddenly means a lot when your neighbor decides to imitate The Dukes of Hazzard.

Yup, this is one scary bear that somebody decided to use as a hood ornament.

Reddit | misha1137

That said, the fact that it's held down by duct tape is even scarier, especially for the other drivers.

Imagine seeing this flying at your windshield.

I wouldn't even be able to guess at how many customers this guy startles every day.

Reddit | phiiotalambda

I guess it's impressive that somebody managed to make a mannequin look so realistic, but did anyone really ask for this?

If so, who are they? I just wanna talk...

I guess there's something to be said for faking it until you make it.

Reddit | iamthememes69

Since there's probably no practical reason to mod your car with a giant exhaust pipe, I suppose there's no rule saying this pot can't look just as good.

I could ask why this man went with this style, but I'm just impressed that it was possible.

Reddit | TrainFan

I also can't help but wonder what happens if somebody decides to cut that string connecting his hair and beard. Does he just end up looking like a Q-tip?

As much as I can appreciate the need to carry some emergency pasta around, there are probably better ways.

Reddit | LaiqTheMaia

I don't know if this compartment affects the taste, but that sauce is definitely going to stain what looks like a pretty expensive purse.

I never would have guessed that a Family Guy tattoo of all things could be so surreal.

Reddit | DmanHamr

Either Brian had a really weird dream in an episode I'm not aware of or the person who wanted this on their skin did.

Does this have anything to do with the little mummy guy?

I suppose I can sort of understand why you'd make a dumpster look like a blank Photoshop layer, but why the car?

Reddit | CamTheChest

Unless somebody wanted to find a really abstract way to tell people how badly their car runs, I'm afraid I don't get this one at all.

There's a lot about this that makes perfect sense to me.

Reddit | Worset

For instance, it's easy to see why he'd want to make this dog look so totally radical.

So much so that I'm just wondering how this dynamic duo managed to get the cops after them. How far did he go in violating Walmart's policy against pets?

I already know that any question I have about this will get the response, "It's called fashion, sweetie, look it up."

Reddit | ExpertAccident

And to that, I can only say that I want them to look it up because the struggle to actually do that with these on would probably be hilarious.

I just want to know why.

Reddit | OrientQuartz

Of all of the ways you could possibly grab this glass, why did this person choose the most unnerving way possible?

And why do I feel like their disappointed parent all of a sudden?

Well, I guess you've got to do something when nobody uses payphones anymore.

Reddit | unoiamaQT

And sure, I suppose taking it out is always an option, but what kind of happy home are these fish supposed to find then?

That said, how do you even feed them without opening the door?

It takes a special kind of thinking to make any sense out of this picture.

Reddit | lastdrops

So far, all I can come up with is that she's treating her new shower head like rappers do cash. It's all about pretending to talk into it like a phone so you can flex.

It actually seems like it would be harder to build a street light this way, so why did they do it?

Reddit | Bar236

Since it looks like there's a really big hammer near it, are we supposed to imagine that it's been pounding dents into the lamppost?

Have I just gone insane?

I'm not sure if it's actually possible to make a PT Cruiser look badass, but somebody sure gave it a try.

Reddit | buttersnotch

Let's just say there's probably a reason why Stephen King didn't go with that model when he wrote Christine.

Nothing goes better with a large doll in a creepy gas mask than a book entitled "But Will It Burn?"

Reddit | Mikey10158

Sure, they leave any visitors wondering why their day suddenly turned so needlessly sinister, but at least they match.

It's kind of hard to tell whether this little diorama is disturbing or cute.

Reddit | zoebread

On one hand, every horror movie has warned me about encountering a wrecked mannequin's head and eyes with arms and legs.

Still, there's something about the little guy chilling out that makes me happy.

It turns out that ice cream vending machines exist, but we probably know the reason they don't show up often now.

Reddit | rustic_taco

Sure, this probably comes as a lifesaver on a hot day, but it's hard enough to force a vending machine to give up your snack without a bunch of frost blocking it.

I'd love to know how whoever put this up could've thought it was a reasonable request.

Reddit | sharklepower

Somebody's going to have to face the fact that whatever comes out of us when we're on the toilet is going to do it whether we like it or not.

I just don't understand.

"Buddy of mine sent me this with the caption 'Bro, you need this dog'"

Reddit | mikefromtheclub

I like the idea that this guy was going around just hunting for a dog that looked like his mate. Seventeen years he's been hunting, and he finally found it!

Free Belly Rubs

Reddit | needleknight

Wonder what kind of exam you'd have to give Jason Mamoa for him to qualify for a belly rub? Actually, it's probably best not to think about it.

"Priorities at College Game Day"

Reddit | Federal_Tourist

You know what, spiderman does deserve better. I don't know in what way he deserves better, he just does!