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15 Tattoos That People Think Are Huge Red Flags

Tattoos are an art form that many people use to express themselves on their bodies.

While some people love tattoos, others hate them. But, amongst those that do love tattoos, there is an entire community of people who get their ink done and embrace it. However, deciding on what to get inked can be troublesome. And, there are some people who get tattoos that many people say, "that's a red flag."

Hateful symbols.

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prophylaxitive says if you're seeing someone who has a tattoo that represents a group of people who are hateful, then you should definitely run for the hills. No one should get such hateful logos tattooed onto their body.

Ruining people's childhood.

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Manateebae claims that if someone has a childhood character doing something "unsavory" or inappropriate, that's something you should definitely walk from. Don't ruin our childhood by making Big Bird smoke a joint.

Getting a significant other's name.

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Dimple_from_YA says they know someone who got their significant other's name tattooed in big letters on their neck. And, guess what? If they're out and about newly single, they have that name forever, but not the person.

Tear drops on their face.

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scareintheair brought up the cultural tradition of "tear drops under their eyes." This usually represents that the person was in a gang and they happened to hurt or murder someone, with each teardrop representing a kill.

A southern cross.

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"I think this might just be an Australian thing but having the southern cross tattoo anywhere is a red flag. Don't know why it's specifically the southern cross but holy sh*t every person I've ever met with that specific tattoo has been a walking red flag," said imuncomfy5.

Foreign languages that they don't speak.

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Hullaba-Loo said that getting something tattooed in a language that you don't speak is a red flag. A lot of people ultimately have no idea whether or not what you got tattooed on you is even correct.

Brand logos of any kind.

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P0ster_Nutbag said that getting a logo of any brand is just weird. No corporation or company likes you that much in order for you to go and get a tattoo of the company on you for life.

Cheesy quotes.

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Even-Juggernaut6678 brought up the good old "live, laugh, love" logo that everyone sees in homes and on walls that we all hate. If someone gets them on their body, it's never going to be a good look for them.

Clocks with specific animals.

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bugzdumpster says that people who get clocks with huge lions are basically a very stereotypical tattoo and many people get them done. But, they claim that the people who do get them tend to be really rude.

Men who have women's bodies.

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Minimum-Lobster-8252 said that men who get tattoos of women naked on their bodies is something that is a huge red flag. Any nudity and nakedness on your own body forever seem a bit wrong.

A media sleeve.

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"This seems to be an unpopular one and may just be from personal experience but full or half sleeves of one particular fandom/media. Never met someone who commits that hard to harry potter and isn’t a bit off somewhere else," said bigboytuesdays.

Bad portraits.

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Danyoung91 said that a man at a waterpark had a portrait of his three children across of his chest and it took up his whole chest, and the portraits weren't done super well, either. It was a bit much.

"Trend" tattoos.

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1keric said that getting anything that's super "trendy" is a red flag because trends eventually die. For example, getting the tribal tattoos back in the '90s because there are "super popular." Eventually, these trends die out and they become old.

Your own name.

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totally-stoked said that they had seen someone who tattooed their own name onto their body. Not going to say that it's wrong, but it is definitely a tad narcissistic to get your own name tattooed.

Tattoos that you can tell are bad.

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kj-may said that sometimes people get drunk and get random tattoos and you end up noticing that the person didn't go to a good salon or go to a good artist. That's a red flag, it's on you forever.

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