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14+ Neighbors Who Were So Passive-Aggressive It Hurts

I've come to the conclusion that I am very lucky in the neighbor department. For the most part, there have been only a few misunderstandings and those have been solved through polite communication.

But not everyone is so lucky, and in the case of these people, the results are pure passive-aggressiveness.

Dog poop is a big bone of contention.

Reddit | NatTasTroPhe

Which makes sense, because no one wants to step in dog poop crossing their lawn, plus it's not good for the grass.

Even when bagged, the poop can still be a problem.

Reddit | mulvaney101

Like, throwing the poop over someone's fence just isn't cool. Just because it's bagged doesn't mean it's okay.

This just doesn't make sense.


Like, did they not want to touch the lid of the bin?

I have a neighbor that likes to leave their bags on the grass by my road. Like, where I put the bins out for pickup. As though that's going to solve the problem.

Squirrels are just rats with cuter tails.


Of course, the neighbor feeding them may be the smart one, since the squirrels are unlikely to hide the food so near the source. Saving his lawn at the expense of everyone else.

Sometimes, the best way to send a message is through WiFi.

Reddit | CaptainTyborc

My favorite WiFi note I've come across is "I can hear you poop." It says so much in so few words.

While the spelling is questionable, I can see his point.

Reddit | G_Reamy

Cats can do a fair bit of damage to a car's paint job, so it makes sense that you'd be upset if the neighbor's free range cat kept sleeping on the hood.

Sometimes it's not even the neighbors who are in a sign war.

Reddit | randyjman

I wish I could be a fly on the wall for the conversation after the husband say the sign.

If you're going to leave the rude note, make sure it's the right neighbor.

Reddit | C_W_1

Like, why didn't they leave the note on the vehicle in question? That way the correct person would at least find it.

Yeah, it's sucks if the neighbor's toilet has noisy plumbing, but this seems unreasonable.

Reddit | kbailey1027

It's an apartment or duplex, so unless the recipient is the landlord, I doubt they're going to be able to just install a new floor with dampening just because the people below them won't buy earplugs.

I usually don't really care about other people's holiday decor, but this would bug me.

Reddit | [deleted]

A few plastic skeletons is one thing, but rotting pumpkins attract vermin.

In places where driveways aren't common, there's an honor system to snow removal.

Reddit | Adg1560

If you did the back-breaking work to clear the space, then you get to park there at least for the day/night you cleared it.

Good subs and bad subs.


I understand if you like your music with lots of bass, but if you chose to live in an apartment building, then you chose a living situation where you need to be conscientious of your neighbors and subwoofers are awful for that.

How much did they spend on the sign to complain about hydrangeas?


You would think they wouldn't care so much about the state of the greenery, considering that they park on their lawn.

Personally, I don't get the hate for dandelions.


They're not hurting anyone and they're good for the local bees. If you don't like them, clean them off your lawn, but keep your opinions about others to yourself.

This one has an included backstory.

Reddit | C0rdt

When the Redditor who shared the pic moved in, they began to add a fence to the side of their yard that didn't have one. The neighbor with the fancy white fence came over and tried to argue that the new guy had to pay him for half of his already complete $10,000 fence because the new guy would "benefit from it."

When the new guy refused, this sign appeared.

More like aggressive-aggressive.

Reddit | mshelbz

Do I endorse this kind of vandalism? No, but I can see how one might reach this point.

Maybe just call a tow truck next time.

If my neighbors were tossing their butts over the fence, I'd be far less chill about it.


What is it about some smokers that makes them think that cigarette butts don't "count" as litter? I mean, sure they're small, but they are also full of toxic chemicals.

If you choose to smoke, then you choose to discard your butts responsibly.

You know what's also a virtue? Punctuality.

Reddit | greenlantern2929

When you have your own washer and dryer, then it's okay to be lazy and not get your stuff out right away, but if you're sharing machines with an entire apartment complex, you had better set a timer for 5 minutes before the buzz.

This is the sort of thing that really needs a face-to-face conversation.

Reddit | lexjac

Would an unknown black van parked in front of your house be kind of creepy? Sure, but it's unfair to make assumptions without even talking to the person who owns it.

I really don't miss sharing washers and dryers.

Reddit | Bradallenwilde

I once pulled my "clean" clothes from the apartment building's washer only to discover that someone had washed all their dog's bedding and my own clothes were now coated in clumps of fur.

How long was the couch there?


I mean, even if it was just ten minutes, if you're late for work, it's not awesome. But I feel like a note being required means it was for much longer than that.

I have questions.


The lack of punctuation makes this read like it's saying that the pine trees have destructive legal issues.

And even if the pine trees are a nuisance, I don't think there's much the law can do about your neighbors having one in their yard.

Oh no, not George!


I can't help but kind of love this one. It's oddly earnest and the threat about George feels like there's a story here.

It's always washing machines.


According to the person who shared the sign, there was defiant clothes washing at 11:30 the same night the response was added.

Does it take only a second longer to do the whole thing? Yes, but that's not the point.

Reddit | Whitlow14

I understand this, though. I had a roommate that never shovelled the driveway, so I started doing only enough to get my own car in and out.

I guess they don't like the motivational poster.


I mean, it's not my thing, but I don't judge people who want to hang something like it up on their door. The response is funny, though.

Fruit trees aren't there for you to help yourself.


I'm sure Mark would be happy to give you a few if you asked, but Mark would also like to be able to enjoy some fruit from his own tree before everybody steals it all.

I am very glad I don't have an HOA.

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Oh, you want to anonymously complain about my trash bins not being behind a barrier? Fine. Here's your barrier.

This person took it a step farther.

Reddit | sfnorris1

This would be me. Out there with the poster paint angrily painting garbage bins on the barrier meant to hide my real ones from sight.