19+ People Who Were Completely Ruthless

What does it mean to be ruthless? Well, if you do what you like without apology while at the same time ruining someone's day, you're ruthless. Maybe you're really clever and you passive-aggressively take people down a notch on the daily — you're savage. If you fall into any of these two categories then you may just be as ruthless as these people who take it to the next level with their ruthlessness.

1. This high school teacher.

Reddit | MrMegaGamerz

This professor is done with trying to coddle their students with percentage deductions every day an assignment is late. If you can't get your assignment handed in on the proper due date, you know where to put it. I'm thinking this prof has a background in journalism to be this blunt with deadlines.

2. Kendall is an absolute legend.

Instagram | @jess_hyde_blog

When you live with a family filled with another savage woman, it tends to rub off on you. I knew I liked Kendall the most for some reason and this just cements my case.

3. This cosplaying Waldo keeping it real.

Reddit | HyphenSam

Seriously though, everyone is so concerned with where Waldo is, we've never taken a moment to consider why Waldo keeps getting himself lost all the time. I'd like to apologize on behalf of all of us for ignoring your emotional needs and if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here for ya buddy.

4. This cheeky grandmother.

Instagram | @miss.suzyb

This woman is tired of seeing old classmates and co-workers out in public and having to endure the awkwardness of forced small talk. You probably think she got this shirt as a gift from one of her grandkids but no, she bought it on sale on Amazon the other day. She may not enjoy socializing in public anymore, but she's still as thrifty as ever.

5. The driver of this vehicle.

Reddit | [deleted]

Tired of his local convenience store not installing a drive-thru window, this guy took matters into his own hands and just drove straight into the store. How nice is this store clerk for actually helping the dude pick out the items he wanted?

6. This girl's reminder at a concert.

Instagram | @will_ent

When you have to set a reminder for yourself that dudes just aren't worth it, I think you may have a problem on your hands. I hope this was set up in case she drank too much and forgot because this is pretty common knowledge.

7. The woman who convinced this guy her child's christening was a costume party.

Reddit | bravobracus

The classic costume party bait and switch. It just so happened your friend came dressed as a holy knight for your kid's christening. Don't you just love it when everything falls into place so perfectly? Good on him for honoring your wishes, at least he'll be prepared for the crusade happening at 5:30.

8. This first-grader's message to the elderly.

Instagram | @the.imperfect.angel

This kid may not be able to spell, but they sure know how to instill fear into the hearts of one lucky nursing home resident. I mean, they're definitely not wrong, but have a heart will ya?

9. The person who made this sign.

Reddit | 3kliksphiIip

Truer words have never been spoken. I'm sorry if you're one of the 25 people who swear by this boring vegetable but, if any veggie platter has ever taught me anything, the amount of cauliflower still left on the plate would suggest that most people hate the stuff. Apparently, it's a great substitute for rice or potatoes if prepared right, but that just sounds like an old wives tale to me.

10. The parents of this child.

Instagram | @stolen.memes.420

This seems like a temporary solution to a bigger problem. You know your kid is still going to try and spin that thing, probably injuring the webbing of their hands before you're forced to remove the lock. I've only recently seen these things out in public, and I kinda want one.

11. This clever dude who needs a hug.

Reddit | Sir_battmaker

Man, that's the face of someone who needs a good cuddle and some home cooking to wipe away his sorrows. Buck up pal, I'm sure things seem dark at the moment, but if you keep chasing that silver lining something good is sure to pop up in the near future. Keep swimming friend!

12. Whoever is in charge of signs for Supercuts.

Reddit | Kedrico

I'd like to think that both shops are located in the same strip mall, making this even more savage. Competition is always good for the customers, especially if it produces such witty repartee. If Supercut is as on point with their haircuts as they are with advertising, then I know where I'm spending my hard-earned $6.

13. This guy and his cardboard fort.

Instagram | @ayz_9

Serves her right, she has no idea how lit your fort actually is. Wait til you install that kiddie pool moat you've been talking about, then she'll be really kicking herself. You think an immature dude would be able to have the motivation to make a cardboard fort this awesome? Maybe.

