24 Mind-Blasting Pics That Prove The Confusion Is Real

Like most people, I don't enjoy being in a constant state of confusion. Whether it's taxes or changing the tires on my hatchback, I'm literally stumped all the time.

Even if you try to teach me how to do something simple eight times, it won't sink in because my brain just doesn't have any more room for knowledge, regardless of how useful it might be. If you're anything like me, your best bet is to just laugh at these pictures instead of trying to figure them out.

1. Your brother really needs to start investing in some quality beans if he thought this passed as coffee. 

Twitter | @NimffMcManus

I'm both shocked and appalled by the thought and the sight of this.

2. Wishful thinking works about as much as this girl's eyes do (i.e. not well). 

The Chive | The Chive

I know a cute dog would have been a much nicer surprise, but that's just not the world we live in.

3. Your mom is as petty as it gets, and I'm here for it. 

Reddit | Giraffe_Dude

Sure, the fire department came and wasted their time and resources, but it was hilarious and that makes it okay.

4. I guess fashion doesn't really work within the confines of logic, reason, or common sense.

Also, I wouldn't recommend using those condoms after piercing holes through the wrappers.

5. Apparently, you can get the look of ridiculous high fashion at a fraction of the cost, but does that make these jeans okay?

Reddit | otterland

In my opinion, no. But hey, to each their own.

6. I don't think this person understands how car ownership works. 

The Chive | The Chive

You don't really want people sniffing around looking to steal your crappy car. In fact, I think most people want the exact opposite.

7. Well, that's just a bargain for Chanel. 

Reddit | borggreen

I'm kidding. This is about the weirdest thing I've seen as of late, and I work deep within the bowels of the internet.

8. Mothers and daughters who heavily line their eyelids together stay besties forever. 

Reddit | marathon

Some people would think this is inherently depressing, but I just think it's a creative way to explore the darkest places in your soul with someone you love.

9. How does this even happen? 

Reddit | bishopbackstab

Can you even get a refund from this machine? Because this is clearly a useless DVD. I'm honestly shocked that the robots have started their revolt so soon, though.

10. Grandpa is living the strug life fo' sho. 

Reddit | karmaqueen_

You best get his eyes tested before he tries baking the family cat like a giant holiday bird. I know that's the worst-case scenario, but it's definitely possible.

11. If Magic 8-Balls are more than some plastic and blue goo, then I suggest you start living your best life now. 

The Chive | The Chive

I wish grilled cheese was my future. I would be so happy.

12. Let your aunt live her completely ridiculous life already. 

Instagram | @djbewbz

She wasn't made to be efficient, she was designed to pinch your cheeks, collect cats, and show up solo to family celebrations.

13. People being mean to a dog is hard enough to fathom on its own, but this one doesn't even look like it was doing anything.

Reddit | blueswede0

If it was mid-snarl, I'd just think they were dumb enough to get their fingers bit, but this is pointlessly cruel.

14. I kinda get this because I've definitely felt like I've worked hard enough for two extra days some weeks, but I'd love to hear how this is supposed to work. 

Reddit | DatCarpet

Actually, I just want to hear what they named the eighth and ninth days. Someday? Moreday?

15. Um...I think there's a reason why people usually just stick to breakfast in bed. It doesn't usually involve a barbecue.

Reddit | HyperActive1DUK

In fact, this guy has also solved the mystery of why it's usually not the person getting this meal who makes it. That's some busy laziness.

16. OK, I get that the strawberry is giving me the thumbs up and that's lovely. I'm just not sure what's it's trying to tell me.

Reddit | flyingfrig

Is it OK with being eaten? Or is it asking me not to eat it and wondering if I'm cool with that?

So confused...

17. Ah, yes. This is exactly the kind of warm, comforting glow we'd all like to light our rooms with when night falls. 

Reddit | WafflePress

And in case we weren't relaxed enough, its mouth is in the perfect position to seem like it's making all those spooky sounds outside.

18. Remember, folks. Always wash your fully cooked pizza before you eat it. 

Reddit | xX_CaNcErOuS_mEmE

And while we're at it, don't cut it. You don't wanna miss out on the experience of awkwardly trying to fold soggy bread and runny cheese into your mouth.

19. I guess this guy was getting tired of watching everybody else walk their pets while his poor fish stayed all cooped up in their bowl?

Reddit | Stakeboulder

Now they can see the world! And from the looks of it, they're as confused and scared as everybody else here.

20. Even if they were going to an anime convention, you'd think at least one would be in a costume that shows their face.

Reddit | Terhome567

So are we then supposed to conclude that they're robbing the convention? Is that even a thing? I doubt the haul's that great.

21. I can't be sure, but I assume a monkey wouldn't be ridiculous enough to pull off something like this. 

Imgur | IsThatWhatYouWanted

Plus, monkeys don't have knives, unless they're monkeys from the Planet of the Apes movies.

22. It looks like Hawaii will be broken for a while, because this situation does not look like a quick fix to me. 

Reddit | thePainesuggestion

If your ground cracks open exposing the fiery pits of hell, then you need to accept the fact that it ain't your ground no more.

23. Why can't it be both?

Twitter | @jadedjayyy

Who said beans can't also moonlight as a killer bath bomb? Add some glitter and a bit of fizz, and you've got yourself a relaxing soak.

24. Well, it looks like this guy swallowed a moist towel, and now I've seen everything. 

Instagram | @garglingmilk

On the bright side, he'll be completely clean from the inside out, and isn't that what we all long for?

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