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15+ Wild Things That Caught Us With Our Pants Down

It's hard to tell whether it's for the best that so many strange things have a way of quietly hiding in plain sight. On one hand, it's easy to get a sense of FOMO when a boring day leads us to obliviously walk past something interesting.

On the other hand, it's probably better in the long run that we don't look into every trash can before we throw stuff out because life gets a little easier when we aren't always fully aware of the gross, creepy stuff that we might pass by every day.

In this case, I suppose it's up to you to decide whether you'd want to be around the stuff we'll be looking at today or not.

This creepy sight was apparently just waiting to be discovered in a school's attic.

Reddit | Gusta_Cz

For the sake of our sanity, let's just assume they came from the art or drama departments and aren't actually the contents of somebody's secret crawlspace.

Just when it seemed like there wasn't a less safe way to transport cargo than holding it down from the bumper, we have this brilliant idea.

Reddit | sina-s9

It's hard to tell whether this guy fell in here while trying something else that we'd never advise or whether this is the whole plan, but it's a hospital visit (at best) waiting to happen.

Under the right circumstances, we might never have noticed that this trash can has a massive horseshoe crab in it.

Reddit | jasmineral

If nothing else, I suppose a lot of the people seeing this now have a name for the thing they want to take a flamethrower to.

This chair leaves us with a lot of questions, but I'm not sure I want to know the answers.

Reddit | mahlerific

I suppose it could be good for establishing your dominance over some harsh kingdom where it's always winter.

In any other context, however, it just seems like a good way to ensure nobody ever visits you.

This probably ranks pretty low on the list on animals we'd expect to see on our roofs.

Reddit | Dozeris

Although bears can certainly look cute in a lot of situations, times like this make it very easy to remember what happens when they're not feeling friendly.

It's not unusual for some cobwebs to appear in the attic or the basement, but it's honestly staggering when a place is this popular with the spiders.

Reddit | damnss1

Granted, it's probably tough to tell where the dust ends and the web begins in this case.

Still, something has definitely gone wrong when the spiders can get away with building a bustling metropolis in your house.

At first glance, it's hard to even realize that we're looking at a haircut.

Reddit | oistr

If you claimed that somebody decided it would be a fun prank to put a giant microphone sheath over their friend's head, I'd have a hard time arguing with you.

What could have possibly possessed someone to pick this name for their business?

Reddit | nabeel_the_human

Like, even if someone had the incredible misfortune of having this term for a last name, you'd think they'd realize it's best to bite the bullet and think of something else.


Unfortunately, these people aren't just holding a simple rope in between them.

Reddit | Arhero25

This monstrosity is actually Eunice aphroditois, which is otherwise known as a Bobbit worm.

It's unclear how exactly it got that name, but these folks are pretty brave to hold it like this because it can bite hard enough to cut its prey in half.

Well, at least somebody seems to be enjoying what looks like a nightmarish bathroom experience.

Reddit | cursed_cynical

If two smells were to team up and form some kind of hellish superstink, it's harder to think of a more effective combination than a dumpster and an unwashed bathroom.

Uh oh, it looks like somebody's not going to see the flaw in their plan here until it's too late.

Reddit | cursed_cynical

This is only barely a step above sawing off the branch you're sitting on like they do in cartoons.

It's unlikely that somebody made this with the expectation that we'd be OK with it, but that doesn't make it easier to look at.

Reddit | jefff_xd

After all, it's not easy to face photographic proof that not only confirms this thing's existence, but that there's an imagination out there warped enough to create it.

Knowing what this is probably won't make you any less weirded out, but it'll at least put something in your mind besides "eldritch horror."

Reddit | djames1236

For whatever reason, somebody decided to make a full body pillow that looks like a giant pig's foot.

The less we ponder the mystery behind that one, the better.

I'll admit that this is some admirable commitment to the aesthetic, but it seems hard to be enthusiastic about the prospect of owning this.

Reddit | Isku_StillWinning

After all, not only does it seem to welcome any bugs or inclement weather right into our faces, but the same is also true of the engine.

Still, I guess I'd be more comfortable riding in that car than this one.

Reddit | bmo1234

The only person I can see being willing to get in this Mad Max deathtrap is the type to spray silver paint in their mouth and scream, "Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!"

