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12+ Dogs That Are Already Your Best Friend

It's often said that we don't deserve dogs, but gosh is it ever a good thing that we have them. Our furry companions sometimes know better than we do what we need and have an absolutely endless supply of love for everybody they meet.

In fact, there are probably a bunch of dogs out there that are already your friend — you just haven't met them yet.

Everybody needs a good helper when they're putting together Ikea furniture.

Reddit | astrologicalfoxx

But really, I need a pupper that will stop me from going to Ikea in the first place.

"Found my dog in the bathroom this morning with a bag of potatoes..." wrote the uploader of this character's pic.

Reddit | catluvr13

Nothing seals a friendship like a gift of potatoes. Guess somebody wants hash browns for breakfast? Or knows their owner does, at least.

"This is Dexter who lives down the lane from me," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | redditor930530

"Every time he comes to visit, he brings a pine cone that he's picked up along the way as a gift. 41 pine cones and counting!"

How thoughtful and polite!

Who wouldn't want to be greeted by this adorable face?

Reddit | makufoione

Apparently this doggo's name is Juggernaut. What kind of business is this? Does it even matter? It already has ideal customer service. I'm sold on whatever they do.

This doggo looks fearsome, but it's really just a big derp.

Reddit | malemallardduck

"My buddy delivers packages," wrote the uploader, "he sent me this picture today. He said every time he delivers to this house this dog runs up to him just cheesin'."

What a good assistant!

Not sure whether this sweet dog is being more helpful than the one with the Ikea parts in its mouth or not, but I don't think anyone is complaining, either.

Is there a better companion on a hot summer day?

I mean, this wonderfully lazy guy is showing us all how it's done, right?

"My sister's dog was watching us at the dinner table," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | sokawaiisam

Not sure I would be able to hold out against the force of that pooch's mighty begging.

Just putting the rottie's fierce reputation to rest right here.

Reddit | mayaxs

Which could be the grandma effect, but could also be that this guy is just a big suck.

When a good role model comes along, you have to pay attention.

And if that were my dog, I wouldn't even be mad about this.

"My dog wondering what to do with the new kitty who suddenly loved him," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | TassuFox

I'm sure he figured it out soon enough. That's how it goes!

It would be hard to stay mad at any creature that's this happy to see you.

Sure, it doesn't look like the most comfortable greeting in the world, but holy smokes, that pooch just wants their human to be awake so they can have fun together!

That other delivery driver isn't the only one making friends out there.

Reddit | faithoverfear85

"I deliver for FedEx and met the goodest boi on route today," wrote the uploader. Now that's a proper, polite welcome, and it makes you wonder how dogs and postal carriers got their reputation.

"Dad didn't want a dog," wrote the person who uploaded this pic. "Dad and the dog:"

Reddit | milleepthesheep

They have a way of winning you over, don't they? Their love will not be denied!

Is this the greatest escape?

Reddit | BlackhawkNZ

I mean, they're probably just trying to get out so they can properly meet you and get to know you, so it's definitely worth the effort.

What a goof. What a poser. What a ham.

And who would have it any other way? Especially considering how photogenic this doggo is.

So modest and bashful!

Reddit | reapsnek

The before and after of telling this guy he's handsome is too precious. Also a good approach to life in general.

Traffic jams don't have to be nightmares.

See, this guy used gridlock as an opportunity to meet a happy doggo, and it was clearly time well spent. Nothing is quite as soothing in a stressful time as pets for dogs.

I'm not sure I've ever been so excited about anything in my life.

But Brutus the bully performs is ecstatic little happy dance every time he gets a treat. And what a treat he is!

Aren't they a pair?

Reddit | Meaningfullness

"I just learned from my girlfriend that this is how my dog sleeps with me every night," wrote the uploader. That's some sneaky love!

"This is Jasper. He is my neighbor's dog," wrote the uploader.

Reddit | thehoneybeesknees

"I can't leave the house much due to health issues, so anytime he sees me he RUNS back inside his house to bring me back out one of his favorite toys. Today was his duck. His record is 3 toys and a stick, all at once. What a champ. Be like Jasper."

She's determined to be friends.

Right from the start, this little St. Bernard puppy will not let anything stand in her way when there's love to be given.

This is what summer is all about.

Simple, straightforward good times, and all you need is a hose and your energetic, enthusiastic best bud.

Ollie, who has a cleft lip, works at a pet store.


Not sure if Ollie does much other than greet customers, but does he even need to do more? It's definitely a strength of his!

Surprise, he loves you.

Reddit | TheHollieLlama

"Out of nowhere this adorable baby jumped into my car," wrote the uploader. "His owner finally showed up to fetch him and said his name is Opie." Note the blur from how hard Opie's tail was wagging.

"That's my pool," wrote the uploader of this adorable pic. "That's not my dog!"

Reddit | nowornevermom

Not sure you can evict such a cute pool party crasher — especially if it's a scorcher of a day.

The pit bull on the left just had to show its toy to the dog in the car on the right.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Hard to say if it was teasing, proud, or just trying to make friends, but I prefer to think it's pure friendliness.

This is Jessie. Jessie works at a children's hospital, doing a super important job.

Twitter | @dog_rates

Jessie shows young patients how to go through procedures, like just laying on their backs and holding Mom's hand through an echocardiogram. Good work, Jessie!

Well, I'm already sold if these two make a buddy comedy together.

Reddit | 12vie

It's about time for a Turner & Hooch remake, right? Only with a happier ending this time, if you don't mind.

The look of love.

Reddit | WVUGuy29

I will never know how dogs manage to get so much across with just their eyes, but this doggo is probably spoiled as heck. I mean, it would be if it was my dog.

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