14. Josh Brolin.

Reddit | NotKemoSabe

What's more savage than going to an '80s themed party as your teenage self? Gotta give it to Josh, he's looking a lot better than his Goonies counterpart. You can thank Ryan Reynolds for Brolin's banging bod, he's preparing for the next Deadpool movie. Keep it in your pants ladies!

15. That time Jerry denied a hug from Kesha.

Reddit | MyLuckyRedHat

If you haven't seen this clip yet, Kesha approaches Seinfeld ever so politely for a hug and is met with pure rejection from the man himself. To be fair, Jerry responded with "no thanks" multiple times before Kesha finally gave up. In all honesty, this is probably how I would react too.

16. These office workers' fridge etiquette.

Instagram | @r_i_c_h_i_e_rich_

There's a trust issue happening at this office that the employees don't want to address face to face. Instead, drastic measures were made to ensure stealing in the lunch room doesn't happen again. I don't fully agree with the process, but I support their need to keep their milk safe at all costs.

17. These girl scouts and their strategic placement.

Reddit | 55togo

How 'bout that? Talk about going straight for your target demographic, these girls are honing their savagery at a young age. You know what they say about having a good location for business practices, and these girls are using that knowledge and taking it straight to the bank.

18. This guy at a KFC protest.

Reddit | Reddit

Does PETA just protest wherever they feel like now? This guy has had enough with PETA and is trying his best to convert some of them back to the delicious dark meat side. From the looks of it, the dude holding the sign is heavily reconsidering his stance on fried chicken.

19. This college professor on exam day.

Instagram | @flying.cows

If you haven't been Rick-Rolled before, you definitely don't spend enough time on the Internet. Basically, you click a link that's disguised as something else and you end up watching the video for Rick Astley's classic "Never Gonna Give You Up". In this case, it's disguised as the answers for the final exam. Well played sir.

20. This guy who carries around Kraft singles without a care in the world.

Instagram | @theslayingtaco

You have to really not care what anyone thinks to carry around warm wrapped cheese in your pocket.

21. This ticked off sibling.

Twitter | @gossipgriII

I can't imagine that feels good on the gums. You must have done something pretty bad for them to wish receding gum line upon you!

22. This kid who isn't messing around.

Twitter | @I_AM_MOSIAH

This is terrifying. Never mess with kids, they have no chill and they're highly volatile. Trust me, the playground is basically like that prison workout scene in American History X.

23. The only thing Gordon Ramsay does better than sweet and savory is ruthless.

Twitter | @GordonRamsay

The man's one love in life is lamb sauce, so this answer isn't exactly a shocker...

24. This Mom and her fresh batch of stud muffins.

Twitter | @Avery_Leilani

You've got to hand it to her, in just a day on campus she managed to satisfy at least four years worth of thirst.

25. This underage teen who found a way to play the system.

Twitter | @ellieMcampbell

We don't endorse underage drinking, but I will say, if the alcohol doesn't age you, that shade of lipstick sure will.

26. This person who lives to give their mom a ruff time.

Instagram | @theslayingtaco

But actually, these pics are pretty doggone cute. I know my family pooch is more photogenic than I am in most pictures.

27. This kid who really DGAF.

Reddit | Reddit

This is why I'm never having kids. They're way too knowledgeable and they have no problem speaking the truth.

28. This person who has no respect for social etiquette.

Reddit | xxseraph

This is why you don't let them eat cake! All it results in is anarchy, destruction, and the erosion of civil society!

29. This mom whose honesty is her number one attribute.

Twitter | @indianschoolboi

She's right though...I hope to god that I never come to the point where I resent my parents because their love life is better than mine.

30. This parking attendant.

Reddit | brody2daMAX

Does this actually work for people? I've seen a couple of my friends try and pull this maneuver and it always ends with a ticket. I can't blame the parking attendant, it's got to be one of the most thankless jobs out there. This is probably the fifth note of the day asking for some sympathy instead of paying the parking meter and the attendant wasn't having any of it.