25 Crazy Things People Have Found In Their Houses

May 27, 2021

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is antiquing. I can spend hours exploring thrift shops, antique stores, and garage sales looking for unique trinkets and furniture to use in my home. I also love going through boxes that have been in storage, especially if they contain old family photographs. I don't know why, but there's just something about activities associated with the past and rekindling its magic that I can't get enough of!

Whether you're like me and enjoy picking through and putting together bits and pieces of days gone by, or you simply enjoy reading about others who do, you'll probably get a kick out of the collection of images below. They depict a small sampling of individuals who have stumbled upon some seriously crazy things while going through their homes.

While some of these stories may leave you green with envy, I guarantee others will have you saying, "I'm glad that wasn't in my house!"

1. "I have The Ring in my basement."

Reddit | Colintendo

So much nope in this photo...

2. "This door in the basement where I work..."

Reddit | bnrshrnkr

That's not disturbing at all.

3. "Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found!"

Reddit | Nnewel

This is amazing!

4. Two homeowners who moved into their family's estate uncovered a fully stocked servant's kitchen hidden behind a collection of old junk in the basement. 

Cefn Park | House Logic

Very Downton Abbey.

5. "Mysterious picture of a creepy baby we found in our attic..."

Reddit | solebiscuits

6. "Found an old military ration in my basement. I opened it. SKITTLES!!"

Reddit | tingtanguh

7. A Faberge figurine commissioned by Russian Czar Nicholas II in 1912 was found in an attic in New York. It sold at auction for $5.2 million.

NY Daily News | NY Daily News

8. A couple renovating their kitchen discovered a safe in the floor. They managed to unlock it and found the following inside: over $50,000 in cold, hard cash, a rare bottle of bourbon, a book titled A Guide for the Perplexed, and a BINGO card.

Imgur | sarmik

9. "Found this in the attic of the house I'm leasing for the school year."

Reddit | Hope_its_a_fart

Put that thing back where you found it!

10. "Hanging in the basement of my mother's apartment building."

Imgur | LariFari153

11. A couple renovating their home came across two small containers hiding in different parts of the basement ceiling. Inside? Some old newspapers... and approximately $45,000!

Imgur | branik12

12. "Cousin was pulling up carpet in very old home and found this 'interesting' linoleum design."

Reddit | UTLurker

R2-D2, is that you?

13. "Just bought a house. Moved in 2 days ago and found this in the basement. Now what?"

Reddit | whenifinishlongtexts

Spoiler alert: it was empty. Booo!

14. A Redditor's cousin purchased an abandoned home and found this ancient artifact...

Reddit | ClassyTurkey

Those were the days, my friend!

15. Someone found this random room tucked away in the attic of their new place. The door to get in measures four feet tall and one-and-a-half feet wide, and has a metal grate covering a hole in it. The room contains a small window, some shelving, and a cot.

Reddit | NukeStorm


16. "My dad found a bunch of green army men tied up hanging in his wall. They were doing renovations and decided to knock down a wall. Underneath the plaster, in the space between the two plaster pieces, there were dozens of green army men, tied around their necks with string hanging down."

Pixar Wiki | Icysugarspike

"Bonus: In the backyard they found several buried doll heads. Old ones too, they were porcelain. Not all the dolls, just the heads."

17. "My friend found a 40-year-old treasure hunt hidden behind a mirror in her dorm."

Imgur | ThatCoolKid

One of the clues led her to uncover this random painting!

18. "My Father was remodeling our 1933 farmhouse and found these hidden under the work bench."

Reddit | R3BRTH

Wahoo! Bootlegged liquor!

19. "My sophomore year we moved into a house with a pretty sweet basement. We found a sort of cubbyhole closet in the back. There was nothing in that cubby but a suitcase containing a clown costume and balloons, and an unopened can of bud light that had expired in 2002."

Reddit | Join_You_In_The_Sun

20. Someone actually found this "wall art" in an abandoned house. All I can say, is I hope it was really only art...

Reddit | GrahamSaysNO

21. "I have uncovered a 1960s fallout shelter in my backyard that was built by Whitaker Pools."

Reddit | captantarctica

22. "My house was built in 1904. When re-doing the basement, we discovered a weird sliding panel with accompanying shelf space behind the wall, which looked a bit like a bar and faced where the driveway used to be... we did some research and discovered that previous homeowners got into trouble for selling moonshine during prohibition"

PhotoQuest | Getty Images

23. A family that bought a house from an older couple found a grenade in one of the cabinets in their kitchen. The husband, who was an army officer, realized the pin was barely in place, so he took everyone over to the neighbours and called the police. The bomb squad arrived and eventually determined the grenade was a dud.

The Telegraph | The Telegraph

24. "I was re-piping a house today and found this underneath the house."

Reddit | LSUduckbadger

Yep, you guessed it, that's a bomb. According to the Reddit thread that this image was posted to, this is a "BS bomb." Often, the insides of these were stuffed with small leaflets that tell the enemy to surrender.

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