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15+ Interesting Views That Are Way Cooler Than Expected

I'm writing this on a Friday and after a week of only going from my house to the office and back again, I really need to feast my tired eyes on something different. Something unusual.

So I set out to find pics that just show something a little bit different. Maybe it's a normal thing in an unusual way or something just novel.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the top photo is some sort of apocalyptic scene.

Reddit | Westendork

But it's just the morning fog obscuring an incredible view. I am totally jealous of people who get to see this sort of thing every day.

The closest I get to nature is dodging urban squirrels that have gotten tipsy from the neighborhood crab apples that have begun to ferment in the sun.

Nothing to see here. It's just a tree draped with dozens of discarded bras.

Reddit | autumnchan11

I'm not sure what's less surprising: that this was found in the Australian Outback, or that random trees strewn with specific objects is a common sight there.

One commenter referred to a "condom tree" as a thing.

Look at this curly chicken!

Reddit | her0nduck

I said some of these would just be novel things I'd never seen before and I think a curly chicken ticks that box quite nicely.

When a big tent was removed, it revealed some modern art.

Reddit | dappitydingdong

I mean, if you like that style.

The tent itself blocked light to the whole patch, but it was where the mattresses were laid that suffered the most damage.

I've seen some tiny frogs before, but this may be the teeniest.

Reddit | PoojiethePillowPet

Look at it! Imagine the tiniest ribbit coming out of that little thing. I may die of cuteness.

Recently, miniature horses were approved as support animals on flights.

Reddit | mirawhana

You may have thought: Emotional support miniature horses are a thing?

Yes they are, and here's your proof.

The gates on this dam look like a picturesque sunset.

Reddit | rOlFmaIeR

Which could be a cool way to make the metal nicer to look at, but it's actually just created by the rust buildup at the higher water line.

This is a fun coincidence.

Reddit | finger_the_shark

I'm not sure if the shirt is depicting that specific vista or not, but it definitely matches in a very satisfying way.

This Lego diorama is of a busy barber shop.

Reddit | gregofdeath

Which is already pretty novel compared to the licensed kits, but what makes this extra cool is that the diorama can be found inside the barber shop is was modeled upon.

I know, I know, you've all seen a vanilla soft serve cone before. But that's not a vanilla cone.

Reddit | PainfullySynesthetic

It's actually a vanilla and chocolate swirl cone, but the chocolate looks so much like shadows that you can't tell it's a whole different color.

This is one photogenic butterfly.

Reddit | qazdrtgbjiol

But what makes this one extra special is how the pattern on the wings resembles the famous painting "The Scream".

This definitely fits the definition of "interesting view".

Reddit | theunionargus

This isn't a scary basement hallway or anything. The photographer simply placed their camera lens against the edge of their glass desk and snapped a picture looking through the tabletop.

I've seen people with flexible joints, but this is next level.

Reddit | FairyBred

I mean, I'm not even going to bother attempting to bend my thumb back like that. It'll just lead to pain and anguish.

Nope nope nope!

Reddit | Nazamroth

The thumb was a bit weird, but kind of neat. Doing it with three fingers at once rolls it right on over into unsettling territory.

This sunset appears to change its mind two-thirds of the way across the picture.

Reddit | Sabin057

Because of the curvature of the Earth and angle of the sun, the redshift in the sky has a distinct edge.

More fun with light dispersion!

Reddit | Kdog0708

Yeah, I know that sounds nerdy.

After some rainfall, this vista didn't just get a rainbow, but also a bright orange cloud. Which is pretty gorgeous.

These stone arches are more common than you'd think, but the view through this one is particularly nice.

Reddit | Supercat50

Also, if you look closely, the rock leaning against the base in the middle says "Tiny". I've decided that this is a giant's burial site and you can't argue against it.

This pink grasshopper may seem like it's made of plastic, but it's very much alive.

Reddit | BreakfastBeerz

As far as anyone can tell, it looks like this due to a genetic mutation called Erythrism.

This cliff-side tree is barely hanging on and standing tall all at the same time.

