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10+ Photos That Prove There's No Bond Quite Like The One Between A Baby And Their Pet

There's nothing like raising your children with pets. Not only do pets teach your kids responsibility and ownership, but also show them genuine love and admiration for animals.

Just a boy walking his pup.


Look at how ADORABLE they are! I would squeal if I saw this in real life.

Nothing like puppy love.


Cuddly and lovable.

Just swinging with my cat.


Nothing to see here, folks.

Kisses for my buddy.


So sweet! This good boy looks happy to be getting some love.

Love, love, love!


All about the snuggles with these pups.

She's definitely going to be a vet.


Checking on her best friend.

All smiles over here!

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Laughing the day away.

Protecting his brother.

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Big and small, I can't get over the contrast!

Blissfully napping.

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My heart! It can't handle this much cuteness.

Nothing like a fluffy pillow.

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Awwww, they all look so cozy!

Bonding over TV.

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Boy's best friend.




Seriously, the paw.

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I am officially having 100 kids and getting 100 pets — one for each kid.

Protector dog.

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Pets can actually get super protective of new babies! It's amazing how they know it's a small fragile being.

Giddy up!

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This dog is such a good sport! Only they would be so kind enough to let their small sister take a ride.

Where I fits, I sits.

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This dog is either super comfortable or showing the baby who's boss!

Afternoon nap.

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This is just too precious!

Hold my paw.

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If you now cats, then you know that a site like this is rare.

This is just too cute!

Getting comfy.

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These two seem like two peas in a container!

No personal bubbles here!

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This is how I want my dog to be with me at all times.

I got you.

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Just because a cat is an animal doesn't mean they're not a sibling you help out, too!

Play time!

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Well, play for baby and maybe a cat nap for the kitty.

Pets are the best cuddles!

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There is no denying children and pets have such a special bond!

Snuggled up tight.

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Seriously, I'm melting.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

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OMG. These two look like partners in crime.

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