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8+ Interesting Items From The Past People Found In Their Homes

I used to love looking through my grandparent's house and going through all their old photo albums and trinkets. I've always had a fascination with vintage items and I'm so glad that now, people can share their cool finds online.

The items in this list were passed down through generations, or found by complete surprise during a cleanout or home renovation. It just goes to show that the past is always around us.

Birch bark quillwork

Reddit | BigBoyBranny

This specific piece was found by one Reddit user in the wall of their grandfather's house during a renovation. Some estimated that it came from the 1920s or '30s.

A dress from the 1960s

Reddit | schoessling

This handmade dress was discovered during a home renovation, tucked away in a secret closet. Magically, it fit one of the occupants of the house.

A pack of cigarettes from the 1920s

Reddit | theblastedking

This might not be the most interesting find on the list, but I love how it was found in the ceiling of an old school. Clearly, someone was trying to hide these from their teacher.

An antique Turkish-style bell brazier

Reddit | vasjuk

A Reddit user found this in their new apartment and took to the internet to ask about its purpose. This device was used for cooking in tents since having an open flame wasn't an option.

A spoon that is 100-years-old.

Reddit | SquishyFigs

This item in itself isn't overly exciting, but if I found this, I'd just be happy knowing that I actually held something that's 100-years-old.

I mean, how often do you find objects from that have been around for a century?

An advertisement or product label

Reddit | roguesimian

Reddit couldn't quite determine what the purpose of this piece of paper was, but someone found it in their home under the floorboards. It's definitely old, that's for sure.

A collection of swords and bayonets

Imgur | Yoyogo

These fell out of the ceiling during a renovation and had an inscription from 1879 on them. Great, now I have to worry about swords falling on me the next time I do a home renovation.

A can opener

Reddit | ejmboston

This Reddit user asked for help identifying this strange tool. I've never seen anything like it before, but apparently it's an old-fashioned can opener. Huh, I would have never guessed that.

A paper weight

Reddit | andyblu

This seemingly complicated device was used for holding paper napkins, stationery, or calling cards. The hanging portion acted as a weight to hold paper products in place.