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Tattoos That Are, Simply Put, Over And Done With

A tattoo can be a beautiful way to immortalize a memory. These unique designs turn our bodies into living pieces of art, allowing us to present our beautiful canvas to the world.

As much respect as I have for people with tattoos, I think even they'd admit that a lot of designs have become tired and worn out. Have a look below and check out these tattoos that are, simply put — over and done with.

To infinity and beyond!

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"I worked at a receptionist in a tattoo studio in Scotland and holy shit, people just want pocket watches and roses.. and infinity symbols. We once had someone ask for the "squashed sideways 8" that all of her friends had." - Reddit u/Chonksaway

I had a feeling you'd ask for that.

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Reddit user Talonqr has had their fill of inking skulls with snakes slithering out of the empty eye socket. They also make sure to mention that every single guy who asks for this design always seems to have the most perfectly groomed goatee.

You better double check that it says what you think it does...

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Reddit user Pakmanjosh is sick and tired of tattooing the Chinese symbol for "water" or "hope" onto people's forearms. It's become so overdone that it's beginning to feel redundant.

Live, Laugh, Love.

Pinterest has become a part of our society in so many ingenious and helpful ways. That said, this Reddit user is sick of tattooing items from "Pinterest culture" — such as bird silhouettes, and the quote "Live, Love, Laugh."

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens!

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"My boss/the head artist was getting super burnt out on big cats (specifically lions) wearing crowns. In about a month, he'd done 5 realistic lions (and a panther) wearing crowns on dudes who wanted to feel like kings." - Reddit u/AncientCatGod

Tribal tattoos.

Thankfully, they've started to die off but Reddit user and tattoo artist MadameHootsALot still remembers a time where tribal armband tattoos were all the rage. For awhile, it seemed like every musclehead in a tight t-shirt was rocking one of these.

You do what you have to until you can do what you want to.

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If there's one thing that Redditor hazard0666 hates more than anything else — it's tattooing crowns. Everywhere they look — crown, crown, crown. That being said, they also admit that crowns are their bread and butter.


If you want a sure-fire way to doom your relationship — go and get your partner's name tattooed anywhere on your body. According to Reddit user gugiee, couples normally come in and do this two weeks before they break up.

"Tattoo artist from Alabama here. I am not religious at all but I think I've ascribed the entire bible on human flesh at this point." - Reddit u/RAWest_ofRaw

Unsplash | Tim Wildsmith

This gives all new meaning to the phrase "flesh of my flesh." I never really understood why people chose to wear their purported piety on their sleeves. What exactly are you trying to prove to everyone?


Unsplash | Lucas Lenzi

Religious symbolism has long been popular in tattoo culture. According to Reddit user Liteboyy — crosses are some of the most tattooed religious symbols out there. They'd bet that close to 10% of the world's population has a cross inked somewhere on their body or know someone who does.


I'm a sucker for good grammar, but the last thing that I'd imagine anyone wanting to be tattooed on their body is a semi-colon.

According to Redditor Kings_Daughter, they're all the rage. I never knew this until now but the semi-colon is a symbol against suicide and an affirmation supporting mental health.

Facial tattoos.

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Getting a facial tattoo is a HUGE commitment, so much so that many artists will refuse to do them outright. According to this Reddit user, the only people who should get face tattoos are those who already have body suits.

I think you've made a grave mistake.

"I know several men, in their 40s and older, who have their last names tattooed across their back. My uncle is one of them. Apparently, he didn't get the memo that it's supposed to be across the shoulders. His is a tramp stamp." - Reddit u/-Mannequin-

Coordinates of peoples' hometowns.

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Odds are if you think it's a unique idea, your tattoo artists has already done it more than a dozen times this week. Besides, most of the people who get these tattoos can't even read longitude and latitude coordinates.

A feather on your forearm says a lot about a person.

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Nowadays, everybody thinks that they're either a writer or an artist. At least the pretentious ones will do you the kindness of identifying themselves by tattooing a giant quill across their forearm, says Redditor HackJammer.

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