I have to admit, wearing a shirt with the thing this guy is supposed to be on it was a pretty smart move.

Reddit | Edgar_OToole

That is, I suppose that it's better to see people squirm uncomfortably as they say, "Oh, I get it" than it is to listen to them scream in terror.

I've seen some ambitious nail art, but I don't think any of the styles I've come across have crossed the line as hard as this.

Reddit | jaredesubgay

I can appreciate the theme and everything, but one of these is just a big spike. The longer someone wears this, the more likely it is that things will end badly.

Considering how many cats are in this picture and where it's drawing the focus, you'd be forgiven for not even noticing anything unusual at first.

Reddit | CamTheChest

But as soon as your eye drifts to the bottom right, bam! Suddenly, we've got a scorpion bigger than we even imagined was possible.

It's amazing how unfazed the cats are, though.

This feels like an episode of Lost.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

You can find this at the Open Air Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. It's actually a maze with a toppled statue of Lenin in the center, which just adds to the creepiness.

Well, where else are you going to park your camel?

Reddit | The-bee-movie

I would like to see a video of how one gets the camel up there. Is it a walk-up apartment or was there a very awkward couple of minutes sharing an elevator with said camel?

The juxtaposition here is incredible.

Reddit | V8TITAN

Apparently, this isn't that uncommon a sight in Vietnam. There are so many empty fuel pods littered around that people turn them into useful things, like canoes.

Isn't this what roller extension poles are for?

Reddit | NightOwl9099

Heck, most paint rollers can be screwed right onto a broom handle. It may be a bit awkward, but it's definitely safer.

When the police force has a limited budget, sometimes you need to be clever.

Reddit | northead

Eventually, people will catch on and stop slowing down when they see the cut out. That's when you park a real cruiser there.

This might slow me down better than a cardboard police car.

Reddit | Ayayoska

Imagine you're driving down a country road after dark with only your headlamps providing proper illumination. You turn a corner and suddenly THIS appears in the light.


The irony of the Iron Throne is that so many people were fighting over a very uncomfortable chair.

Reddit | Nudnikokoko

Sure, it represented power, but couldn't you be powerful and have a cushion?

But when I look at this... chair, I think I'd rather have the swords.

Um. So I'm at a loss for things to say about this one.

Reddit | Dave_HR_Director

Just, like... why? What? How?

For some reason, the little face mask on the desk is extra disturbing.

Okay, so mad props to the tattoo artist in this example. They have some serious skills.

Reddit | enoenoeno

That said, why would anyone want tattoos of super realistic cockroaches crawling up their back? Ugh.

No matter how many sheep you count, you'll never fall asleep in this chair.

Reddit | hungarian_druggy

I try not to judge other people's taste too harshly. Like, I may not share it, but who cares? But this I judge. I judge the person who made it and I really just the person who may have eventually spent money on it.

Speaking of bad taste, I couldn't imagine eating off of these.

Reddit | ShayZyme

A novelty mug made to look like denim is funny. An entire set of dinnerware is an affront to good taste everywhere.

Imagine opening the shower curtain to discover this.

Reddit | Heroppic

The explanation from the photographer doesn't help much:

"I don't know , my sister likes to play with dolls and apparently does weird stuff with them."

Sure, just invite the robbers inside.

Reddit | kronix6969

This reminds me of the time some police officers had to get into my parents' house (long story) and noted that the firewood pile made it stupid easy to get in the window of my bedroom.

This makes the firewood look secure.

Yes, these are condoms and for some reason, a hotel guest decided to put them in this coffee creamer bottle.

Reddit | wdntuliketokno

It's unclear whether they simply forgot the bottle in the fridge or intended to leave it as a bizarre surprise.

At the same time, I'm not even sure that really tops the list of questions this picture inspires.

When you're wondering what's skittering around on your roof, sometimes it's a surprise.

Reddit | GytisG8

Squirrels, chipmunks, a particularly acrobatic skunk, sure. What you don't expect is to look up and find an entire family of toads staring down at you.

I can't imagine the incredible trance that fishing must induce in this man if the nightmare going on on his back doesn't bother him.

Reddit | otomennn

If my whole body is feeling an itching worse than even the most deviously designed sweater, I'm long past the point of caring about scaring the fish away.