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10+ People Who Will Go To Any Lengths To Prove A Point

Everyone has that one person in their life who will go to any length to prove that they are right about something, no matter how trivial. Be it a moral problem such as someone putting their feet up on the seats on an airplane, or something as insane as going to the south pole just to prove that there is a pole there; these people are brought into our lives to make us question our commitment to our beliefs... no matter how large or insignificant.

I have scoured the internet for people such as these, and have found some astounding individuals who will go to any lengths to prove a point, all for your viewing ease and convenience.

"Told the wife the floor was gross and needed cleaning. Told her I was willing to do it. She said we don't need to. Clean half she said and let's see the difference....mission accomplished. (We don't have tiled floors.)"

Reddit | ordin22

The dedication it would require to make those squares in the dirt so uniform is astounding! Truly, you are a man with far too much time on his hands, yet one who knows exactly the value of that time.

"My friends go to great lengths to prove me wrong. Apparently there really is a pole down there."

Reddit | KeruxDikaios

I'd maybe consider going the shop to prove a point should the occasion arrive, but going the South Pole is a different level of commitment that I simply lack.

"Uncle kept this 35 years because his mom told him he wouldn't."

Reddit | JustRanger

Am I the only one who has absolutely no idea what this Pepsi bottle is? I don't know why, but I really want one. Although considering the age of this one I think my chances are slim.

"My friends said I couldn't live in a storage unit..."

Reddit | k_mo

I admire the commitment, but I think I'd miss things like sunlight too much — but hey, the rickets will only further prove your commitment to the cause!

"Proving to the public that London's double-decker buses are not a tipping hazard in 1933."

Reddit | cjstop

Never, I repeat never, underestimate the lengths a British person will go to to prove they are right.

"My brother told me when we were young, some day he would be in the Guenniss Book of World Records. He made it, twice! Sure, it's for something as silly as how many toothpicks or straws he can hold in his beard, but I'm still proud of him!"

Reddit | IlSarto

Sure, it might just be for how many toothpicks you can fit in your beard, but I bet it took a long time and a lot of dedication — and I cannot believe that I have found myself defending the validity of a man putting thousands of toothpicks into his facial hair.

When Local Police Prove A Point In The Most Bizarre Way

Reddit | [deleted]

I mean sure I'd be locking my doors from then on if I didn't already. The main thing that confuses me about this is the comic-sans-esque font that says 'Gotcha!' It looks more like the font a clown would use to advertise shows.

"So my boss told me to make more pizza boxes and I decided to get creative"

Reddit | thesilentdude42

I really think it ties the room together! I also cannot imagine how long it must have taken to stack them so that they're structurally sound.

Don't Dump Bottle Of Urine In The Trash

Reddit | yoyo5261

Apparently not urinating in bottles and then throwing them in the trash needs to be emphasized to some people... what has the world come to were people are too lazy to walk to the toilet in a dorm?

"People told me I could never backpack with my dog. Today marks 4 years traveling the world with my pup."

Reddit | NeillDrake

My personal favourite, not only did he go to immense lengths to prove a point, but he did it with a doggo in a life-vest. You're living the dream man!

"My new girlfriend said she'd never fart in front of me. She let one slip last night, so I got her a cake to celebrate."

Reddit | mindspread

Imagine going into the cake shop and asking them to actually put that on a cake. I can just imagine a jaded looking professional baker regretting so many years of culinary school as they ice "YAY YOU FARTED!" onto a cake.


Reddit | Shakiw

There is a lot of emotion in this one, and it's one hell of a way to state your case writing it on the side of a bus-shelter. Also, there's something about the way the line breaks are structured which made me read this as though it were some sort of abstract poem.

When The Police Will Go To Any Lengths To Prove What Isn't Cool...

Reddit | dq00

It is physically painful to read this. Someone really needs to tell these guys (and I'm sure it has been highlighted to them already) that this really isn't how to go about proving a point. Really not 'coo' guys.

"My boss told me for her birthday that she wanted her office filled with balloons."

Reddit | Farfollow

Well you did it I guess, lot of effort to go into your boss though... I bet your co-workers love you.

The Classic Can You Fit You Fist In Your Mouth Problem

Reddit | j_shor

No matter how high you climb in the academic world, it all boils down to the simple statement of: "Can you fit your fist in your mouth though?"

"I said, 'How tall are you?' He handed me this..."

Reddit | NewtonJesse

To go to the lengths of actually having a card printed with this on makes me dread to think how many times he must have been asked that question!

