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15+ Ideas That Spiced The World Up A Little

The world is full of little ideas that so often go unnoticed, yet make our planet just that little bit more special - whether it be a small tag on your clothing connecting you with someone who you would otherwise never had known existed, or a Japanese solar powered wolf designed to protect important crops (yeah you wanna get to that one right?).

Well, in order to shine a light on some ideas which do not necessarily get the attention they deserve, I have gathered here 15+ ideas that have spiced up the world, and which you probably didn't even know existed.

"Pencils that can be planted and grow into kitchen spices when they become to small to use"

Reddit | EMF911

These are a fantastic idea, but I just know that I'd have lost the pencil by the time I got anywhere near being ready to plant it.

The Fact That This Actually Exists.

Reddit | awaredabear

I thought this was fake at first, but it isn't. The six speakers are solar powered so that the music will go on forever. I actually hate this song (go on, sue me) but the fact that this exists makes me immensely happy.

Jalapeno M&M's

Reddit | master-jono

These may have spiced the world up a little more literally than the rest of the things on this list. Would you try one of these bizarre concoctions?

"The carpet design in this cruise ship is made up of chemical structure diagrams."


The nerd in me is very enamored with this. I'd be curious to know if the cruise ship actually knew that there were chemicals on there, or whether they just chose it based in the color scheme?

"An ice cream cup made of banana leaves."

Reddit | hey_imKramer

The only problem with this is that the ice cream that they're eating is strawberry, the worst of all of the flavors. I can't wait to see how many weirdos come leaping to the defense of strawberry ice cream.

This Banana Skin Wet Floor Sign

Reddit | oddjobbodgod

As someone who has spent a considerable portion of their life playing Mario Kart, I fully endorse this product.

Living In A Cartoon World

Reddit | GoodWillPuntinng

I have just decided what I am going to do with my shed, thank you internet, thank you very much.

"Solar-powered Robot Wolves are protecting the crops of Japanese farmers"

Reddit | 9w_lf9

I simply couldn't not include this. Whoever had the idea of filling fields with robotic wolves sporting demonic faces definitely spiced the world up - even if that spice is a burning spice with flaming eyes that will burn your soul right out your body.

Cow Poop Gambling

Reddit | Schockydoc4

You know the feeling - you want to head the casino, but you've got the farm to look after! Well, with Cow Poop Roulette you can have all of the fun of gambling from the comfort of your own farm! We call it Moo-lette!

The Headache Machine

Reddit | WilburnPederson

Yep, this is a clock that goes counterclockwise. Why you'd need it, I've no idea, but is the world a different place for the existence of such a thing, I truly believe so. I will be buying one of these to be exclusively displayed while we're having a party so that drunk people think they're more drunk than they actually are.

"A car tire toilet seat."

Reddit | f4dr

Hey, not all ideaa that spice the world up necessarily spice it up in the right way.

Come Die With Me

Reddit | Dylanb249

Nothing adds a little spice to a messenger app like the knowledge that the person you're talking to will run out of battery any second.

"Mural is intentionally painted upside down to reflect right side up on the water"

Reddit | Bonnie817

At least this upside down is more appealing than the slimy nightmare one in Stranger Things.

This Idea To Spice Up Your Boring Old Snowman

Reddit | Transportation_Fan_1

This will also work to deter kids from your lawn for fear of being eaten by small snowzombies, so its a win win.

"Tent for underwater camping."

Reddit | slina27

If I wasn't terrified of the ocean, I'd love to give this a go! (I spent ages trying to fit a 'tent-acle' joke in, but just couldn't make it fit, I'm sorry, I've let you all down).

"Cat ladders in Bern, Switzerland"

Reddit | Pirate_Redbeard

As cool and cute as the idea behind these is, have these people never heard the expression Cat Burglars?

"These eggs were sent out on New Year's Day so the egg labelers sneaked a Happy New Years on the egg shell."

Reddit | HalloM10

The fact that someone took the time to do this is delightful, like a DVD Easter Egg for the real world —literally.

"A novel way of crowd-sourcing time-lapse content"

Reddit | knightcastle

I think this is a fantastic idea, and a great way to turn people's frantic obsession with taking a photo every ten seconds into something larger and more important.

Pictured: How To Spice Up A Hospital

Reddit | mane_mariah

That's not just your average John Wick promotional poster in the middle of a hospital hallway. That's white board that someone has spent a painstaking amount of time carefully drawing the great Keanu Reeves onto. And the best part is there's a brand new picture every week!

