16 Hilarious Tricksters Sneakin' Their Way Through Life

Sometimes a little bit of sneakiness goes a long way, especially if it allows you to get away with something you never thought possible before! Need to smuggle a nice, hard drink somewhere? Wanna get out for the night, but you're grounded? All that and more is just a day in the life of a trickster. So today, we're looking at some of the most ridiculous, sneaky moves posted out there in internet land. Definitely good for a laugh!

1. This is what true friendship looks like.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Every now and then, you'll find yourself in a bind. And that's when it's up to our BFFs to come through! Luckily, we all know the game by now, so pulling off a pic like this is natural.

2. You can't just approach a crush like some normie weirdo. You gotta think outside the box sometimes.

Reddit | SilentGatorade

So, what better way than with this silky smooth pickup lime? You know, put the "us" in citrus. Make the others green with envy!

3. Always good to have a ninja on your side.

Me.Me | Me.Me

Yeah, I just assume all turtles have some amount of ninja training — teenage, mutant, or otherwise. Point is, there's a lot of space on that belly to sneak your cheats through class.

4. These frat boys don't know what they're missing out on.

Instagram | @kalesalad

So might as well show 'em what you got, one way or another. Besides, that hair color is great and the dude actually rocks that outfit well enough — so turnup, my dude!

5. Creating a decoy can go a long way, too.

Twitter | @shannonhay5

I guess ya just gotta sacrifice a bit of hair to get out there. Just don't go crazy and shave your whole head or anything.

6. This guy made off like a bandit after selling probably the worst piece of art in history.

Instagram | @will_ent

Well, according to that episode, anyway. I'd have this in my house, but not for $250!!!

7. What kind of person leaves their window open with such precious cargo in the front?!

Instagram | @kalesalad

I'd be more surprised if a slice wasn't missing, at this point. This one's on you, man.

8. "I do...want dessert really bad."

Instagram | @kalesalad

Hey, when it comes to food, desperate times call for desperate measures. Faking a birthday is just played out by now — gotta step the game up!

9. Moms know all the sneaky tricks — for sure.

Twitter | @gnarlydweeb

Besides, who the hell wants to sit through a cramped, smelly bus ride sober? Time to make this bus a party bus.

10. When Big Brother is watching, you gotta play the system.

Twitter | @KevinMieles11

That dad is in for one boring video viewing when he comes back. And probably a very oddly still one, too.

11. Check out this John McClane-ass teacher up in here.

Imgur | CryPtICcR33PEr

Crawling through the vents like it's the freakin' Nakatomi Plaza. But can you blame her? After all, I think we've proven just how tricky kids can be.

12. Sometimes it takes minimal effort for an awesome effect.

Instagram | Instagram

When it comes to Tinder bios, being clever goes a long way! Heck, I'm not a real woman, but I'd still recommend Dave.

13. The resemblance is almost there. I actually can't believe this worked.

Twitter | @AidenMarceron

The cashier must've been either as dumb as Kelso or as high as Leo, 'cause this '70s show ain't addin' up.

14. Sometimes all you need is confidence to pull off your plan.

Instagram | @will_ent

If you just act natural, no one's gonna say a thing. Then you just sit back and drink in your victory!

15. Movie snacks are both expensive and unhealthy. Why not take matters into your own hands...er, stomachs?

Mashable | Mashable

It might seem far out, but watermelon would definitely be a decent movie snack!

16. And of course, if watermelon isn't your thing, just stick with sneaking in a classic.

Me.Me | Me.Me

Like, a real classic — before the corn is even popped. Pro tip, smuggle butter in your shoes!

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