11+ Slightly Annoying Pics People Just Had To Share

Are you one of those people who gets irritated easily? I kinda feel like I am. So when I stumble upon things that I find annoying I feel the need to share them with others.

And because of that I feel compelled to share these slightly annoying pictures people have shared on the net. Let me know if these disrupted or made your day.

1. Desktop Nightmare

Reddit | momoneymomorrison

Call me a neat freak but if your desktop looks like this I don't think there's a chance in hell that I will get along with you.

2. Uneven Toast

Reddit | yunghaiti

If your toaster does this to your bread I really do feel for you. I mean there's just no fixing that, is there? Ugh! So annoying.

3. This Stove

Reddit | A_Pancake

I dare you to not get irritated by this absurd stove. Why in the heck would they do this to us? This is just not cool.

4. This Sandwich

Reddit | EitherPomelo

Are you kidding me? I feel that if I bought this I would march back to the store and throw it across the room. Too harsh?

5. Un-"four"-givable

Reddit | honny78

Why would someone do this? Is it to drive us perfectionists absolutely crazy? I don't see any other purpose for this irritating thing. Do you? I'm screaming inside.

6. E-mail Anyone?

Reddit | brickicecream15

Did this guy really think it was funny to have an e-mail as long as this? Let's all e-mail him and give him heck for it. LOL.

7. When You're Too Lazy

Reddit | Nemo4200

This would really drive me crazy in school when a teacher wouldn't erase the blackboard properly and then continue writing on it. Are you really that lazy?

8. Come Again?

Reddit | Loki-g

Just what are they trying to say with this message? LOL. I think they should've picked a little different way to get their message across.

9. Supermarket Hell


Imagine going to a supermarket only to have to endure this? I'm feeling dizzy just looking at it on a picture. Ugh. What a nightmare.

10. Elevator Mess

Reddit | SpaghettiSal

What is it with elevator buttons? Is it really that complicated to have them arranged in a way that actually makes sense? WTF. Seriously? Come on.

11. One Brick At A Time

Reddit | TheRealClyde1

OMG, if this doesn't irritate you, you're much calmer than me. I feel like the more I look at this, the more I want to demolish it.

12. This Doggy Pool

Reddit | pink_blue_yellow

This is a classic case of buying something online and what shows up at your house is far from what was advertised. I actually feel so sorry for this pup. Someone get him a real doggy pool ASAP!

13. We've All Been These

Reddit | Bubba_Chubba

At this point, I'm wondering why we even still use tabs on cans. I swear they break at least half of the time. There has to be a better way!

14. Take A Close Look

Reddit | RedditShaz420

This mistake is small, but infuriating for perfectionists nonetheless. Can you see what it is? The hole is just slightly off-center. It's not a lot, but something like this would drive me absolutely crazy.

15. Why Would They Set It Up This Way?

Reddit | JasonWKing6598

At first, this photo looks like your standard washer and dryer combo. However, they should have been arranged in the opposite order. That way, the doors wouldn't constantly bang together and you wouldn't have to move your wet laundry over the doors into the dryer. I hope they fix this.

16. What Does That Even Mean?

Reddit | TitanicMan

Don't you love it when ingredients labels say "natural flavors" but don't say what those natural flavors are? Just tell us already! This is why I only drink water or 100% juice. I'm not taking any chances.

17. This DIY Tile

Reddit | MehScrubLOL

I'm not going to lie — I'm not a huge fan of this design in the first place. However, the fact that these DIYers sort of messed up their own design makes it even worse. It hurts my eyes to look at it.

18. This Pizza

Reddit | Fatjesustokes

Oh, come on. No one, and I mean, no one cuts a pizza like this. I might allow it if you're eating it with a fork, but imagine serving this at a party? I call the trapezoid piece!

19. This Neighborhood

Reddit | Anxious_Friend2

I have to believe that there was a reason why this neighborhood was built slightly off-the-grid, I'm just not sure what that reason could be. It makes for a pretty funny aerial photo, though.

20. This Toilet Paper

Reddit | FreeCowbellyMemes

Why do they even make this one-ply toilet paper to begin with? I have never encountered anyone who says they actually like using it. Plus, you have to use like twice as much to get the job done. Just get me a roll of Charmin and some privacy, please!

21. Chandelier Obsession

Reddit | fluffynuff

I don't blame the person who ate at this restaurant and couldn't focus on their food because this chandelier would drive me absolutely bonkers. Why?

22. When Things Just Don't Line Up

Reddit | Ollie_Bosh

If that house you want to buy is somehow cheaper than other houses on the block and you see this, that explains it.

Can someone please explain to me why people do stupid things like this?

I just don't understand. I need to take a chill pill to calm down from seeing these.

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