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11+ People Who Are THE MOST Fed Up

Everyone gets fed up from time to time. It's just part of being human. The next time you're at the end of your rope, breathe deeply, look at these pics, and know that you're not alone.

Passive aggressiveness done right.

Reddit | lyone2

Every office worker ever has wanted to leave an angry note like this. But black text on a white background is passé. If you really want to get noticed, you need to be topical.

Ehh, they'll still lose it.

Reddit | Dekota-parker

Smart devices tend to have beautiful, tiny little remotes that have a knack of disappearing into the shadow realm. One fed up dad attached this remote to a 2x4. Not sure if that'll keep it from getting lost, though...

Must be a new subway line.

Reddit | kingwroth

I didn't know the MTA was opening one new line, let alone the W, T and F lines.

...oh, I get it now. It's certainly an eye-catching way to express your indignation to the world.

*Rim shot*.

Reddit | LapnLook

I get this joke, but it's ruined somewhat by the fact that while the broken elevator is letting people down in a figurative sense, the whole problem is that it isn't letting people down in a literal sense.

Thanks, Paul.

Reddit | Tychar85

Paul, a Paris shopkeeper, is evidently fed up with tourists asking him for directions. Thing is, Paul, they know you're not Google Maps. They're just too cheap to pay for roaming plans so they can actually check Google Maps.

When the fire department has had enough.

Reddit | el_matto

I always had this vague idea that firefighters love fighting fires, so if your house catches fire, you're almost doing them a favor. Yeah, it sounds dumber when I actually write it out.

Redneck solutions.

Reddit | Fishtails

When you've got moles or other ground-dwelling creatures messing up your yard, there are all kinds of professionals who can help you with your problem. Then again, you could just try this.

When you're prepared.

Reddit | austinbuckit

When I see a bad parking job, I just get impotently angry and carry it around with me my whole life. But if I had a stack of highly-specific business cards, I could truly express myself.

Exhibit A.

Reddit | nmesce

This angry work note loses points for its spartan design (remember the Stranger Things note?). But it deserves major props for including a direct example of what the problem is.

The fonts...

Reddit | domusdecus

People who get on their phone in a movie theater are the worst. People who use too many fonts and colors are the...second worst. By this ranking, I guess the signmaker is in the right.

You're joking, right?

Reddit | SadisticJokerTM

There's nothing wrong with a casually violent joke, so long as nobody involved is going to act on it. But this is a legitimate business, basically advertising the fact that they sell murder weapons. Surely there's gotta be some liability there.

He's done with it.

Reddit | teatfairy

"My son ... looks 45 and fed up with his dead end office job," wrote the person who posted this. Does this kid somehow have a midlife crisis goatee, or is it just me?

Tape it to his hands.

Reddit | Overlyattachedhubby

This dude spilled a beer all over the court at an Orlando Magic game. The server brought him a replacement beer, complete with a lid, straw and plastic wrap securing the whole thing.

But there's a sign...

Reddit | randagiobiag

If your job involves putting up signs prohibiting certain activities in certain areas, pics like this must make you weep. Like, this sign seriously couldn't be any more obvious.

Is that what blinkers are for?

Reddit | cat-kitty

Until we can wirelessly communicate with other drivers and send, "Nice lane change, dingus" messages directly into their car's navigation system, we have three options: the horn, the middle finger, or furiously scribbled notes affixed to the window.

C'mon, captcha.

Reddit | Roark

Nobody likes doing these stupid robot tests, but we all do them because we have to. I've always thought of them as impersonal, but apparently the robots who create these get frustrated sometimes.

Side eye.

Reddit | slaughterhouse_809

Look at everyone who's standing up in this picture. You can tell from their expressions and body language that nobody is remotely down with seeing a diaper-clad protester pretending to be a turkey.

That's the DMV for ya.

Reddit | hibarihime

This guy got so fed up with his DMV wait that he ordered his pizza. Normally, pizza is a happy, joyous experience. But judging from this pic, not even pizza can energize the joyless, soulless DMV experience.

Search this.

Reddit | IAmTheMouse

Supporters of FC Basel in Switzerland kept getting full body searches at games they attended. They protested by dressing like this. It won't make them immune to searches, but it'll make things a whole lot more uncomfortable.

Exactly what a home robber would say.

Reddit | Firerrhea

If I was the subject of a mixup like this, I'd probably want to clear my name. Then again, if I was a burglar, I'd probably make up a story just like this.