Reddit | WarNaTon36

It's unlikely that it'll be able to keep from falling off forever, but this shows just how powerful and important to the soil tree roots can be.

It's not that the trees liked the right side of this walkway more, but

Reddit | face-on-the-head

For some reason, it seems that this bird got confused about where it put its nest.

Reddit | Magmeato

Either that, or we're looking at the sole survivor of a

It's not often that we get the opportunity to see a rainbow in full, but here it is in this view over the Arkansas river.

Reddit | iisauser

It may have taken a little panoramic trickery to get everything in the shot, but it's an amazing sight nonetheless.

We expect some jellyfish to be bioluminescent, but that's not the only sea creature that lights up the murky depths.

Reddit | Pardusco

For instance, here we have the firefly squid making it very clear how it got its name.

No matter neatly divided it seems, it's important to note that this is only one picture.

Reddit | cinemassacress

What seems like the point between two photos in a collage is just where the shadow sharply cuts into this scene.

This was already a perfectly cute dog, but the groomer also found a way to make it oddly satisfying to look at.

Reddit | BV05

There's something impressive about how perfectly round it now looks. If this was done on purpose, it must've taken some time and serious effort.

Lavender fields always look stunning, but only the person controlling this drone is around to enjoy it.

Reddit | Grafixart-Photo

Apparently, that small house we can see in the shot was actually abandoned some time ago.

It's hard to tell when it looks like the size of a Monopoly house, of course.

If this snake skeleton seems particularly imposing, there's a reason for that.

Reddit | Khrime

That's because it once belonged to an anaconda and if we were to lay it out, it would measure at about 28 feet long.

These two Dutch police officers decided to lay next to everything that's supposed to go in their cars.

Reddit | EternalSlavVVP

The bolt cutters and battering ram might draw the most attention, but some of the more powerful ones are those little teddy bears in plastic bags next to the officer on the right's head.

Those are standard issue teddy bears used if a child was just in a traumatic situation.

If it weren't for the photo on the left, we'd probably never notice anything different about this man's fingers.

Reddit | EternalSlavVVP

I can only marvel at how seamless and incredibly detailed the tattoo artist's work is. They look as real as anything.

After enough time spent watching humans at this river, this orangutan has found a way to make sure it doesn't go hungry.

Reddit | bot_10

It probably didn't find it too easy to catch fish before, but they'll really have a tough time avoiding the rascal now that it's learn to spear them.

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but we're not looking at proof that Pokémon are real.

Reddit | Bototoy87

It turns out that turtles can hibernate for long enough to make a little island pile on top of them.

This house looks a little run-down, but the fact that we can see it at all speaks volumes about its resilience.

Reddit | elondrakdrypare

What we're seeing here is the oldest house in Aveyron, France that dates all the way back to the 13th century.

This confusing web of buildings in Singapore is known as The Interlace.

Reddit | bishalc7711

While it's certainly an architectural marvel, I wouldn't get my hopes up about the chance to tour it if I were you. These are private residences.

If something seems a little different about this turtle, you're not imagining things.

Reddit | Import

Although we're looking at a real turtle, its shell is actually a prosthetic that was 3D printed and placed over what remained of its original one.

This person captured about as perfect a reflection in the water as one could manage around here.

Reddit | blthmsphlp

The fact that there are actually defined windows in the water is impressive enough, but that lens flare just gives it that perfect touch.

Believe it or not, there is only one man working around this truck.

Reddit | pandapoderoso

In all likelihood, he's here to drop off that mirror that he's standing in front of. Yeah, it's hard to notice at first, isn't it?

What is this? A car show for ants?!

Reddit | AlphaDigitGenZ

I kid, I kid. This is actually just some fun with perspective. The teeny car in front is actually a Hot Wheelz and those are normal-sized humans.

Or are they?

Let's take a moment to appreciate the engineering that goes into modern communication.

Reddit | Matikata

Every wire is a single customer telephone line. This particular rack holds about a third of the small UK town of High Wycombe.

Well, now I'm craving bacon.

Reddit | evilpig

Because that's what this image is of. The Redditor decided to cut an entire package of bacon in half and this is what they found. It's kind of cool.

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