"There are now cardboard biodegradable coolers instead of Styrofoam coolers to help the environment"

Reddit | zreynolds11

I'm so on board with these. We love a useful product that also helps save the environment!

"The knife in this steak restaurant is a minature meat cleaver."

Reddit | AlmostAndrew

Okay, you can't tell me you wouldn't love to tear into a slab of beef like an absolute animal with this mini meat cleaver.


Reddit | theaction391

Guys, the Hedges Have Eyes. But fear not, they're just googly. No danger here. Just lots of laughs,

You Feelin' Lucky, Punk?

Reddit | missomething

If you're in the mood to spice up your life and leave fortune to fate, why not invest in one of these vintage key chains that choose your lotto numbers for you? It's a bit of a gamble, but who doesn't like a little gambling every now and then?

Cross-Cultural Creativity.

Reddit | Bombaskos

When a Chinese restaurant closed down, a new Mexican joint took over the building. Rather than painting over a beautiful panda mural, they simply added festive and theme-appropriate sombreros. Super spicy!

"I found this ceiling light full of rubber ducks in a pub in Edinburgh."

Reddit | mALLIC2k6

I'll be honest, I'm not sure why all 750 of these ducks are inside this light fixture. But do we really need to know? Let's just appreciate how whimsically weird this is.

"City of Manchester celebrating Halloween with large inflatable monsters on buildings."

Reddit | fatboyslick

My favorite part about this is that if you use your imagination, you're not looking at Manchester but rather at the city in the movie Monster's Inc, and those are just some friendly locals poking their heads out to wish you good morning!

"Fork at the Eiffel Tower is the Eiffel Tower."

Reddit | birketa

This is a fun little addition to your dining experience at the Eiffel Tower. I mean, it's amazing enough to be dining at this Parisian paradise, but add to it this funky fork and you've got yourself a very pleasant evening!

"In Denmark, some of our light signals are small Vikings."

Reddit | Ulle52

So basically, if you're driving a car through Denmark, you have three choices: stop, crosswalk, or pillage. The choice is yours.

Using A Leak For Good.

Reddit | crookedcusp

Someone noticed a leak in this office building ceiling, but instead of fixing it, they placed a thirsty plant beneath it so the leak would be used to water it. Water damage? Nah, never heard of it.

"Someone bought ad space on this billboard to put a Van Goh painting up."

Reddit | Noliv080

I don't know about you, but I sure would appreciate a little artwork on my otherwise unremarkable commute to work.

"This 3D crosswalk."

Reddit | GamerGenge

While I agree this definitely spices life up a bit (think of the drunk people trying to stumble their way over this thing at 2 a.m.), the little safety-freak in me can't help but wonder how many rear-end collisions this trippy crosswalk has caused.

"They've changed an unused phone booth to an aquarium in my city."

Reddit | Ehaan301

Don't think about the insane amount of algae that will inevitably built up inside this makeshift tank and instead think about the enjoyment locals get from seeing some fishies in the street!

"This bar has 'sketched' all their furniture."

Reddit | Weenfile

Anyone ever seen the music video for "Take On Me?" If you haven't, go check it out, and then you'll understand just how wicked cool this spot really is.

"These clown-shaped power line towers alongside the M5 highway."

Reddit | Piggybank113

As long as you aren't scared of clowns, you'll probably enjoying looking at these guys as you're driving past. To be fair, even though they're massive, electricity-filled towers shaped like clowns, they're pretty non-threatening.


Reddit | elixiaom

This person's dentist office features a miniature door for El Ratoncito Pérez to travel in and out of. For anyone not familiar with Spanish lore, El Ratoncito Pérez is basically the Spanish version of the tooth fairy.

"This fake spilled coffee."

Reddit | Tellymon

Anyone else dreaming of all the ways they could prank their co-workers with this? No? Just me? Well alrighty then.

"The wolf on this van has eyes which light up with the brake lights."

Reddit | fianface87

This is pretty rad, and I can't help but imagine it was born out of someone who had some spare LEDs and a bit of time on their hands. Hey, they saw their opportunity and by God, they took it.

"The tag on my shirt has a short bio on the sewer"

Reddit | chewiesdick

This is a great idea for clothing tags, connecting you to the people who have made your clothes.

"This lamp with individual switches you can turn on and off"

Reddit | SamOnR3ddit

This is a cool idea, but I feel like my girlfriend would be so annoyed with me constantly turning them on and off to the tune of Piano Man by Billy Joel that it would spell the end of our relationship.