"My friend told me he was working security for the Dalai Lama. I didn't believe him until he posted this on his Facebook."

Reddit | LennonsGhost

I feel like I need to know what the Dalai Lama is saying to him here to really appreciate what is happening in this photo.

The Plant Detectives On The Case

Reddit | bobekyrant

Why would someone need to steal 29 plants? I also have no idea of the current state of plant economics so I have no idea if 29 plants would cost a lot or not.

Don't believe two-headed cows can exist? Think again.

Reddit | galupa

This bi-headed bovine was born back in the 1980s but died just ten minutes after its (their?) birth. But just in case anyone might doubt this ever happened in the first place, the farmer (and this poster's grandfather), had them stuffed.

"A woman named Glenda Blackwell brought a scratch off lottery ticket to prove to her husband that buying lottery tickets was a waste of money."

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

Course, she didn't exactly prove her point when that ticket turned out to be worth $1 million. So maybe in this case, it was her husband's point that was proven?

This contractor wanted to prove exactly how sturdy these newly-installed cupboards were.

Reddit | obvnotlupus

So naturally, he climbed inside. And I gotta say, I'm impressed. I just hope he does this little cupboard test for every house he works on.

After this woman's brother was locked up for a crime he didn't commit, she went to law school to prove his innocence.

Reddit | esteban1337

And she actually ended up doing just that, resulting in her brother being released from prison. To make this story even more incredible, she was a high school dropout.

This kid knew exactly how to prove to the officers who pulled him over that he was not drunk.

Reddit | SharkinaShark

Somehow, they let him pull out three bowling pins and proceed to juggle them to prove his point. Notice that cop filming? Yeah, they definitely got a show over this traffic stop.

"Girlfriend is always telling me my shirts are the same color. I had to prove her wrong."

Reddit | Chester_the_cat

Personally, I'm a fan of the blue one. But that green one is also pretty nice. And you can never go wrong with gray. I don't know what she's talking about, I see plenty of colors here.

Sometimes in your effort to prove a point, you find out you're actually in the wrong.

Reddit | BradGroux

Pam from The Office was happy to let this guy know he was wrong and that it was in fact his friend who was in the right.

Back in 1963, a 16-year-old student sought out to prove his English teacher wrong, that writers don't all intentionally add symbolism to their books.

Reddit | Daaaanger_Zoooone

He sent 4-question surveys to over 100 well-known authors of the time, receiving answers back from 75 of them. The results? No, most authors don't actually add symbolic content to their books. I knew it!

"In 2008, Jeremy Clarkson published his bank details in his Sun newspaper column to prove nobody could take money from his account."

Reddit | carl0071

I think you know where this is going.

Just a few days later, he discovered $5000 had been taken from his account and donated to a charity in his name. Honestly, I'd say that's the best possible outcome from him trying to make such a stupid point.

"My SO always denies taking up space on the bed. So I took and edited a picture to prove it. This is for men everywhere."

Reddit | dp29

You gotta admit, this is a pretty legit diagram. I particularly love the call-out on that "small selfish dog" because it's not just the SO who takes up more space than necessary on the bed.

"When your boss asks for a note to prove you're really sick."

Reddit | megalotusman

Yep, I'd say that's about as much proof as that boss needs.

This guy was out drinking with his friends when his girlfriend demanded proof that he's actually at home in bed.

Reddit | asprin12

Thankfully, his friends were more than willing to help him out and assisted him in staging this comfy bed photo-op which I'm sure was exactly what his girlfriend needed to believe him.

This is how "Doug" tried to prove to everyone that not only is time travel possible, but he's done it.

Reddit | MorrisCody

"Photoshop didn't exist in 1945." You've got a point there, Doug. How could anyone not believe this? His logic and supporting evidence are both just so airtight.

"Married for 62 years, but my grandpa will still pull out his road atlas to prove my grandma wrong."

Reddit | Upstream

Honestly, I can definitely see myself achieving this level of pettiness in my old age. I will do also do just about anything to prove a point.

"Elderly lady behind me on a flight. Even after asking nicely, she wouldn't move them and told me to try meditation to calm down..."

Reddit | th3m4st4

I'd have had to spill something on those howling feet, or cough on them at least. This kind of stuff reminds me of why I hate airplanes, and people who use meditation as a justification for being lazy and ignorant.

"Meanwhile at the local Subway..."

Reddit | sianayat

That's one way to let the public know what a person is really like I guess! I wonder how many people actually stopped to take heed.